Review: 'RoboCop' Not Up To The Original, But It Didn't Suck

February 13th, 2014 5:54am EST | Two Jews On Film By: Two Jews On Film


The year is 2028 and overseas there's a robot on every block wiping out bad guys. Well, maybe not every block, but these super large killing machines are a major part of law enforcement and this makes OmniCorp, the world's leader in robot technology, very happy.  

But that's not enough for the company's head honcho Raymond Sellars (Michael Keaton).  He wants to bring his Robotic army to the United States.  Unfortunately our country isn't very big on the idea.  

That however changes when a Detroit cop, Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) a loving family man, with a wife Claire (Abbie Cornish) and son, is almost killed in a car explosion - set off by vicious crime boss Antonie Vallon (Patrick Garrow).

Claire gives her consent to Dr. Bennett Norton (Gary Oldman) to do whatever it takes to save her husband. And that's how Alex becomes part man/part machine...aka RoboCop.

'RoboCop' directed by documentary filmmaker, Jose Padilha, is a remake of director Paul Verhoeven's classic 1987 sci-fi thriller - which was satirical, super violent and really, really good.