The Worst And The Best Of Summer TV 2012

September 6th, 2012 6:00pm EDT

Honey Boo Boo Summer. Some might think of it as a time to take a few days off, soak up the sun and eat popsicles. I think of it as the time for the most delicious and smutty television. Let’s face it: networks don’t exactly roll out the red carpet for your summer viewing pleasure. Instead, it’s the B-list shows that somehow made it through production but weren’t good enough to be shown through the regular season. And for that, I heartily thank the networks (and air conditioning) for the good and bad TV shows that tided me through the summer months.

Worst: “Glass House” At first glance, I can see how the concept for “Glass House” was intriguing: a group of people in a house that is controlled by the viewers. Unfortunately, nobody cared and the show was a huge flop for ABC.

Worst: “America’s Got Talent” After spending a reported $15 million on new judge Howard Stern, AGT expected some serious ratings. Unfortunately, they fell in 2012 and the show is on the rocks yet again thanks to the departure of Sharon Osborne.

Worst: “The Choice” A spoof on “The Voice,” “The Choice” was a dating show where Z-list celebs got to pick significant others based only on their answers to questions. It aired once or twice before being completely cut; now we’ll never know who Carmen Electra chooses!

Worst: “Snooki and J-Woww” The queens of self-tanner and public drunkenness got a second chance with their own spinoff, but when Snooki found out she was pregnant, ratings tanked. Turns out, no one wants to think about Snooki procreating, ever.

Worst: “Anger Management” The fact that FX just ordered 90 episodes of Charlie Sheen’s new show doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. While it gets modest ratings, Sheen is just so completely unlikable that it’s hard to not replay his drunken “winning!” tirade over and over again as you watch.

And now, what about some seriously awesome summer TV choices?

Best: “Bachelor Pad” “Bachelor Pad” lands in the “so bad it has to be good” category of TV. I mean, where else can you get partner-swapping singles, personal vendettas and love connections all in the same show? It’s perfect summer gossip fodder that’ll tide you over until the next season of “The Bachelor.”

Best: The Olympics. OK, this list would be completely incomplete without a shout-out to NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. Yes, the time delay sucked and ruined many a moment, but getting to see the triumphs and letdowns at the Games made all of the Subway and McDonald's commercials worth it.

Best: “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo” As much as it pains me to admit it, TLC hit a ratings homerun with their latest “people actually live like that?” escapade. Everyone is talking about “Honey Boo-Boo,” leading me to believe that shows are more popular when you like your life better than the main characters. And to be fair, just about anyone would feel superior to the “Boo-Boo” family.

Best: “Breaking Bad” Another winner for AMC, “Breaking Bad” is the juiciest drama to hit cable since “Mad Men.” There’s just something about former teacher Walter White that keeps people coming back for more of a meth-infused storyline. This summer marked the beginning of the end, with eight episodes of the final season airing and the second set of eight being aired next summer. I’ll mark my calendar.

Whatever you think about summer TV, you have to admit that when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. Cue the parade of splashy fall shows that’ll never hold a candle to the summer smut we all know and love.

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