'Grey's Anatomy' Season 9: 5 Spoilers You Need To Know

August 28th, 2012 3:00pm EDT

Grey's Anatomy At the end of season 8, several of our favorite "Grey's Anatomy" doctors were hurt and battling for their lives after their plane crashed in the woods.

Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) was coughing up blood and had a badly injured leg while Mark (Eric Dane) had an internal injury that forced Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) to surgically release the blood building up in his chest.

Derek severely injured his hand (absolutely terrible for a surgeon), and sadly, Meredith's half-sister Lexie (Chyler Leight) died. Also, Teddy (Kim Raver) left Seattle Grace for a new job.

So what's going to happen in the new season (which kicks off Sept. 27)? We scoured the web for some season 9 tidbits. Check out the promo for the new season, and then read the spoilers on the following pages...

1) Season 9 picks up 2-3 months afer the doctors were rescued after the plane crash. Shonda Rhimes revealed to The Hollywood Reporter in late July that it's "possible" that there will be other fatalities to come and that "any number of people could be departing at this point."

The second episode will flashback to the rescue.

2) The new season will feature a location besides Seattle Grace. New hospitals will show several longtime characters starting their new positions.

3) Jackson's mother Catherine (played by Debbie Allen) will appear in the fourth episode. The question is: will her storyline involve her son or Richard, whose wife is battling Alzheimer's? At the end of season 8, Richard and Catherine hooked up in a hotel during the boards.

Bonus: Allen will direct the season's third episode.

4) Mark Sloan is leaving Seattle Grace permanently. Actor Eric Dane revealed last month that he is ready to move on from the show. We hope he isn't killed off in the first episode as a result of a plane crash. We want a better ending for McSteamy!

5) Creator Shonda Rimes says Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) will "find true love." She may also give viewers some insight into his dark childhood. Fans may finally meet his abusive, drug-addict father, according to

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