Celebrities That Turn 40 In 2013

January 2nd, 2013 1:37pm EST

Kate Beckinsale What were you doing 40 years ago in 1973? Our guess is that many of you reading weren't even born yet? Taking a look back at history, here were a few things going on in the world that year.
The biggest story was then President Richard Nixon told the world he was "not a crook," as the Watergate hearings began. Also that year George Steinbrenner purchased the New York Yankees for a mere $12 million from CBS. Popular films included The Exorcist, The Sting, Live and Let Die and Bobby squealed like a pig in Deliverance. Top TV shows were The Odd Couple, The Partridge Family, Columbo, M*A*S*H and The Waltons to name a few.
1973 also marked the year some familiar celebrity faces were brought into this world. Browse through to find out who turns 40 in 2013.

Jim Parsons
Best know for Big Bang Theory
Born: March 24, 1973

T.R. Knight
Best know for role in "Grey's Anatomy"
Born: March 26, 1973

Emma Caulfield
Best know from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Born: April 8, 1973

Adrien Brody
Best known for his role in "The Pianist," he won best actor Oscar (2003)
Born: Apr 14, 1973

Jorge Garcia
Best know for role in award winning TV series "Lost"
Born: April 28, 1973

Jason Wee-Man Acuna
Yes, Jackass star "Wee-Man" has made it to 40!
Born: May 16, 1973

Tori Spelling
"90210" star and daughter of Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling.
Born: May 16, 1973

Molly Sims
Former Supermodeal and "Delinda Deline" from NBC's "Las Vegas"
Born: May 25, 1973

Jack McBrayer
Best known for his role as NBC page Kenneth Parcell on NBC primetime comedy 30 Rock
Born: May 27, 1973

Heidi Klum
German supermodel, host of Bravo TV's "Project Runway"
Born: Jun 1, 1973

Neil Patrick Harris
"Doogie Howser, M.D." teen star, later in "How I Met You Mother" and hell raiser in "Harold & Kumar" movie series.
Born: Jun 15, 1973

Juliette Lewis
Memorable roles in "Cape Fear," "Natural Born Killers," "Old School," too many to list.
Born: Jun 21, 1973

Omar Epps
Dr. Eric Foreman in "House, M.D."
Born: Jul 20, 1973

Monica Lewinsky
White House intern involved with President Clinton
Born: Jul 23, 1973

Kate Beckinsale
Stunningly beautiful British actress starred with Ben Affleck in "Pearl Harbor," also played Ava Gardner in "The Aviator"
Born: Jul 26, 1973

Vera Farmiga
Vera Farmiga is a Ukrainian-American actress who received an Academy Award nomination for best performance in her supporting role, opposite George Clooney, in Up in the Air.
Born: August 6, 1973

Scott Stapp
Former lead singer of Creed
Born: August 8, 1973

Kristen Wiig
Star of "Saturday Night Live" also had a lead part in the hot comedy "Bridesmaids"
Born: Aug 22, 1973

Dave Chappelle
Standup comedian who quit his $50 million TV show on Comedy Central
Born: Aug 24, 1973

Rose McGowan
"Scream" and "Charmed" actress
Born: Sep 5, 1973

Shannon Elizabeth
Born: September 7, 1973
Actress of "American Pie" fame

Paul Walker
"The Fast and the Furious" (2001) star
Born: Sep 12, 1973

James Marsden
"X-Men" and "Enchanted" actor
Born: September 18, 1973

Efren Ramirez
"Napolean Dynamite" actor. Did you vote for Pedro? Yup, he's 40!
Born: October 2, 1973

Neve Campbell
Actress on TV "Party of Five" in movies "Scream" and anyone remember "Wildthings" ?!?!!
Born: Oct 3, 1973

Mario Lopez
Child star from "Saved by the Bell" now a host on "X Factor"
Born: October 10, 1973

Seth MacFarlane
Directed the popular film Ted which was released in 2012, created the highly successful animated sitcom, Family Guy.
Born: Oct 26, 1973

Nick Lachey
Member of 98 Degrees married Jessica Simpson in 2002
Born: Nov 9, 1973

Peter Facinelli
Plays Carlisle Cullen in Twilight series
Born: November 26, 1973

Holly Marie Combs
From "Picket Fences" to "Charmed" and now a "Pretty Little Liar"
Born: December 3, 1973

Tyra Banks
Fashion icon, TV host of "America's Next Top Model"
Born: Dec 4, 1973

Mos Def
Best know for "The Italian Job" and "Hitchhiker's Guide"
Born: December 11, 1973

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