'Pretty Woman' Jewelry Box Scene Almost Scrapped

April 25th, 2012 1:53pm EDT

Pretty Woman Pretty Woman director Garry Marshall wanted to play a trick on his hard partying leading lady JULIA ROBERTS, but the onset prank became one of the film's most famous scenes.

The scene featuring Roberts' character reacting with shock when Richard Gere closes a jewelry box on her hand is much loved by fans of the 1990 romantic comedy.

However, Marshall has revealed it was just meant to be little scene for the cast and crew as revenge for Roberts staying out late the night before the shoot.

He tells Entertainment Tonight, "(She was) a kid, so she goes out and parties, and sometimes she parties late and she comes to work and she's a little sleepy. I said, 'Richard, you gotta wake her up a little, so when she reaches for the box, slam it.' ... It was a soft box; I would never hurt her.

"It was the last minute that we put it in the movie and it became like the trademark of the movie."

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