Celebrity Birthdays - June 22, 2013

6/22/2013 3:00am EDT

Meryl Streep

Happy Birthday to:

Actress Meryl Streep (1949)

Actress Portia Doubleday (1988)

Actor Donald Faison (1974)

Actress Alicia Goranson (1974)

TV host Carson Daly (1973)

Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub (1971)

German film director Uwe Boll (1965)

Actress Amy Brenneman (1964)

Author Dan Brown (1964)

Director Stephen Chow (1962)

Actress Tracy Pollan (1960)

Actor Bruce Campbell (1958)

Actor Tim Russ (1956)

Actor Freddie Prinze (1954; d. 1977)

80s pop singer Cyndi Lauper (1953)

Actor Graham Greene (1952)

Actress Lindsay Wagner (1949)

Singer/songwriter Todd Rundgren (1948)

Actor Michael Lerner (1941)

Singer/actor Kris Kristofferson (1936)

Actress Prunella Scales (1932)

Actor Paul Frees (1920; d. 1986)

Director Billy Wilder (1905; d. 2002)



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