10 Dysfunctional Celebrity Families

October 24th, 2012 6:00pm EDT

Lindsay & Dina Lohan Lindsay Lohan and her family seem to make headlines every week these days. The Lohans have a lot of drama in their lives that seemingly gets worse year after year.

Most recently, the actress' father Michael attempted an intervention with his daughter, whom he believes is back on drugs. She called the cops, and her father had to leave her property.

Prior to that incident, Linday and her mother got into a nasty fight that ended in police going to their Long Island family home. Meanwhile, Lindsay's younger sister Ali has been accused of having an eating disorder because of her incredibly skinny frame. Their dysfunction goes way back.

The Lohans are just one of many troubled clans in Tinseltown. Check out more dysfunctional Hollywood families...

Britney Spears had a meltdown in 2007 that resulted in her shaving off her head and being committed. Her sister Jamie got pregnant at 16, and her mother Lynne wrote a tell-all book about the family. Maybe that's just how things go in Louisiana?

In 2009 Mackenzie Phillips confessed she had a drug-fueled sexual relationship with her late musician father John Phillips. She claimed her father raped her following her wedding in 1979, and the incestuous relationship later became consensual as the pair began using heroin together and touring in a band called The New Mamas and The Papas.

Ryan O'Neal and his son Redmond were arrested in 2008 after police found methamphetamine at the actor's Malibu home. Ryan had to participate in a drug awareness program while his son went to rehab. Redmond was later sent to jail on separate charges. In 2012, Ryan's son Griffin was sentenced to 16 months behind bars for driving under the influence of drugs. Daughter Tatum was arrested in 2008 for buying crack cocaine near her Manhattan apartment building. She wasn't sent to jail but entered a drug treatment program. In her memoirs she said she endured physical and emotional abuse from her father, much of which she attributed to drug use.

Drew Barrymore grew up partying at Studio 54 with her mother Jaid. Drew started smoking cigarettes at age nine, drinking alcohol at 11, smoking marijuana at 12, and snorting cocaine at 13 - after which she entered rehab. Drew attempted suicide the following year. At 15 she became emancipated from her parents. Her mother posed in Plaboy magazine eight months after Drew did in the 90s. Her actor father John Barrymore became a derelict before his death in 2004 and was estranged from his family, except for Drew who reconciled with him prior to his passing. All four of John's marriages ended in divorce. Drew recently wed for the third time.

"Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester was born at a jail's halfway house in Texas because her mother was serving a prison sentence for being involved in a drug ring. The TV star filed suit against her mom Constance in 2011, accusing her of misusing the monthly allowance intended for her little brother, who suffers from severe medical issues, on cosmetic surgery, Botox injections and hair extensions for herself. Meester won the court battle.

Hulk Hogan was recently embroiled in a sex tape scandal with the wife of his former BFF Bubba "The Love Sponge" Clem. His ex-wife Linda was arrested in October 2012 on suspicion of DUI. She also made headlines not too long ago for dating a 19-year-old. Their son Nick served time in jail for reckless driving. In 2007 he caused an accident that left his friend and passenger John Graziano fighting for his life.

Reality family the Gosselins catapulted to fame after appearing on "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" on TLC. Jon and Kate, parents to sextuplets and a set of twins, shocked fans when they announced they were separating in 2009. Rumors swirled that Jon's affair with Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate's plastic surgeon, was the cause of the divorce. Jon later claimed his estranged wife was exploiting their children and didn't want them on TV any longer. Jon allegedly cheated on Hailey with tabloid reporter Kate Major. Kate Gosselin, who appeared on "Dancing with The Stars," is notoriously difficult to work with. She was fired from in 2012.

The Jacksons had a tumultuous time growing up. Joe Jackson's children claim their father severely abused them, and he later confessed to using physical punishment. Michael Jackson said his father beat him with a whip and forced the group to endure endless rehearsals. Joe reportedly had several affairs while married to Katherine. King of Pop Michael was heavily affected by his childhood, and in the 1990s was accused of sexual abusing children. He settled out of court with the family of a 13-year-old boy.

Alec Baldwin had a nasty divorce with Kim Basinger, and left an angry voicemail calling his daughter a "rude, thoughtless little pig" in 2007. The voicemail was leaked to the media. Alec's temper has also been unleashed on the paparazzi, most recently in summer 2012 following his wedding to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas.

Alec's brother Stephen filed for bankruptcy in 2009 after owing millions in debt. Several years ago Stephen released a book detailing his history of drug abuse and becoming a born-again Christian.

Brother Daniel was arrested for cocaine possession in 1998 after running around naked at the New York Plaza Hotel. He was arrested in 2006 for threatening a woman, stealing a car and other infractions. He appeared on "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew" in 2007, but left after just four episodes. His wife Joanne Baldwin was arrested for driving under the influence in 2011 after the actor first split from her following an alleged drunken domestic squabble during which he claimed his wife had threatened his life in front of their daughters.

William seems to be the only Baldwin who escaped the family curse.

William, Stephen, Alec and Daniel Baldwin

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