What We Learned From The 'House Of Cards' Twitter Chat: #AskHOC

March 6th, 2014 7:00pm EST

Frank Underwood In case you've missed it, the wonderful people behind the hit show "House of Cards" did a Q&A on Twitter this afternoon at 1pm EST. If you were busy planning your own world domination, then we've got some of the highlights from the question and answer session, some funny answers and questions they won't go near.
We didn't walk away with a lot of the answers to the questions that seasons one and two gave us, but we did get some droplets of goodness from Kevin Spacey and the crew.
Kicking off the chat, we asked "What's next for Frank Underwood" and here is the reply we received:
Click through for the rest of the goodies from the show's star!

Of course, the Q&A would not be complete without the addition of former President Walker:

Indeed he did lose control, but the former president had no idea that it was his V.P. that was pulling all of the strings to oust him from office. He just wasn't conniving enough to keep control of the office to which he was elected, was he?

A fan asked, "Can you hack your way out of this one, Gavin?" to which the show replied:

Look, it's Cashew! If you're wondering if she makes it to season three, Kevin Spacey has the scoop. A fan tweeted, "Are you at all offended that Cashew stole the show in S2?" to which he responded, "No. Because I eat her in S3."

When asked of the fate of reporter Lucas Goodwin, the show shared the below picture:

Will he rot away in prison or will someone (perhaps Janine) come to save the day for the ill-fated reporter? Perhaps maybe Gavin Orsay could shed a little light on the situation and perhaps secure Lucas' freedom?

Of Linda Vasquez's fate, you can never really keep her out of the loop, can you?

She might be out of the loop now because she was so loyal to President Walker, but President Underwood could quite possibly find a use for her in season three...or can he?

Now that Janine Skorsky has tucked her tail between her legs and ran away from Washington, is there anything left for her in the upcoming season?

She might be able to help Lucas Goodwin, but she was definitely more concerned with saving herself in season two. Will she step in now that Lucas is imprisoned? Will her reporter instincts kick in and make her go on a search for the truth?

When asked if Dan Lanigan could be trusted, the show shared this:

His only motivation is where the next dollar is coming from, so we're guessing that the answer to that question is a big, fat NO.

Another fan asked of Robin Wright's character, Claire Underwood, "Would you cross this woman?", to which this reply was given:

Would you cross a woman who would turn a blind eye to a pregnant woman and let the growing fetus inside of her shrivel up and die? Obviously not. She cares about Francis and the politics of it all. You can't cross a woman who's motivation is power.

To the fans wondering if Rachel Posner is safe, the show shared:

No one really has the details of what she did with Peter Russo, with the exception of Doug Stamper. Is she safe? Not really, especially if Stamper is still alive after what she did to him in the woods. She should probably run far, far away -- never to return.
We are guessing that even if Doug is dead, someone (maybe Gavin) has been tracking Doug's car for its location. Either way, she shouldn't have taken the car and she should leave town if she wants any security whatsoever.

Speaking of Doug Stamper:

The question remains: Is he dead or alive? We're assuming he is dead, but stranger things have happened in the world of television. Case in point: we did not expect the threechum (threesome with Meechum).

Lastly, we will leave you with a funny question that deserved an answer: "@_KateMara Have you stopped taking Public Transportation?"
Did you take part in the Twitter Q&A? Did any of the show's stars answer your questions? Have your say in our comments section below as to what you would like to ask the cast!

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