12 Former Child Stars All Grown Up

July 28th, 2012 3:00pm EDT

Alexa Vega We've watched many child stars grow up on TV or in the movies and blossom before our eyes. Now that they are all grown up we thought we'd point out some sexy former child stars.

The latest and first on this list is Alexa Vega, the former star of the "Spy Kids" franchise. Vega recently posted a picture of herself on Twitter in a bikini top while on set filming "Machete Kills," which she stars in and is directed by Robert Rodriquez. Vega is now 23 and apparently is also freshly divorced.

Check out our full list of our 12 hot and sexy child stars all grown up.

Drew Barrymore

E.T., Irreconcilable Differences and Firestarter are a few movies Barrymore did before she was 9. Also at the age of 9 she was written off as a young child star, due to drug and alcohol addiction at that age! Barrymore of course made a surprising comeback and is still quite sexy and relevant today.

Danica McKellar

After The Wonder Years ran its course, Danica has popped up in series like The West Wing and How I Met Your Mother, as well as, the Sci-fi Channel flick Heartstroke. However, her biggest contributions have been with her mad math skills. She’s written two best-sellers, Math Doesn’t Suck: How to Survive Middle-School Math without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail and Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who’s Boss.
Keisha Knight Pullman

Keisha began acting at the young age of three on Sesame Street, however, she is most known as Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show. At age six she was nominated for an Emmy, the youngest actress ever nominated for the award. She was also a model for Cavi.

Natalie Portman

Portman began her career at the age of 13 starring in The Professional. She went on to other movies in her youth but aside for her role as Queen Amidala in Star Wars, she concentrated on her Harvard education until after graduating. The Oscar winning actress is still going strong, now with husband and child.

Sarah Chalke

Did you know Sarah was in the 80's TV hit Roseanne? If not, then you obviously know her as Elliot Reid in Scrubs. And yes, she's quite the looker as well.

Alyssa Milano

We've watch Alyssa grow up on Who's the Boss and in the movies alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando. She returned to TV as an adult and Charmed us for years and now is currently obsessed with twitter.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Before starring as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gellar landed her first role at the age of four in the TV movie Invasion of Privacy. She also as a teen had a role in the soap All My Children.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Former Disney "Kid's Incorporated star may not have the most impressive resume in the world but she has some assets that guys like (take a guess). Hewitt has had a fun and successful career appearing in movies and several TV shows throughout her life (see her filmography). She currently is on Lifetime's The Client List which was renewed for a second season.

Mila Kunis

It seems like decades since we saw her in the 90's sitcom That 70's Show. Ms. Kunis is arguably the hottest on this list and one of the most sought actresses on this list in Hollywood.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes rose to fame on Nickelodeon in All That and moved on to the WB network for her teenage years. She's appeared movies such as Robots, Hairspray and Easy A.

Anna Paquin

An Oscar winner at the age of eleven for her performance in The_Piano, Anna Paquin was the first New Zealander to receive the Best Supporting Actress honor and one of the youngest Oscar winners ever. She's appeared in movies such as X-Men, Almost Famous and is in her 5th season of True Blood on HBO.

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