Just Looking: Hollywood's Hottest Jailbait

October 27th, 2013 6:01pm EDT

Kendall Jenner It's nothing to be ashamed of; we get older, and stars just seem to get younger and prettier. And while there is nothing wrong with just looking, we must always remember the age-old adage '15 will get you 20.'
The youngest and most talented actresses and musicians are almost inevitably beautiful as well, many looking considerably older than their actual appearance might suggest.
Still, we know you don't want Google or Yahoo (or your spouse for that matter) to think you're a creepy perv when you search for 'Sexy Stars' expecting to get Mariah Carey or Scarlet Johansson, and instead get a list full of young, nubile and grossly underaged teenage girls.
To prevent that from happening, we've compiled a list of the top ten sexiest underage ladies of 2013, just for you. Consider this a public service announcement from us - these stars, for at least a couple years longer, are strictly off-limits.
10: Chloe Moretz: Age 16

Chloe wowed us all with her awesome performance in Kick-Ass, where she wasn't afraid to swear or...well, kick ass. A 12 year old never looked so awesome. But back then, the shock came from a twelve year old using 'the c-word' and now the shock comes we we realize she's absolutely stunning, and turning into quite the babe. Sadly, it will be another two years before Chloe hits the dating scene for adults, but we fully expect her to go full hottie-mode by then.

9: Stefanie Scott: Age 16

Stefanie Scott is currently a Disney Star, playing the part of Lexi Reed on the show A.N.T. Farm. Don't let that dissuade you though - pretty much every girl that started out on Disney has either turned into a sex symbol (IE - Brittney Spears) a completely babealicious beauty (Ashley Tisdale) or a strange naked girl swinging on a wrecking ball (you know who you are.) Stefanie has the natural good looks and build of a girl who's destined for a bombshell future - and we can't wait till she turns 18 so we don't have to feel like creepos admiring her in a bikini.

8: Bella Thorne: Age 16

Bella Thorne is quite the renaissance girl - doing a little bit of everything from television, to movies, to music. With two albums released, a couple singles, a solid resume of network television appearances and more than a couple movie roles, Bella has done more with her life in the past four years than many actors have done in their entire career. Those feats are all compounded by the fact that she's a smokin' hawt redhead with a beach body that most girls would die for. She, like Stefanie before her, is a Disney girl, so there's a good chance that when she turns 18 she will go bat-shit insane and release a sex tape. So here's to hoping.

7: Abigail Breslin: Age 17

Breslin, a New York native has all the makings of a successful actress. She started acting at three years old, and has since starred in over a dozen movie roles, including the unforgettable Little Miss Sunshine. She has come a long way since 2006, growing from awkwardly adorable to serious eye candy. At 17, she's just a year away from legality, so gentlemen, start your engines - cause this one has one more year before she turns into a knockout.

6: Sasha Pieterse: Age 17

At 17, South African native Sasha Pieterse is already a complete stunner. The 'Pretty Little Liar' has gained popularity on American broadcast television with her role in the the series of the same name, as Alison DiLaurentis. With eight movie roles and and 9 television shows under her belt she's both accomplished and smokin' hot. We wouldn't be surprised if she becomes the object of affection for many Hollywood heart-throbs in the coming year. Keep your eye on her - mark our words, she's gonna stop many hearts come next summer.

5: Ariel Winter: Age 15

Ariel wins the award for being the 'Jailbait Suma Cum Laude' as she is only 15 years old. But besides being absolutely gorgeous, she comes complete with a resume full of movies, TV shows and even video games. That's right, this accomplished teenager is not only hot, but talented too. She'd be the kind of girl your mother would want you to bring home, if bringing her home wouldn't land you in a state penitentiary for 20 years.

4: Zendaya Coleman: Age 17

Zendaya is a California girl through-and-through. She's model, musician and actress. She's starred on Dancing with The Stars and Shake It Up. We're not sure if it's her strangely exotic appearance or just natural beauty that makes this tween star a stunner, but beware, she's going to be a hit during bikini season.

3: Dove Cameron: Age 17

Dove Cameron has the makings of a modern day Marilyn Monroe. Like many other of the hotties on this list, Dove is a Disney channel girl, co-leading in the 'Liz and Maddie' series. She's got an absolutely stunning, heart shaped face, with fantastic hair and really great hazel eyes. While she doesn't have the pedigree and thespian history of some of the other girls on this list, Dove keeps her head firmly above water with her absolutely enchanting looks. Remember guys - hands off for another year. After that, we can only hope for a fortuitous fashion malfunction.

2: Sophie Turner: Age 17

HBO couldn't have picked a better beauty to play Sansa Stark. She's easily among the most attractive starlets to come out of England in the past couple years, and she's got the looks and figure to stop guys short in their tracks. Unfortunately, those guys will have to sack up and keep walking because she won't be legal for another couple months.

UPDATE: Kendall turned 18 on November 3, 2013. The aspiring model has gotten numerous offers from adult film companies to star in her own movie with the partner of her choice. We have a feeling she's not interested.

1: Kendall Jenner: Age 17

Kendall Jenner tops this list as one of the most recognizable celebrity hotties. For 17, Kendall has got it all, the model body and family pedigree. Incidentally, she looks much older than 17, which is a serious buzzkill for those who are just stumbling upon the realization that she is still technically jailbait. However that hasn't stopped the rumors that Kendall has allegedly been seeing 21 year old rapper, Young Jinsu, who apparently need not fear the almighty age of consent. Still, these rumors are just that; rumors - so Kendall may be up for grabs when her birthday rolls around early next month.

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