Everything You Need to Know Before Watching The 'Sons Of Anarchy' Premiere

September 9th, 2013 3:28pm EDT

Everything You Need to Know Before Watching The 'Sons Of Anarchy Sons of Anarchy kicks off its season six run on FX this Tuesday (Sept 10). After a stellar fifth season, which upped the ante considerably, Kurt Sutter’s ode to life inside of a California outlaw motorcycle gang is a constant fix among ‘Best Of’ lists. If you’re just now joining the team of dedicated fans or just need a refresher before the premiere, Starpulse has assembled a list of things you need to know going into the show. But beware, spoilers ensue!

First an introduction: Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original is an outlaw motorcycle gang based in the fictional town of Charming, California. It was created by John Teller and Piney Winston. They make their money through gun trafficking and as of a few seasons ago – drugs.

As of last season, Jax Teller, John’s son is the President of the gang. Before him, Clay Morrow, Jax’s step-father, and killer of John Teller and Piney Winston, was the leader. Chibs, former IRA member, is the Vice-President. He takes over the duties from Bobby Elvis, who didn’t like the way things went down last season. The Sergeant-at-Arms spot is open.

Tig is the club’s endearing psycho.

Happy (left) is never happy. And Juice (shirtless) turned snitch in order to keep his black daddy a secret. Turns out no one really cared.

Now let’s go back: last season’s bad guy was Damon Pope - a successful businessman who augmented his income with a flourishing drug empire. See Tig –motivated by a lie from Clay - killed Pope’s daughter, while trying to kill the leader of a rival gang. And in retaliation Pope unleashed holy hell on the Sons of Anarchy (and burned Tig's daughter alive). He met his end at the close of season five by the hands of Jax and Tig.

Jax and Tig, in turn, framed Clay, Jax’s step-father, a conniving SOB, who is largely responsible for most of the ills involving the motorcycle gang, for Pope’s murder. They even got Jax’s mother, Gemma, to betray Clay and make a statement against him with a promise that doing so would get her back in the gang’s good graces. More on her later.

Clay is in jail and August Marks, the guy now in charge of Pope’s empire, is working with Jax to kill him. He deserves it. His lies led to the death of Opie (Piney’s son). He at one-timed ordered the murder of Tara, Jax’s wife.

Speaking of Tara, she realized that Jax was falling deeper and deeper into the club instead of leaving – as he has long promised. So, she was going to leave him and escape with the kids to take a physician job in Oregon. But instead Tara was arrested for her suspected involvement in the murder of a nurse.

The nurse was actually killed by jailed member Otto, who has a number of grievances against the club. He killed her with a chain that Tara brought him while the good doc was in the room with him – she was mortified. He then bit off his tongue to prevent himself from testifying against Tara. He may be a murderer with nothing to live for, but he’s no snitch. So, yea, there’s that.

Jax’s mom, Gemma, is suspected of being behind Tara’s arrest. To say, she’s the mother-in-law from hell would be an understatement. But it’s also hard to hate her – she does what she does in a misguided search for love and an unflinching commitment to family. She’s been through a lot and it’s usually her schemes that win out at the end. But understand she’s a B-I-T-C-H.

The big baddie for this season is Lee Toric, the brother of the slain nurse. He’s a former US Marshal, who really loved his sister and is willing to do ANYTHING to see her killer(s) brought to justice. This is bad news for everyone.

This season: Lee will plot with Clay to take the club down.

Jax will attempt to get his wife freed from jail, deal with Lee Toric, once and for all rid himself of Clay and hopefully make a decision about his future (whether that includes staying in the motorcycle gang or setting up a plan to leave Charming behind with his wife and children). None of it will be easy. Nothing ever is. But it’s family above all. And SoA is family.

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