Madonna Slammed LMFAO Star For Struggling To Lift Her At Half-Time Show

February 23rd, 2012 9:08am EST

LMFAO Redfoo Madonna poked fun at LMFAO star Stefan 'Redfoo' Gordy during their Super Bowl rehearsals because he struggled to lift the pop superstar.

The "Sexy and I Know It" hitmaker and bandmate Sky Blu joined Madonna onstage at the Super Bowl half-time show in Indianapolis earlier this month and their performance was flawless - but he admits he almost let the Material Girl down during one sequence.

He tells Rolling Stone, "In rehearsal, she said, 'If you were working out more, you could life me a little easier.' Her biceps were way more cut up than mine. She was like, 'Get a jump rope!'"

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