Ex-Wife Reveals Details About David Carradine's Kinky Sex Life

9/11/2010 2:21pm EDT

David Carradine

David Carradine's ex-wife Marina Anderson has revealed all about the late "Kung Fu" star's kinky sex preferences in her new memoirs, confessing he almost choked her to death during intercourse.
The actress thought long and hard about exposing intimate details of her bedroom antics with the star in her book "David Carradine: The Eye of My Tornado," especially after Thai police ruled the actor died of accidental asphyxiation alone in June, 2009, performing a solo sex act, in a hotel room.
But she felt Carradine's sex habits were central to their six-year relationship and three-year marriage, which ended in 2001.
She tells, "My purpose for adding certain things in there was it was so integral to the relationship and lessons we both had to learn.

"It (choking during sex) was totally a new experience for me and I was very excited about the relationship, very much in love with him, wanted to please him. It wasn't any big deal to me at first because it was a new exploration but it did quickly get to a point where I realized this was not just a novelty to him but a definite preference. Then it was a progression of how to deal with that and to stay in the relationship and make things work."
But then Carradine took things too far and almost killed Anderson.
She recalls, "That was really scary and we never did that exercise again. It shifted over to other methods that he preferred. When I found out my friends had died with a plastic bag over their heads (during sex) it totally grossed and freaked me out. That's when I had a little talk with David and we toned it down, so it was at a point where I could deal with it and it was still OK."
But when the kinky sex was dialed down, Anderson's relationship with Carradine started to fall apart.
She adds, "In a sense, it still really bothered me because I didn't feel good after we did this and so it slowly tapered off and David wasn't getting what he wanted and things began to deteriorate for both of us."

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David Carradine

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