'Survivor: Philippines' 2012 – Abi Wins Immunity – Hell Freezes Over

November 29th, 2012 4:26pm EST

Hell Hath Frozen Over Lisa finally decided that her alliance with the former Tandang was meaningless, and threw her lot in with Michael Skupin, Denise and Malcolm as the potential Final Four. Abi, now completely on her own, was still clueless as to why her behavior and attitude had turned the others against her.

Knowing that she will be the next one voted out, Abi determined to somehow win immunity.

This week begins with a treemail call to a Food Auction! Everyone is excited at the prospect of a tasty meal, but Abi’s intention is to see how best to use her money to her advantage. Jeff Probst welcomes them all, explaining that they’ve all been given $500.00 US each, and can use that money to bid on any item. They cannot share either their money, or their food, with each other.

The first item is a pancake breakfast, and Denise bids the whole $500., winning the auction. Next up is a wine and cheese platter, and Skupin bids his full $500.00. Malcolm and Penner vied for iced coffee and donuts, with Malcolm paying $200.00. Penner bids $100.00 on a covered tray, and wins a fried chicken dinner. Carter beats Malcolm and spends $200. on a covered dish, which turns out to be a baked potato. But there’s a twist – Carter can trade the potato for sacks of rice and beans for the entire tribe. Carter decides to make the trade.

Lisa and Carter vie for the next covered dish, with Lisa winning a sub sandwich for $320.00. But the next item is the most important of the day; it’s an ‘advantage’ in the form of a scroll inside a bamboo tube. Abi bids $500.00 and wins. Probst tells her to take it back to camp and read it when she’s alone.

Carter wins the final auction, which is a plate of veal shanks, to be shared by everyone, with no utensils, and a sixty second clock. They all go wild, tearing off hunks of meat and chewing as fast as they can.

Back at camp Dangrayne, everyone’s feeling pretty good. They’ve had a fun day, eaten well, and brought back beans and rice. There are smiles all around, except on Abi’s face; she’s determined to get an apology from Penner for her beat down at the last Tribal. She’d like an explanation. Penner tries to tell her that she might have been friendlier. Abi believes that they just don’t understand her honesty.

Abi’s bitter, and feels that any friendliness now being shown to her is based on her winning the advantage at the auction. She goes off by herself, and reads her note: “Move directly to the final round in this challenge. You have a one-in-three shot at winning immunity.” She’s pleased with the note, and decides to up the ante by pretending that the note also has a clue to a hidden immunity idol.

Abi pretends to search for an idol, and then approaches Malcolm privately to tell him that she’s found an idol, so the rest of them will have to decide who they’re going to vote out next, since it won’t be her.

We’re quickly taken to the Immunity Challenge, where Probst explains the game. They will be attached to a rope, which is threaded through a hitching rope. The first five to get through move on to the next round, where they will still be attached to a rope, and must make their way through a series of bamboo poles. The first two to finish make it to the final round, where they must navigate a multi obstacle course. Winner wins immunity. There’s also a twist. Probst will be asking them a question at the beginning of each round. If they answer incorrectly, they will have 5% of their body weight added to them that they must carry through the round.

Abi pulls out her ‘advantage’ note, and lies that there are two messages on the note. She reads the part about going directly to round three, but rips up the note into tiny pieces before anyone can read the paper. Survivors ready?

Lisa and Denise are handicapped through the first round, and Lisa loses. In round two, Denise, Skupin and Carter are handicapped and only Carter and Penner make it through. Entering round three, Abi joins Penner and Carter, who is again handicapped with a weight, as they untie knots and work through an obstacle course. It’s neck and neck, but Abi wins immunity!

Probst tells everyone that one of them will be going home tonight, but it won’t be Abi. Everyone is shocked as they head back to camp.

Malcolm interviews that he was glad that Abi won, although he pretended not to be, because it gave them an excuse to go after the real threat in the game, which is Penner. When Malcolm, Denise, Skupin and Lisa meet to agree on Penner as tonight’s target, Lisa has difficulty with the decision. She feels she’s made a ‘heart connection’ with Penner. She thinks the game is too big for her.

Lisa tells Penner that she’s unhappy, and they speak privately. Essentially, Lisa tells Penner that she wishes he’d chosen to ally with her and Skupin, because she’s now in an alliance that wants to vote for him. Penner is angry. She tells him he needs to work his magic to save himself.

All Penner can do is throw someone else into the mix, so he asks Carter and Abi to vote with him to take out Denise. They’re fine with that. Now all he needs to do is get Skupin on his side, as Skupin is the swing vote. Skupin knows that whichever way he votes, he’ll be upsetting three people.

At Tribal Council, Probst reminds Abi that he said anything could happen, and her $500.00 win at the auction has bought her immunity. She agrees. Penner tells Probst that things have gotten a little crazy at the camp, as Abi’s immunity has forced the others to choose him as the next to leave. He warns Lisa and Skupin that getting rid of him basically hands the million dollar win to Malcolm or Denise.

The vote begins. Abi sticks her tongue out at Denise as she walks by. When Penner is casting his vote, he shouts out “Denise,” but spells it “Denies.” When Abi votes for Denise, she tries to make a dramatic gesture in slam-folding her vote, but then finds it won’t fit in the jar. So she has to take a minute to fold the scroll properly.

The votes are counted – and it’s 4/3 with Penner being the one who’s out. He rises, and hugs Carter, but when Abi asks for a hug, he says no. When his torch is snuffed, he says, “That sucks, Jeff.” He then waves goodbye to the others, and tells them to “keep the sunny side up – and suck eggs!” He whistles as he dances down the path, ducks out of sight, and then comes back for one last bow.

Penner’s exit interview: “My strategy, once again, has failed. I’m very, very disappointed in myself for not doing better, but I guess that’s the way Survivor crumbles. I’ve spent six years of my life with Survivor, I’m one of the lucky few that’s played three times, and it’s been fun and extremely painful.”

Next time on, Survivor: A little bit of love can go a long way, or it could cost one Survivor everything, when their family members visit. Malcolm calls his little brother a ‘knuckle-head’ and hopes him running his mouth doesn’t cost him.

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