Richard Gere Signed Up For 'Movie 43' As A Favor For A Friend

February 25th, 2013 2:06pm EST

Movie 43 Richard Gere has never seen Movie 43 and only signed up for an appearance in the flop all-star film as a favor for his producer friend Charles B. Wessler.

The Pretty Woman star joined Halle Berry, Emma Stone, Hugh Jackman and Naomi Watts on the impressive cast list for Peter Farrelly's recent project, but it bombed with critics and suffered disappointing sales at the box office.

In his oddball skit, Gere plays a company boss behind a new product called iBabe, a life-sized replica of a nude woman that functions as a music player, and now he has revealed his reasons for signing up for the film.

When asked by a reporter for Britain's Guardian newspaper what he can say about the movie, Gere replies, "Other than apparently it's a piece of s**t? Nothing. I haven't seen it.

"The guy who put it together (Wessler) is the godfather of my stepdaughter, a close friend of my wife. He said: 'Please would you spend half a day on the movie?' He showed me the skit and it was quite an innocuous thing, so I did it. I haven't even thought about it since, to tell you the truth. Never will see it."

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