Top Ten : The Very Best Of British Dentistry

August 19th, 2013 9:30pm EDT

Shane McGowan Let's be honest. Britain is known for many things; fish and chips, Doctor Who, cricket, punk rock and the most prestigious royal family in the entire world. But their devotion to dentistry? Not so much. For years, us folks on the other side of the pond have presumed that all Brits have a set of chompers that look a little something like this:

But let's be fair here – British dentistry has come a long way. And since our British brethren are no strangers to spending ample amounts of time in the limelight, we thought it was about time some credit was due. These aren't just the nicest teeth in Britain either – these are some of the nicest gnashers in the entire world. Check out our Top Ten Best British Smiles.

There are fewer better smilers than Harry Styles, who flaunts an impressively maintained set of teeth. Just look at that smile! Not a tooth out of place, not a single visible spot of plaque. And is it just us, or does it actually look like you can see every tooth in his mouth when he smiles? Seriously, that's an ear-to-ear smile. It's hypnotizing really. It just goes to show what a difference a nice set of dentals can make for a guy.

Simon Cowell is another one with a wide, perfect smile. He isn't afraid to flaunt it either. He's always smiling, in almost every picture – except when he isn't looking overly severe when judging on the X-Factor. The man loves to smile no doubt. But we've also caught on to his trick. Every wonder why he's always in a black shirt? We do. To make his teeth look whiter!

British Beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones is another one with an alluring smile. She doesn't have to show much, but when those lips crack apart, it's like the gates of Saint Peter open up and bathe you in heavenly luminescence and angelic choirs. Just look!

You'd never know Clive Owen has a nice smile. His movie career is filled with death, destruction and other elements of manliness, which is conducive to testosterone spikes, not smiling. He smiles so seldom, we really didn't even think he had teeth. But, when the rugged Brit does smile, we're shockingly led to the revelation that not only does he have teeth but enviable ones at that! We guess that's part of the allure – like an exotic wild beast, the less you see them, the more valuable they are.

One of America's favorite sweethearts is a Brit – and there's little question why. Emma Watson has a heartwarming smile filled with the pearliest and whitest teeth you've ever seen. Seriously, look at that smile. She gets her dental coverage straight from heaven, folks.

Alright, so Leona Lewis – not the first name that comes to mind when one thinks of the quintessential British singer and songwriter. Admittedly, when someone mentions British music, the mind automatically wanders to 'Beetles' and 'Ramones.' Despite that, she does have one great set of teeth – even if they do look a bit ridiculous next to that overly tanned skin and lips lathered in bright pink gloss.

Everyone's favorite master chef, Gordon Ramsay, may be short on looks – but his excellent teeth remain a saving grace. While we wouldn't go so far as to say his face is one 'only a mother can love' his looks certainly take a backseat to his great pearly whites, yes?

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has a smile worthy of nobility. While Prince Harry has a more -traditional- British set of teeth, Kate has wisely used her extensive resources to procure dentition that she's not afraid to show off. And that's no secret – it won't take the Royal Dentist to tell you that the Duchess loves smiling, and she does it oh-so-well.

Katie Price has received a lot of flak over the past couple years. Her face has been lifted, lowered and tightened, her boobs, butt and tummy have all been inflated, deflated and tucked, and her hair has been dyed, dried and cut. She's a veritable plastic-surgery-enabled shapeshifter. Luckily for her, most people don't have a naturally perfect set of teeth, and in this case, a little bit of doctoral assistance has done her well. Price has a fantastic set of teeth, and a great smile to go with it. That's one thing she probably won't have to alter any time soon.

Elizabeth Hurley has a unique perspective on British teeth. She spent an inordinate time as an Austin Powers girl, placing her next to some decidedly, very VERY bad dentistry. Still, despite all of that, her teeth are fantastic. So - for everyone worried, no, you can't 'catch' bad teeth - we have Elizabeth Hurley as living proof.

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