Katy Perry Pokes Fun Of 'Sesame Street' Boob Ban On SNL

September 27th, 2010 9:00am EDT

Katy Perry
Katy Perry poked fun at her recent "Sesame Street" controversy by playing a busty teenage librarian in a skit on comedy show "Saturday Night Live."
The pop star, who was the show's musical guest, donned a tight-fitting Elmo T-shirt, which barely contained her breasts, for the Bronx Beat skit.
Perry hit the headlines last week when a Sesame Street clip she shot alongside puppet Elmo was scrapped after parents complained she was showing too much cleavage.
Playing clueless teenager Maureen de Chico on SNL, Perry said of her boobs, "I guess I developed over the summer...It's so embarrassing."
SNL guest host Amy Poehler and comedienne Maya Rudolph, who teamed up for the Bronx Beat skit - and played New York housewives with their own chat show - advised the Teenage Dream singer to "get yourself a good bra".
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Photo Credits: NBC video screenshot; PR Photos

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