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Deadly Black Mambas Demonstrate Elaborate Mating Dance (Video)

5/25/2016 9:18am EDT
Rare Footage Shows Deadly Black Mamba Snakes Twisting In Knots D
While on safari in Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa, a tourist captured some rare video featuring two of the world's most dangerous snakes, black mambas, battling for dominance in a mating ritual. The two male snakes twist each other up in pretzel-like moves as they vie for a female's attention.

Observing this type of mating ritual in the wild is quite rare, Kenneth Krysko, the collection manager of the herpetology division at the Florida Museum of Natural History, told National Geographic.

The snakes aren't trying to kill each other. They engage in plaiting combat, which mostly ...

Tiger Shark Feeding Frenzy On Humpback Whale (Video)

5/24/2016 11:53am EDT
Drone Captures Sharks Feeding On Humpback Whale Carcass In Shark
A drone video of 70 tiger sharks feasting on a dead humpback whale in Shark Bay, Australia, has gone viral.

Cruise company Eco Abrolhos posted the video, which shows a school of tiger sharks chowing down as tourists in two boats look on.

The company described the event: "Passengers on our 14 day Geraldton to Broome and everywhere in between were treated to an unexpected phenomena whilst cruising inside Dirk Hartog Island. Something to show and tell the Grandchildren."

The video has been viewed nearly 1.8 million times on Facebook. It has been shared over 11,500 times.

Neil Edwards, wh...

Read Why You Need To Avoid This Tree At All Costs

5/24/2016 10:58am EDT
Don't Go Near, Touch, Or Taste Florida's Extremely Poisonous 'Tr
There's a fruit-bearing tree in Florida and other parts of the world that's considered one of the most poisonous on earth, and you should avoid it if possible.

Called the manchineel tree, it has been dubbed the "tree of death" due to the toxicity of its greenish-yellow fruit and sap.

Atlas Obsucura recently posted an article about the tree, noting that people should not "eat, touch, or even inhale the air around [it]."

Back in 2000, consultant radiologist Nicola H. Strickland described her experience with the species after eating a piece of it during a Caribbean vacation. Although it tas...

Ladies, Here's A Great Reason Why You Should Wear Makeup

5/24/2016 9:58am EDT
Women Who Wear Makeup Earn More Money, Study Finds
Women who wear makeup tend to get paid more than less glossed ladies, according to a new study.

Jaclyn Wong of the University of Chicago and Andrew Penner of the University of California at Irvine found that grooming rather than natural beauty accounted for a notable salary difference between women.

The researchers analyzed data from more than 14,000 people regarding income, job, education, and personality. People were also rated on how attractive and how well-groomed they appeared.

The study found that "attractive individuals earn roughly 20 percent more than people of average attractiv...

Amazing Video Shows Hummingbirds At 92-Year-Old's Bird Feeders

5/24/2016 9:34am EDT
Hundreds Of Hummingbirds Flock To Michigan Man's Bird Feeders In
A few years ago, Bob Anderson, now 92, posted a video of dozens of hummingbirds at the bird feeders in his front yard in Michigan. The clip recently went viral after The Weather Channel featured it on social media.

Anderson told MLive Michigan that it happens every day during the summer hummingbird migration in the Upper Peninsula where the birds travel north from Central America. Hundreds of birds visit the feeders from the beginning of May to mid-September.

He currently has 11 feeders and sometimes has to fill them with sugar water twice a day. Last year he used about 310 pounds of the ...

Check Out This Amputee's Awesome Breakdancing Moves

5/24/2016 9:33am EDT
Breakdancer Tommy Gun Ly
A video of professional breakdancer Tommy Gun Ly has gone viral for obvious reasons -- Ly has a prosthetic leg and can really move.

The dancer was joined in the clip by double amputee Giannis Sevdikalis in Leipzig, Germany.

Ly, who is also a motivational speaker, posted on Facebook: "A little get down in germany. Surround yourself with positive people! MetGiannis Sevdikalis in Liepzig and he was awesome.

"My progression in adapting top rocks without a right knee is going well. Trying to learn how to use the ‪#‎RheoKNee‬ more! ‪#‎LifeWithoutLimitations‬ ‪#‎OssurOTWorld‬‪#‎Iamunstoppable‬...

Eat Ice Cream, Cure Hangover

5/24/2016 9:16am EDT
Ice Cream
A convenience store in South Korea just started selling ice cream that purportedly cures hangovers. The Gyeondyo-bar, which translates to "hang in there," is the first of its kind, according to the manufacturer.

The ice cream bar's name "expresses the hardships of employees who have to suffer a working day after heavy drinking, as well as to provide comfort to those who have to come to work early after frequent nights of drinking", convenience store chain Withme FS said in a press release (via Reuters).

The bar is grapefruit flavored and contains contains 0.7 percent oriental raisin tree ...

Check Out 'Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER' Tonight On Nat Geo WILD

5/21/2016 8:07am EDT
Marmasets, Macaws & Bunnies, Oh My! Season 3 Of 'Dr. K's Exotic
"Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER" returns tonight on Nat Geo WILD. Dr. Susan Kelleher works at one of south Florida's busiest avian and exotic animal clinics in the country and handles everything from performing surgery on a squirrel monkey to preparing a skunk for an x-ray.

During the season three premiere, Dr. K encounters a middle-aged macaw who arrives at the clinic after nearly bleeding to death several weeks earlier.

Meanwhile, Dr. T does her best to save a pregnant marmoset suffering from a miscarriage.

Dr. K makes it her mission to find a new home for a young bunny with an eye infectio...

Go Ahead, Wear A Tiara If You Want To

5/19/2016 1:25pm EDT
When Is It Acceptable To Wear A Tiara?
TV personality Kelly Osbourne attended an Yves Saint Laurent Beauty event in Hollywood this week and paired a tiara with a flannel shirt and black pants. It was an interesting, if not conflicting, look. Her style choice got us wondering -- when it is acceptable to don the head piece?

According to jeweler Geoffrey Munn, a British authority on the subject, the number-one rule is that you don't need to be royalty to wear one. While Osbourne is certainly the offspring of music royalty, she doesn't have a title.

At one point in time, aristocracy were the only ones who donned the gem-encrust...

Make Your Own Citronella Candles For Your Next Summer Soiree

5/19/2016 10:47am EDT
Pretty & Simple DIY Citronella Candle For Summer
Planning a summer soiree but don't want unsightly citronella candles in your outdoor space? Here's how you can make your own candles that are both pretty and functional (courtesy of Southern Living).

Gather the following (some of which you may have at home):

mason jar
citronella oil
floating candle
twine or ribbon

1) Place fresh herbs in the mason jar.

2) Fill the jar halfway with water, and then add lemons and limes.

3) Put in 10 drops of citronella essential oil, and add more water to fill the jar.

4) Top with a floating candle, and tie some twine or ribbon ar...

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