4/20: Celebrate Weed Day With These 13 Celebrity Stoners

April 20th, 2013 7:36pm EDT

Willie Nelson Every year when April 20 rolls around people across the U.S. celebrate an unofficial holiday: weed day.

Stoners everywhere recognize 4:20 as being the time of day to light up, and when the date is 4/20 it's time to kick back, light up and smoke all day -- especially at 4:20. If you're into that kind of thing, of course.

Now that several stats have legalized marijuana to various degrees plenty of folks from sea to shining sea will be lighting up this year, some even in public. Colorado, which has the loosest regulations on pot, sees thousands gather in downtown Denver -- aka the Mile High City -- for a pro-marijuana legalization rally. But the 2013 party is the first since the state legalized the substance for recreational use.

But where did the term '420' come from? Well, many attribute it to an old police code for people caught smoking pot, but that's just a myth.

The actual story goes back to a group of friends in San Rafael, Calif., who called themselves the Waldos (because they hung out against a wall outside their school -- no, really). In 1971 the friends planned to find a rumored abandoned cannabis crop they heard about and would meet at 4:20 each day. They never found the weed garden, but since then the term has become a generalized term for pot smoking.

Plenty of Hollywood stars have since openly professed their love of the leaf, so here are Hollywood's ten biggest potheads, all of whom have admitted in the past they enjoy smoking the ganja...

Kirsten Dunst

"I drink moderately, I've tried drugs. I do like weed. I have a different outlook on marijuana than America does. My best friend Sasha's dad was Carl Sagan, the astronomer. He was the biggest pot smoker in the world and he was a genius.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

The new parents have declared that they'll be raising their child in a pro-pot home. "Of course, I'm not going to be smoking right there over the baby, because smoke in general and being high is not good for a kid. None of that," Khalifa says. "But definitely he's going to know what it is - and he'll know the difference between being a child and not being able to use it and being an adult and knowing how to use it."

Lady Gaga

Mother Monster claims that she smokes a lot when she write her music. She's even done it on stage in Amsterdam.

Lil Wayne

"I smoke weed all day. I'm a very successful addict. And a smart one. And a very charismatic one," he once told Rolling Stone magazine. As if the sizzurp wasn't enough...

Snoop Dogg

News Flash: Big. Pothead.

Kristen Stewart

"You can Google my name and one of the first things that comes up is images of me sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe with my ex-boyfriend and my dog," she told Vanity Fair magazine in 2012. "It was taken the day the movie (Twilight, 2008) came out. I was no one. I was a kid. I had just turned 18. The next day it was like I was a delinquent slimy idiot, whereas I'm kind of a weirdo, creative Valley Girl who smokes pot. Big deal."


The singer has been very open about her personal usage lately, wearing fashions that feature marijuana leafs on them and using her twitter page to profess her love. Pot was even recently found on one of her tour buses at the Canadian border. After all, she is from the Caribbean...

Woody Harrelson

It's well known that Woody's been in touch with nature for a long time -- he's a vegan and an activist for the legalization of marijuana and hemp.

Willie Nelson

If we had a nickel for every time Willie's been busted for pot, the U.S. Mint couldn't keep up.

Miley Cyrus

Miley tried to fool everyone a few years ago when she was first spotted smoking something that wasn't a cigarette by telling us all it was the completely legal herb Salvia. She's been spotted several times with hand rolled cigarettes since then, and it's pretty obvious that that ain't Salvia she's smoking.

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong

Cheech & Chong are the original stoners. They've made several movies glorifying marijuana, both are card-carrying medicinal marijuana recipients, and both are strong advocates for the legalization of weed.

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