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September 26th, 2013 11:29am EDT

Survivor 2013: Blood vs. Water Last week on … Survivor. Once more into the breach. And of course, it’s all about Rupert. You remember Rupert. We all do. He’s the good guy that can never catch a break, and sure enough, when he came on to play for the umpteenth time, this time with his wife, his wife was kicked out of the game before anyone could blink. But Rupert threw himself under that bus, to take wife Laura’s punishment, and to be her surrogate on Redemption Island.
On the newbies Galang beach, Brad Culpepper (Culpepper to Jeff Probst) began as he meant to go on, by organizing an alliance of males against females. At the Immunity Challenge, Tadhana started off well, but lost to the puzzle solving ingenuity of the returning champs of Galang. And after Galang’s Gervaise’s excessive celebration, Gervaise’s niece Marissa was targeted and voted off at Tribal Council.
This week on … Survivor. Post Tribal Council, Marissa joined Rupert and Laura at Redemption Island. Marissa told Laura and Rupert that Gervaise’s exuberant win was what sent her to Redemption Island.
Yikes! On Galang, there’s a morning massage conga line. Colton does not consider himself a part of the whole “zen yoga calm thing” going on, so he refrains from joining the group. Colton tells Monica that he’s over the group; she begs him to at least pretend patience over the next 39 days.
Colton tries to get some drama going in the camp by telling tribe members that they are being targeted. However, Aras sees through Colton’s lies, and tells the others to focus on winning, not losing. Aras realizes that Colton’s game is dissemination, not clever play, and he won’t go that route. Colton, of course, mocks any attempt by the returning champs to play a game based on unity.
At Tadhana, Brad feels like he’s in control. They now have flint, they have fire, and they have begun fishing for their dinner. Rachel (Tyson’s girlfriend) worries that she has a target on her back, as the loved one of a particularly adept returning player. She’s aware that females are a minority on her tribe.
Treemail calls the tribes to head to Redemption Island for the day’s duel. The newbies, except for John, with wife Candice’s future on the line, seem very cavalier about what will happen.
Both teams arrive at Redemption Island. Rupert, Candice and Marissa enter the ring. Some of the returnees cry, as they realize how close their friends and loved ones are to be being eliminated from the competition. I honestly don’t think that Gervaise has the faintest idea of how his behavior impacted on Marissa’s expulsion from the tribe, until both Probst and Marissa spell it out. Rather than apologize, Gervaise promises that he’ll be rubbng more salt into the other tribes wounds before the season is done. Gervaise, although offered the opportunity to swap places with his niece, does not switch, leaving Marissa to her fate.
The challenge for the three Redemption Island players is an old one; they must manoeuver a piece through a wobbly, windy course, and the winner will be allowed to leave Redemption Island, and join a team of their choice. There is another twist to this challenge: whoever finishes first in the duels also gets to give a clue to a hidden immunity idol’s location, to anyone on either tribe.
I hate Redemption Island. It not only eats into prime Survivor time, but it eliminates the sometimes wonderful quotes that the person voted out by Tribal Council spews.
Anyway .. ok … duel. We’re back to Redemption Island, where the players must not only get their pieces through the warbly course, but also stack those pieces on the top of a pole. We cut away from an interminable dual to see that all three players are basically neck and neck at the ending. Rupert’s almost done, until his entire stack of pieces fall to the ground. Candice and Marissa both complete the task, and will go on to further duels.
Rupert tells Probst that he can’t believe he is the first one out of the game. He loves Survivor, but he loves his wife more so he will accept the way things have to be. Rupert tosses his buff into the fire, tells Laura he loves her one more time, and then is gone from the game.
As the winner of the duel, Candice can give her immunity clue to anyone on either tribe. She gives it to husband John and Probst runs up the stairs to deliver the sealed note.
Candice and Marissa must now head back to Redemption Island for another few days. Neither is very happy about their fate.
At Tadhana, John is congratulated for having received the clue. He’s not 100% happy that Rupert lost at the Redemption Island duel, but hopes Candice can continue her winning streak. He tells his guys alliance that they need to get more women voted off with strong ties to the champs team, in order to hopefully knock off the best players in the other tribe. That puts Rachel, as Tyson’s girlfriend, squarely on the “next to go” list.
Brad’s happy that everyone knows that John has the clue, as that puts a target on John’s back. John’s pretty sure he knows where the idol is, based on the clue, but wonders if that’s a good or bad thing.
On Galang, Laura says she almost relieved to no longer have to worry about Rupert. She assures her team that she’s empowered to be the best she can be. Colton, on the other hand, has his eye on the million dollar price, and begins a campaign to oust Laura. He continues to stir up paranoia, which, unfortunately, both Kat and Tina Wesson are insecure enough to worry about. When Kat tries to tell Colton to stop over-strategizing, he causes a late night scene, and insists on addressing the entire tribe, saying, “I’m all for burying the hatchet. I don’t want to look like it, I don’t want to be it, but I can’t forge forward in our relationship … “The rest of the camp tells Colton in no uncertain terms that they want a peaceful camp, and they want to win. Colton tells the others that he’s trying, but it’s all too Kumbaya for him.
Tina interviews, “So this is what Survivor 27 looks like? There is just so much drama. You don’t want drama for 39 days.”
Tyson interviews that he believes Colton wanted to be different this time around, but was not able to maintain a façade for more than a day and a half. Colton says that the returnees are not aware of what will happen, and seem to think they’re in the movie “National Lampoon’s Horrible Vacation.”
The next morning, Colton cannot understand why everyone is not easy with him; it couldn’t possibly be his attempt to cause dissent the night before. Monica, whom Colton backstabbed on their last encounter, assures Colton that she’ll keep an ear to the ground to see what’s going on, but admits that this time, she’s playing for herself.
Tyson’s wise to Colton’s game of turning players against each other, so he brings together the group, and warns them about Colton’s previous tricks, adding that they should all talk to each other before believing any disruptive lies. Aras calls Colton a “gay Russell Hantz” and that they should all be wary of Colton’s words. He feels that what he did to Kat and Tina was bullying, and should not be tolerated. With Colton’s actions, a new alliance is formed, of Tyson, Aras, Monica, Gervaise and Tina.
Hey! It’s Challenge time! I was so involved with minutia that I forgot we were playing a game! But luckily, Probst was not, so everyone gathers to see what will be on the menu. This time, three members of each tribe will be roped together, while they push a fourth member of their tribe inside a barrel to a series of flagpoles.
As they reach each flagpole, the person in the barrel must untie and retrieve a bag which contains balls. Once all 4 bags are found, the remaining tribe members must roll the balls up a ramp and into six targets. The first tribe to land all 6 of their balls wins immunity. In addition, they are playing for a reward of fishing gear, a key to survival on their island beach. Survivors ready?
Galang, with one extra member, sits out Kat. The rest begin the challenge. Tadhana has Katie in their barrel, while Galang has Laura. And off they go!
Laura takes the lead, but Katie is close behind. They are neck and neck throughout, until Gervaise attempts to toss the balls into the targets. Tadhana’s Hayden has three landed before Gervaise can even sink his first.
It’s close, but Gervaise wins for Galang! And again, Gervaise bellows his joy at winning, while Tadhana contemplates whom they’ll be sending home that night. Galang gratefully accepts their fishing gear and heads for home.
Brad reassures his tribe that they’ve all done their best, but he is spitting mad at Gervaise’s poor sportsmanship. Brad vows he’ll eventually have a one on one with Gervaise.
Tina’s daughter Katie is well aware that this loss means that one of the last three females will be sent home that night, since the five guy alliance will surely knock off another of the women. Brad tells his alliance that none of the three women are very important, so getting rid of Rachel, and thus hopefully weakening Tyson, is their safest bet. On the other hand, Tyson may well decide to take Rachel’s place, and that will potentially put both Laura M and Candice, still at Redemption Island, in danger.
Back at camp, the boys tell Ciera that they will be voting Rachel, but tell Rachel that Ciera is the one that will get the votes. Ciera tells Katie the boys plan, and worries that John may already have the idol, in which case, John may use the idol to save Rachel, and send her (Ciera) home. They decide they’ll vote for John instead of Rachel.
Despite his searching, John has not yet found the idol, so he’s oblivious to the tribe’s fears.The guys begin to wonder about John’s loyalty to their alliance.
Tribal Council. Probst is quick to ask the Tadhana females if they’re aware that women are being voted off systematically from the tribe. Ciera says that she sees that pattern, as well as the way that the guys are banding together. Probst notices that Hayden is smiling, and asks him if he’s relating to what Ciera is saying. Hayden brushes off Ciera’s concern, saying it’s just a male bonding experience.
Caleb assures Probst that John’s possession of the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol has impacted on the game, and Brad hastens to add that they all think John has already found the idol.
John doesn’t deny the allegation, but tells Probst and the others that whomever they vote off that evening may have a loved one eager to take their place at Redemption Island.
Probst admits that the voting this year is the most multi leveled they’ve ever had in the history of Survivor. Each vote is not only for a tribe member, but for the potential impact on their opposing loved one, and exile to Redemption Island.
It’s time to vote. When Probst reads out the tallied votes, it’s all over the place. The first two votes are for John, but then the votes for Ciera and Rachel roll in. Eventually Rachel becomes the second person voted out of Survivor: Blood vs Water.
Probst says, “Well , the good news is, you’re only six days into this game. But you’ve got to win the next challenge. “
Next time on, Survivor: Will Tyson rise to the occasion and take Rachel’s spot on Redemption Island? And will Colton finally crumble? “Are you quitting this game?” says Probst. Colton responds, “I don’t care what you all think of me!” as he flings himself into Caleb’s lap.
At Redemption Island, Rachel joins Laura M. and Candice and says, “At Tribal tonight, I got voted out. It wasn’t a huge surprise to me, as a girl, in a guy dominated tribe. “She tells the others that the votes were split between her and John, and that John was clearly surprised at the split. She believes things will change on the tribe after this vote.

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