Where Are They Now: Charisma Carpenter, AKA Cordelia From 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'

March 22nd, 2013 9:03pm EDT

Charisma Carpenter You probably remember Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, but did you know she was named after a perfume? Catch up with Charisma with some of the latest photos and fun facts on the following pages.

Charisma was born July 23, 1970, in Las Vegas. Her mom named her after the Avon perfume, which debuted in 1968. At a young age she performed in dance troupes.

After high school, Carpenter traveled Europe and settled in San Diego. There she worked as a cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers. In 1991, Carpenter and some of her friends were attacked by a serial rapist. After her friends forced him to flee, he was caught by local police. The man was sentenced to 56 years in jail after Carpenter presented evidence of his attack.

Charisma's break came when an agent spotter her waiting tables in Los Angeles to pay for her college tuition. Her first role was on Baywatch in 1994.

In 1996 Charisma tried out for the role of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but was instead offered the role of Cordelia Chase. After three years on Buffy, she was offered an expanded role on the spin-off Angel.

The scars her character gets from a fall in the Buffy show are real - Charisma was injured as a child when she fell into an empty pool and was pierced by rebar.

After learning that she sky-dived for her 26th birthday, WB made her sign a clause to refrain from the hobby for the remainder of her contract.

In 2001 she guest-starred in an episode of Lifetime's The Division in an episode based on her real-life rapist attack.

After Angel wrapped, Charisma posed in Playboy in part to celebrate the loss of 50 pounds after her son was born. She told People, "I did Playboy for a very specific reason. Not only was it a good financial move, but it was about the place I was at in my life. I had just had my son and I'd gained 50 lbs. during pregnancy. I wanted to get back to my old self. I wanted to feel desirable and sexy. So I thought, 'What if I went full throttle?"

Charisma tries to sign all of her autographs with a personal greeting, which pleases real fans while cutting down on her autographs showing up for sale online.

Charisma is currently featured in The Lying Game on ABC Family. She has also appeared in The Expendables and its sequel.

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