'A Good Old Fashioned Orgy' Is A Good Old Fashioned Raunchy Comedy

9/1/2011 7:35pm EDT | Paul Meekin By: Paul Meekin

Fez's aren't Indian, but that's ok.

If the title "A Good Old Fashioned Orgy" alone doesn't grab you, odds are no one is grabbing you (in the good way) period, and this movie isn't for you. But if it did and someone does, I'd check it out.

And, if it wasn't for all the sex and nudity and orgies (okay, only one orgy), I'd probably recommend “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” for the entire family. Or at least for entire groups of (close) friends.During a summer in which a romantic comedy made audiences seriously think about Alzheimers, and a silly fighting movie reminded us of the dangers of domestic and child abuse, it's about damn time we got a movie advocating peace, love and porking.

Renecks Rule!

A word on porking (or your preferred euphemism). It's great. It's like the most fun two or more people can have outside of playing Yahtzee naked, and it's a real shame there's such a taboo to it in this day and age. With all sorts of contraceptives and sexual health websites and books, humans should be more open about the thing pretty all species were put on the planet to do: Fornicate.

Which brings us the the topic of a good old fashioned orgy, and a group of friends' desire to just...well...just go nuts before the party house of their youth is sold. Starting with a white trash themed rager where we meet all the characters in their element. We know the characters too: there's the nerd, the best friend, the girl who lost a bunch of weight, and the hopelessly obsessed. They're paper thin outside of their archtype, but everyone is so charming and earnest no one will care.

Writer-Directors Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck know their stuff too. Characters are always busy, moving about, or doing something interesting. “A Good Old Fashion Orgy” is shot in an entertaining and exciting fashion. Characters are going places, they're drinking, playing baseball, and doing generally interesting things.

In contrast: An action movie like “Warrior” is defined by the scenes in which characters are not fighting, and it failed on that front. In between fights characters largely sat and talked. Across a table, across a desk, through a doorway. Stood and talked. Ate and talked. Shots like this are boring. Movies like this are boring. So, “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” is a better action movie than “Warrior.” I said it.

It's ultimately a movie of few familiar names, and many familiar faces. An ensemble consisting of C to B+ list television stars engage in harmless raunchy comedy. This particularly ensemble led by perpetual sidekick Jason Sudeikis, who steps into his first lead role. The rest of the ensemble includes Lake Bell, Don Johnson, Nick Kroll, and character acting legend David Koechner. They all inhabit their characters with zeal. Everyone is happy to be there, and it shows.

There's obvious chemistry abound, and in the back of my mind I like to hope the actors had as much fun making the flick as it is watching it. Jokes are obviously raunchy, and while there are lots of D words and F words, the movie has this sort of charming wholesome vibe to it. It's just a bunch of friends getting together to have sex after all. This is light comedy at it's best. It takes itself seriously enough to not be a complete farce, but always keeps in mind this is a movie about nice people being nice to each other. There's no random subplots involving cancer or murder or the terrifying idea of your cherished father's mind deteriorating rapidly and horridly without explanation.

I'm reminded of “Grown Ups”, a similar ensemble based comedy with far bigger stars. It was primarily a film about old friends hanging out together at a lake, doing much of nothing. Which is fine and entirely serviceable, but it makes for a sort of weak movie. It was like listening to your funny friends talk about all the fun they had being funny. So like hanging with Improvers.

“A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” succeeds because it's like listening to your friends who just had a freakin' orgy tell you about the freakin'orgy they had. I mean, you'd never, ever, (probably) NEVER do it, but it's sure fun to think about. Ain't it?

Sure is.

I can't believe it, but thank God for a “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.” It's the feel good (in a dirty way) movie of the summer.

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