Tribeca April 26: Catch 'Trials Of Mohammed Ali,' 'Gore Vidal,' & 'Raze'

April 26th, 2013 11:23am EDT

Trials of Mohammed Ali The Tribeca Film Festival starts its final weekend with a full slate of screening for your movie going pleasure. Today is the best day to hit up that film you’ve been eyeballing in the programs—after today the rush queues get SUPER long. Here are some of the more talked about selections that will be playing today.
Note: all three films will be showing today at Clearview Cinemas in Chelsea. For rush tickets, it's best to arrive at the venue one hour prior to show time.
Trials of Mohammed Ali

Directed by Bill Siegel and executive produced by Academy Award-winner Leon Gast, The Trials of Muhammad Ali is not merely a boxing documentary, but rather an examination of a specific time in America in which many of its citizens were ridiculed, jailed or exiled for choosing to stand up for their beliefs. Pulling no punches when dealing with the atmosphere of the time, the film boasts an amazing array of interviews from those who were there, including Ali’s family members, notable journalists and the current, controversial leader of the Nation of Islam, Rev. Dr. Louis Farrakhan. The electrifying persona of Muhammad Ali guides the story through a wealth of remarkable archival footage.
*Premiere at 4:30pm SVA Theatre

Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia

If you know who Gore Vidal is, this won’t require much explaining. One of America’s most fearless and flamboyant essayists, Vidal was both a thorn in the side of conservative government and something of a taboo opinionator, but to the highest degree. The documentary is of course about his life, and is covered by those who knew him best. Today’s screening marks the final time you can catch it in at this year’s festival.
Showing at 5:45pm Chelsea Clearview Cinemas


At the risk of sounding sexist, Raze is a film for boys who have high testosterone thresholds, an affinity for blondes and value (above all things) carnage and cleave in cinema. Stuntwoman Zoe Bell stars as a woman trapped in an underground fight club where you kill or be killed, but with the added caveat that if you are killed, so are those you love most. That’s basically the plot, the development and the payoff. The rest of the 87 minutes are filled out by beautiful women possessing varying amounts of crazy. Trust me, the film is ultraviolent and by no means smart, but it entertaining as all hell and if your girlfriend can make it past the first ten minutes, you may have a keeper on your hands.
Showing at 11:30pm Chelsea Clearview Cinemas

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