'The Walking Dead' Returns: 5 Spoilers You Need To Know Before The Midseason Premiere

February 7th, 2013 2:03pm EST

The Walking Dead AMC's zombie apocalypse juggernaut of a show "The Waling Dead" finally returns this week, and the stakes for the survivors are now higher than they've ever been. The midseason finale put fan favorites Daryl and Merle Dixon into the hands of the now one eyed Governor, and Rick appears to have gone completely insane. So, things are setting up nicely for the second half of the season. Here are five spoilers that we know so far about the midseason premiere, titled "The Suicide King."

5. Daryl Dixon Will Escape the Grasp of the Governor

The midseason finale of the show ended with Daryl and Merle both being captured for their involvement with the attack of Woodbury organized by Rick, and it's clear that both the Governor and the residents of Woodbury want them both dead. But, in this promo trailer we clearly see Daryl running away while being shot at. So, Daryl will most likely make it back to the prison, and it's not unlikely that he'll have Merle in tow.

4. Tyrese Will Become an Essential Part of the Prison Group

Anyone who has read the "Walking Dead" comics knows that Tyrese is Rick's right hand man. So, it is totally conceivable that Tyrese could do the same on the show, and considering that Rick could use all the support he can get at this moment in time, will probably be a welcome addition.

3. Morgan Jones Will Most Likely Return

In this teaser trailer, we see Rick getting shot at by a sniper on a roof who looks remarkably like Morgan Jones, the first survivor that Rick met after he awoke from his coma. The two ended up splitting up and Morgan was not heard from again. With season three already re-introducing season one's Merle, it seems likely that Morgan may also come back.

2. Rick's Leadership Will Be Questioned

Rick isn't exactly in the best state of mind to lead the group anymore, despite declaring that he was it's sole leader on last season's finale. This promo shows both Carl and Hershal questioning Rick's leadership, and probably rightly so.

1. Rick and the Governor Will Meet

This will probably mark the climax of the season. Both Rick and the Governor are ruthless individuals who at this point have both lost what is most important to them, and it's likely that it's not going to end well.

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