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April 25th, 2013 1:39pm EDT

Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites Last week on, Survivor: Stealth R Us wanted Eddie, Reynold and Malcolm out of the game. But Malcolm had a daring plan, and Phillip, so sure he was safe, found himself voted off the Island. The Three Amigos won that round, but will they continue their winning streak?
Malcolm says, “With the execution of The Specialist Phillip Sheppard, hopefully Stealth R Us will fracture.” Cochran just hopes that he never hears the phrase, “Stealth R Us” again. And Erik tells us that Phillips departure has rocked the stability of the game, but left him personally in a great spot.
Day 29: Everyone is exhausted and hungry. Cochran continues to feed off the drama of the previous night’s Tribal Council. But Brenda’s starting to break down. She’s lost a lot of weight, and she’s dehydrated and depressed. She’s also still reeling from the Three Amigos taking control. It’s all starting to take a toll on our quasi-Baywatch babe.
Treemail! And there are nine envelopes waiting … it’s a food auction! Cochran guesses what’s happening immediately. Malcolm wonders if there’s a chance he could buy a clue to another hidden immunity idol, or some sort of advantage.
Jeff Probst welcomes the Survivors into the Survivor Auction. They each have $500.00 to spend. No sharing of money! No sharing of food! All bids are to be in $20 increments.
Malcolm’s the first to bid and win on a beer and some nuts … He drains the beer in one gulp. Reynold pays $180 for a covered item, and is offered a Monty Hall choice … he can choose between his original item or two other hidden items, one bad, and one good. He sticks with his choice, and gets a slice of pizza. Sherri offers $500 for the other choice … the rest of the pizza.
Dawn buys a whole roasted chicken for $500. The next item up is information in the game ... Malcolm offers his remaining allowance of $480 and wins. He’s allowed only 60 seconds to read the clue – directions to a hidden immunity idol.
Andrea gets the next item … for $280 she gets spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and a glass of red wine. But, if she gives it up, she can take rice and beans back to the tribe. Andrea reluctantly takes the rice and beans for the good of the tribe.
The next item is an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge. Although Brenda and Reynold bid, $340 wins it for Cochran, the Challenge Machine. It’s a sealed note, which must be kept sealed until the challenge.
Brenda finally bids, and spends $300 for a covered item. But it’s a pig brain. She takes a bite. It’s not only awful, she doesn’t eat pork. But, hopefully it’s good protein, so she takes it away.
Next up, letters from loved ones! Only $20 each! Dawn and Sherri cry, as they haven’t any money left. Reynold uses the last of his money to buy them all, and then passes them out to everyone.
Eddy manages to buy an entire bowl of peanut butter, but it must be shared … and oh, how they love it! Everyone dives in … and Cochran shows a sexy side when Sherri feeds him peanut butter from her fingers. Covered in peanut butter, the tribe heads back to their beach.

Poor Brenda remains hungry, weepy and off kilter. Despite the letter from home, she’s not herself. Cochran, as well, cries a little from emotion. Reynold begins to appreciate Sherri’s strong attitude, and chats her up as a potential ally. Sherri’s willing to go with whoever has the numbers; she’s a business woman first and foremost. Malcolm and Reynold figure that if they can pull in Sherri and Erik, they’ll have majority.
Malcolm knows where the idol is hidden, but Andrea sticks to him like fly paper. Try as he might, he can’t shake her. Andrea and Cochran stalk Malcolm, parking themselves near where he’s searching. She’s concerned she’ll be next to go if he finds another idol, so she assures him, she’ll be wherever he is, for as long as it takes.
On to the Immunity Challenge. Jeff’s got their instructions ... and it’s not gonna be easy. The players will hold on to a rope that’s attached to a very heavy log. Every few minutes, they will move one hand one notch lower on the rope, making it heavier. Last one still holding on at the end wins immunity.
Cochran’s sealed immunity advantage is that he can move his hand back up two knots to make his log weigh less, at any point in the challenge. Survivors ready?
Everyone is holding on to the equivalent of one third of their original body weight. With each hand change, the weight gets heavier, stressing upper arms and backs. After 10 minutes, they are at the third notch, and Cochran plays his advantage. That brings him back to the beginning, with much less stress.
After 25 minutes, they are down to the last knot on their ropes ... after this round, they will just be hanging on to a piece of rope. Brenda is the first one to step off, and she’s out of the challenge, followed by Erik. Sherri’s next out, then Malcolm, and of course, Andrea loses it, followed by Dawn. Cochran, Reynold and Eddie are neck and neck at the end! Reynold and then Eddie fall out and Cochran wins Immunity!
He IS the Challenge Monster! Cochran has his second individual Immunity win! Who would ever have thought things would go this way?
Cochran is starting to get a bit of a big head. And who can blame him? From zero to hero, he’s won half of the individual immunity challenges. Suddenly, Cochran is the biggest challenge threat in the game, instead of the Three Amigos, with all of their brawn. He’s determined that he will keep winning, even if that makes him a threat.
Malcolm found two idols without a clue, but now he finds himself in a weird position. Having paid $480 to buy the clue, he’s being watched by everyone, so he’s nervous about seeking the idol. Malcolm tells Eddie and Reynold that they need to fool the girls, bluff them into believing that he’s found, and will play, the idol.
He confers with Sherri. He tells her he’d like to go to the Final Three with her. Sherri still dislikes the ‘muscle heads’ and wants Malcolm to commit to getting rid of either Eddie or Reynold. Malcolm agrees, and they pinky swear. Andrea will be voted out at Tribal Council.
Erik, meanwhile, is conflicted. He needs as much information as possible on which way the majority is voting. In theory, he’s voting with Malcolm, Eddie and Reynold. But in reality, he’s playing both sides. He assures Dawn that no one’s going to flip, everyone is solid.
This is Erik’s proverbial fork in the road, and there’s no coming back after today. He could be the deciding vote, which he finds both exciting and frightening.
Cochran and Andrea want to split the vote between Malcolm and Reynold. Hopefully, Malcolm won’t play an idol, and will be going home. Cochran is a little nervous about Erik, who cast the deciding vote at the previous Tribal, when he voted for “Fillup.” Andrea doesn’t think Erik would be stupid enough to flip at this time, but the others are not so sure.
Meanwhile, Sherri feels like she’s a lynch pin in the game. There are six favorites, and Three Amigos. She could go either way. Flushed with her position, she’s enjoying feeling like everyone wants her vote. She believes that she is the one calling the shots right now. But as the tribe leaves for Tribal, neither Erik nor Sherri is sure which way they’ll vote.

At Tribal Council, Jury members Phillip and Michael file in, Michael still with a big grin on his face, Phillip trying to look menacing. Jeff wants to hear from Reynold first, asking if the last Tribal Council shook anything up at the camp. Reynold feels that a new chapter in the game has begun, changing the numbers to a more equal footing.
Andrea says she thinks Reynold is wrong, and that anyone flipping to the other side would be crazy. Reynold, Eddie and Malcolm will dominate every challenge. Probst points out that it’s actually Cochran who is dominating, and Cochran grins proudly.
Jeff mentions that another rationale could be that a player like Sherri will think she’s lower in ranks, and won’t necessarily get to the end while in the group of six. Dawn says she hopes Sherri doesn’t feel like she’s at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of voting, and Sherri smiles smugly.
Probst asks Malcolm if he’s found the idol. Malcolm says it’s been an interesting day. Andrea says she’s 80% sure that he does have the idol. Dawn says they’re all nervous about hidden immunity idols. There have been a lot of idols found and played.
Erik admits that he’s unsure about his status in the group, and the possibility that someone might be flipping to the other side. Cochran gives a “hypothetical” analysis of how voting might go, should they choose to split the vote between Eddie and Malcolm. All it would take is for one person to jump over from the group of six to the group of three, to make it a group of four, and change the odds.
Andrea admits that she’s nervous, sure that she’s being targeted, but she has put her trust in her group.
The vote begins. Dawn votes for Reynold. Cochran hopes that Malcolm doesn’t have an idol, because voting him off would be indescribably delicious.
But when Jeff tallies the vote, it’s Reynold, Malcolm and Andrea at three votes each. It’s a three way tie, so they will have to re-vote.
No! It’s Malcolm! No! Malcolm becomes the 12th person voted out, and the third member of the jury. Cochran, Dawn and Andrea smile at each other, happy to have succeeded in ousting him. Malcolm’s gracious, but yells out “I need a drink!” as he walks away.
Jeff notes that Eddie and Reynold have been on the outside of the game since Day One, and thirty days later, they’re still alive and in the game. And that’s all that matters for anyone.
Malcolm’s exit interview: “You know what? It’s been a great ride. Naw, never mind. I spent $480 on an idol clue and then didn’t find the idol. I found two without paying, and then I can’t find the one I actually paid for. I’m probably gonna get a little mocking after this, but I wouldn’t have played it tonight anyways, I thought that I was safe, and it just goes to show you, as soon as you think you’ve got it figured out, you’re going home, and tonight was my time. I got burned pretty bad.”
Next time on, Survivor: Reynold, the biggest threat in the game, tries to hold on for dear life. But he’s not the only one in trouble. As Andrea asks Cochran whether Brenda or Dawn will go next, Cochran interviews that this might be the beginning of the end for the alliance of six.

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