The Most Sociable Celebrities In Social Media

December 29th, 2012 1:00pm EST

George Takei Some Celebrities love us (and you) more than others. Some celebrities are reclusive nomads who do a movie and then crawl back into whatever hole they live in away from the world, with no communication whatsoever until we hear about their next upcoming movie.

Other celebrities however, engage themselves with their fans. This used to mean interviews and autographs, but now, it means something slightly different. Social media has allowed the celebrity crowd to communicate with their thousands of fans instantly and with a great deal of personality.Even if they don't talk with each individual fan, they still project their personalities out there - so we have a better idea of just who they are.

So,without further a-do, here are the most sociable celebs, on the 'webs.

George Takei


Mr. Takei is well known on both Facebook and Twitter by those who appreciate some good humor every now and again. He doesn't tweet so much about his personal life, with the exceptional plug for a new movie or musical he may be working on. But his quirky gifs, jokes and political sense of humor are always good for a laugh.

Justin Bieber


It seems like lately, there isn'ta list of mine that Justin Bieber doesn't make it onto. Justin does good fan service over his Twitter, constantly populating it with profuse "Thank You"s after every major show, pictures and videos of him with fans, and tons of insider information for all of his "Beliebers." And we can hardly forget to mention he's easily in the top five for "Most Followed Celebrities Ever."

Britney Spears


Britney's foray into the world of Social Media was rough at first. Most people thought her first tweets sounded too mechanical, and censored. But lately, she has been one of the more popular celebrity Tweeters on Twitter. It's hard not to love some of the things she says (many of which sound outright braindead.) But she's a frequent participant, and her tweets sound organic and natural, andevery once in a while theres an unintentional gem of comedy gold.

Barack Obama


Okay, okay, so he's not REALLY a celebrity - well, he didn't make any box office hits, that is. But he was the first real public, political persona to make effective use of social media outreach. He was able to unite his constituents as followers and get lots of information out very quickly, which contributed to both of his presidential victories. Even after the elections have cooled down, President Obama continues to be an active Tweeter, engaging his followers in current events and political gatherings.



So no one is denying that Rihanna isn't sociable. Everyone who follows her knows just how sociable she is; twitter feeds are positively teeming with Rihanna tweets. In fact, that might be Rihanna's problem - she's an oversharer. Her tweets don't always make sense, and they usually contain an Instagram picture of her mostly naked or smoking or drinking or otherwise entertaining her perception of #thuglife. That's fine every once in a while, but her tweets about her #thuglife are EXCESSIVE, and it just gets old.

Miley Cyrus

Now, I wouldn't know what a teenage girl's diary looks like, but I would expect it's a lot like Miley Cyrus' Twitter. Everything from hints of crushes, to utter boredom, to (my personal favorite) scratching her mother's bug bites. Yes her Twitter is a literalization of whatever happens to be on her mind at the time, smattered with meaningful or insightful quotes and sayings.



There are few celebrities who make me openly laugh regularly, but Shaq's Twitter actually does just that. I'm not sure what "Very Quotatious" or what a "Random Act of Shaqness" is but it just sounds like something he would say. And, does anyone else get the urge to read all of his tweets in his voice? I mean - come on. That's what makes them so funny. He isn't as frequently tweeting as Rihanna, and he doesn't have as many followers as Justin Bieber, but he's got style.

Kim Kardashian


I guess we can't ignore the Twitter Queen herself. Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular and outspoken social media celebrities out there. Her sway over millions of Instagram followers last week literally counteracted Instagram's change of their Privacy Policy. Like her or not, Kim has made a massive impression on the Social Media web. Perhaps she's not the most original Tweeter (she does have some zingers - whoops, sorry Palestine) but she has an undeniable amount of influence.

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