'The Walking Dead' - 'Sick': You Don't Want To Know What's Outside

October 23rd, 2012 1:45pm EDT

The Walking Dead So, you’ve just been bitten by a Walker. Do you a) let Rick chop your leg off from the knee down, b) tell everyone that you’re feeling just fine or c) push the next Walker at Rick, letting it bear him to the ground? If you picked ‘all of the above’ you’ve likely just watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

Since gaining access to the prison, Rick and his crew have felt a freedom they haven’t felt since before the fall of Hershel’s farm. They have space, and who knows what is in the many areas of the prison? Food and medical equipment are always a priority, but what else lies within these walls?

Well, some out of touch prisoners, for one. A group of five prisoners were sequestered in the prison’s cafeteria for 292 (or 294 according to prisoner Andrew) days, feasting on the food that was stockpiled before the zombie onslaught. One prisoner, Tomas (Nick Gomez) had actually been given a pistol by a guard, just before they were locked into the area. These prisoners are not in on a medical marijuana charge – they are bad guys. How will they react when they discover that the world they left behind, the world of emails, telephones, even electricity, is no more?

Rick is in no mood to slowly explain to this group that times have changed. He’s not ready to play politically correct with anyone. He has fought his way into the prison, and despite Tomas’ assertion that he ‘owns’ Cell Block C, he’s not ceding an inch to anyone. There’s been enough horror in Rick’s life. He doesn’t need any more drama, from anyone. With Laurie’s potential obstetrician on the DL, his only concern is making sure that the group he’s brought into the prison stay safe.

Rick’s attention is divided between Hershel’s nursing team, and this new group of people. He decides that the prisoners should have a chance, if they share the remaining food. From the start, the presumptive leader, Tomas, fights Rick every step of the way. Tomas is reluctant to share, and he’s certainly waiting for an opportunity to prove that he’s a better man than Rick.

Rick is willing to clean out another Cell Block for the abandoned prisoners. He brings his own fighters to work with them; they will, however, have to prove themselves in a crash course on dealing with the Walkers. The prisoners prove how much they need to learn about the Walkers, when they attempt to subdue the first wave with typical prison riot tactics, rather than follow Rick’s clear instructions. It’s not really a surprise when convict Big Tiny (Theo Crane) is bitten. What is a surprise is how gleefully and brutally Tomas attacks his fellow prisoner.

When the cleanup crew becomes surrounded, Tomas and Rick find themselves in close proximity. Tomas manages to just miss hitting Rick with his knife, and when he sees the chance, throws a Walker on top of Rick. Rick is saved by T Dog, but doesn’t appreciate Tomas’ act. When the battle ends, he cleaves Tomas’ skull with his own machete. The other prisoners babble that they had nothing to do with Tomas’ plans, but one prisoner makes a break for it, and winds up in a courtyard with several Walkers. Rick simply locks the door behind the prisoner, and tells him he’d better start running.

As Herschel hovers between life and death, Carol has Glenn help her procure a female walker, so that she can practice the caesarean operation that Laurie may need. Maggie and Beth nurse their father, but wonder if it might not be for the best should he die. A one-legged man in a post apocalypse world will find it hard to survive. But Herschel pulls through, after a tense CPR resuscitation performed by Lori.

Season Three of The Walking Dead is a whole new ball game. No one is under the illusion that there are any safe places left in the world. Even the youngest member of Rick’s group, Carl, is tougher and harder than the hard men they find in the abandoned penitentiary. This is a group of seasoned survivors. And heaven help anyone who tries to take away what they’ve fought so hard to attain.

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