Cee Lo Green: 'James Brown Was Like My Father'

May 30th, 2011 9:00am EDT

Cee Lo Green-20110427-16.jpg Cee Lo Green has confirmed speculation Gnarls Barkley's fan favorite tune Who's Gonna Save My Soul is all about the passing of JAMES BROWN.

The Crazy singer made the big reveal during a recent taping of VH1 show Storytellers, explaining the song is supposed to empower anyone grieving the loss of a loved one - and he wrote it as he was dealing with the 2006 death of the Godfather of Soul.

He says, "The song is actually about the passing of James Brown... It has to do with everyone; heartbreak, loss, regret, helplessness, hopelessness, and I felt all of the above when we lost James Brown - because he embodied everything.

"James Brown is my father... I got what I needed from him - I got guidance, I got style... integrity, I got consistency... He taught me how to dance too.

"When he passed we lost so much. It was just like, 'Who else...?' 'How can I show him that all of his work was not in vain?'

"The song hurts me (because) there's so much genuine pain."

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