Kellan Lutz Believes His Physique Is Costing Him Dramatic Roles

5/23/2013 6:42pm EDT

Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz is anxious to star in a hard-hitting drama but worries he is stuck playing blockbuster heroes because of his impressive physique.

The Twilight hunk starred as Greek god Poseidon in 2011's Immortals and he will also portray the mighty Hercules and king of the jungle Tarzan in two upcoming Hollywood movies.

Lutz admits he would love to play a wimpy "underdog" on the big screen, but he is convinced casting directors will never see past his muscles.

The 28-year-old actor tells Malaysia's August Man magazine, "Because of my physique I believe I am typecast a little bit. There have been times where I tell my manager I want to play something different, I want to play the underdog, or the guy who got beat up in high school."

"And he just laughs at me, and tells me I've been blessed with a strong body and to work with my strengths, and use what God gave me."

Photo Credits: PR Photos , Pacificcoastnews

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