Breaking Bad : Final Episodes #3

8/26/2013 12:00pm EDT | Paul Levinson By: Paul Levinson

Breaking Bad : Walt & Jesse

First of all, we can get another demonstration of Walt's extraordinary genius for deception in tonight's Breaking Bad final episode #3, in the "confession" he videotapes and sends to Hank.  This alternate version of what we've seen in past seasons, with the major events all going down as they did, with the one big alteration of Walt working for Hank the drug-dealing DEA-man, is perfect, and capped off with the fact that drug money indeed paid for Hank's rehab.   As Hank realizes at the end of this sequence, Walt has checkmated him in his attempt to bring Walt to justice.

Walt won't have it as easy with Jesse.   After Walt talks Jesse - just barely - into taking on a new identity in an obverse version of the witness protection program (which, as Jesse realizes, is as much for Walt's benefit as Jesse's), Jesse realizes that Walt after all did have something to do with Brock's near-death poisoning several seasons ago.   The visceral feeling of reaching for a missing cigarette gets Jesse in touch, not with what literally happened back then, but with the larger truth that Walt had something to do with it.

This will be the last straw between Walt and Jesse.  They'll be no rapprochement between them now. Jesse was just able to forgive Walt for killing Mike.  Actually, not even really forgive Walt, but allow Walt to hug him, and one last time manipulate Jesse for Walt's benefit.   It won't happen again.  Almost killing Brock is far worse than killing Mike - who, after all, lived by the sword, so dying by it was something Mike brought on himself.

So Walt has beaten Hank but not Jesse.   And the masterful lies on that alternate reality video make me wonder again: is Walt lying to everyone now about the severity of his recurring cancer?  It would be a just twist, in one sense, if that's what fells Walt in the end - something he didn't lie about.   But I'm hoping he's lying about that, too.

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