10 Celebs We Love to Hate

July 9th, 2013 11:00am EDT

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Admit it, you love reading about celebrities, whether they’re A-list actors in amazing films, or certified down-on-their-luck D-listers. And often, they don’t even have to do anything particularly special to earn a little bit of hate from the public. Why love a celebrity who is legitimately talented and a nice person (Tom Hanks?), or hate someone who has done terrible things throughout their career (cough. Chris Brown). No – it’s so much more fun to combine the two. Read up on the celebrities you know you just love to hate.

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney stormed into our lives in 2007 when Keeping up with the Kardashians premiered on E! for the first time. Has it really only been six years? Since then, there have been countless relationships, spinoffs, clothing and beauty lines, and dramatic phone calls to keep audiences rolling their eyes…and coming back for more. How do you think the ladies afford their lavish lifestyles? The “hate” portion of this relationship seems to lie in the fact that the sisters never seemed to have a discernable skill to attribute their fame – and things just got worse after Kim’s extravagant wedding and subsequent divorce to confused golden retriever puppy/basketball player Kris Humphries. Add the constant presence of Kris Jenner and some Kanye West into the mix, and it’s some quality TV.


The pint-sized star of The Jersey Shore was brash, honest and unapologetic about her wild-child lifestyle during her days as an MTV reality starlet. More hair extensions and spray tan than actual human being, Snooki represented everything that America found “icky” about the Guido culture – and she wasn’t changing for anyone. Snooki enjoyed binge drinking, fighting, and not wearing underwear, but has calmed down a considerable amount since the birth of her son, Lorenzo. Still, mention the Shore cutie’s name and expect a few cringes, even after the program’s cancellation.


Anne Hathaway is the girl from everybody’s high school English class who just tried too hard to please the teacher. The actress, known for remarkable roles in films like Les Miserables and The Dark Knight Rises, has a problem with her off-camera persona. After winning several (well-deserved) awards this past season for her role in Les Miz, the public had to endure a string of Hathaway’s sickly-sweet, impeccably rehearsed speeches that made her sound more annoying than sincere. It’s as if she’s constantly auditioning for the role of Anne Hathaway; girl, you have an Oscar, calm down!


The pint-sized pop star rose to superstardom after being discovered on YouTube as a preteen, and as “never said never” since. But when you spend your teenage years in the spotlight, every single poor choice you ever make is scrutinized, and made fun of mercilessly. He just makes it so easy. Bieber is the man/child responsible for bringing “swaggy” into the lexicon, and can be seen terrorizing his posh Calabasas neighborhood in a leopard spotted sports car that costs more than most of us will ever make. Let’s not forget the time he visited the Anne Frank house and wrote that he hoped “she would have been a fan” in the guest book. The author of this post presumably went missing after writing this because his army of 12 year-old Beliebers took her down for besmirching his name.


The leading lady of Twilight has never been a fan favorite – there’s always been a Team Edward and Team Jacob, but never a Team Bella. When Stewart started dating her costar Robert Pattinson, she quickly drew the ire of legions of teenage fangirls who adored the sparkly vampire. The fact that she has a perpetual bored scowl on her face only added fuel to their fire that she wasn’t the starlet for their man. When Stewart allegedly cheated on Pattinson with her Snow White director in 2012, all hell broke loose; she’s been trying to climb her way back to the top ever since.


The country crooner gained fame and popularity by writing powerful breakup ballads and catchy country-pop tunes that you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing. She was the patron saint for lovestruck teenage girls all over the country. But when Swift began dating – and dumping – famous boyfriends as fast as she was writing hit songs about her heartbreak, the public stopped buying into her image. Maybe the next album should be called “No Really; It’s Me, Not You.”


30 Rock’s high-powered executive was calm and collected when it came to business and his personal life, but in the real world, Alec Baldwin is much more of a loose cannon. Whenever Baldwin has a public outburst, he REALLY likes to go all out, and take to twitter to air his feelings. First, there was the incident when he refused to shut down his game of “Words with Friends” while on an airplane. That was twitter meltdown round one. The most recent outburst involved a Daily Mail reporter who accused Baldwin’s wife of tweeting during James Gandolfini’s funeral. BIG Mistake. Baldwin went off on a huge twitter rant that involved several homophobic slurs. He has since apologized, but for people who were already on the fence about this hotheaded actor, the incident solidified their opinion.


North West’s dad has been puzzling and enthralling audiences since his debut album dropped in 2004. As much as people love to hate Taylor Swift, they hate anyone who tries to stop her from receiving an award more. Who could forget Kanye storming the stage at the VMAs and telling Swift that Beyoncé deserved her award (even if it was kind of true)? West’s ego has been his downfall with the public these days; calling your album Yeezus isn’t exactly the most humble move. Now, people are just waiting to see how his relationship with Kim Kardashian will turn out. Here’s hoping those crazy kids will make it.


The former American Idol judge and current X Factor coach firmly established himself as the King of Mean years ago when he doled out harsh, honest advice to his singing contestants. Though he’s softened ever so slightly in his approach, audiences still hate the British judge for being mean to their favorite contestants, and potentially sending them home. The man also brought One Direction into the world, so take that however you want.


Gwyneth Paltrow is a great actress, and could be a perfectly lovely woman, but her problem is that she’s clueless about her wealth and privilege in relation to her audience. In launching GOOP, her health and lifestyle site, Paltrow seems to have struck a nerve with the public; offering outfits that costs hundreds of dollars as everyday casual wear, and making restrictive juice cleanses a supposedly easy and normal diet just aren’t realistic. Girlfriend needs a reality check.

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