'The Walking Dead' Season 3: 5 Spoilers You Need to Know

September 5th, 2012 11:00am EDT

The Walking Dead “The Walking Dead” as admittedly one of AMC’s biggest sleeper hits. It seems unlikely at best: a drama about the survivors of a zombie apocalypse, mixed with government turmoil and love triangles. That's realistic, right? But believability aside, it’s one of the best shows to come out of cable in the last decade. It’s no wonder that fans are frothing at the mouth like zombies to see what happens after the bombshells dropped in the last few episodes of season two (Rick vs. Shane). Before you tune in to the premiere in October, make sure you prime yourself on some of the things that’ll go down when you start watching.

A series regular will die. In true “Walking Dead” style, the director and producers have indicated that viewers can expect the demise of a series regular sometime during season three. Without any clue as to who is biting the dust or during which half of the season it occurs, we only have an idea of how it happens: zombies. Fans have been speculating over which characters might be on the chopping block and it seems like Lori’s name is coming up more often, but it’s just that; speculation.

Milton hits the scene. Season three is also set to bring a new character to Woodbury: Milton. Milton is described as a Woodbury resident who works closely with the Governor as an advisor of sorts. He’s a brainy type who will study zombie behavior via experimentation. Milton’s role in the cast will be to bring a little humor to the very dark show, something that “The Walking Dead” desperately needs. However, it’s unclear as to what type of storyline Milton will occupy.

Three comic book events. It was recently revealed that three events occurring in “The Walking Dead” comic books will be played out on the small screen as well. There have been discrepancies in the past concerning sticking to the comic storyline and it appears as though the writers are finally giving that plot some love. The events are slated to happen close to the midseason finale; eight episodes into the series and just before the show breaks for winter hiatus.

The Ricktatorship. Rick’s struggle for power and order of his group should finally be realized during season three. Unfortunately, it might not be the setup he’d hoped. After having to kill Shane (thanks to Lori’s shenanigans) some of the residents feel as though Rick has become just as cold and unfeeling as the undead that stalk them all. It’ll be interesting to see how Rick handles his new role and how the others feel about his leadership skills.

Merle’s back! Remember Daryl’s racist and troublemaking brother, Merle? He’s making another appearance in season three and he’ll be stirring up trouble for Rick’s crew. Word on the street puts Merle in the Governor’s posse, which brings the Governor back to the forefront of the storyline. It will also resurrect the lingering questions surrounding T-Dogg, who hasn’t yet been put to bed entirely. It’s just another wrench in the plans of Rick and his followers as they try to rebuild and most importantly, stay alive.

Hey, “The Walking Dead” has more twists than a waterslide, but that’s why it’s such a hit. Sure, it’s about zombies, but if you’ve never caught the show before, now’s the perfect time to start watching a story that is more about civil unrest, politics, self preservation and relationships than it is about the undead stalking their prey. Season three will be the most explosive yet, so don’t miss a minute!

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