Conan O'Brien's (Alleged) Illegitimate Son Just Wants His Daddy (And Maybe His Money Too)

January 14th, 2014 4:00pm EST | Patrick Hyland By: Patrick Hyland

Conan O'Brien

That's right folks. Conan has an illegitimate son - maybe.

An individual by the name of Gregory Keating has come forward with a subtle suggestion that Conan O'Brien is his father in a Youtube video that has gone viral.

Now rich, successful celebrities have no shortage of one night stands, and certainly aren't lacking in individuals claiming to be their illegitimate sons or daughters (just look at 50 Cent's Twitter feed - the man has given Genghis Khan and Frank Sinatra a run for their money.)

But this is no ordinary poseur. Here's the thing. He's the spitting image of Conan. The round face, the pale complexion, the shock of thick red hair combed gently to the side ; it all just screams 'O'Brien.'


The impoverished college student implores his genealogical father to come forward and just spend more time with him, or at least spend more money on him. Just watch the heartwarming (and kind of creepy) video below.