Writer’s Life Isn’t a Gamble

11/23/2013 7:24pm EST


If luck be a lady, she has certainly smiled on author Zoe Ghahremani. Although the former dentist left her successful practice in Chicago over a decade ago to write novels full-time in San Diego, it wasn’t a gamble.  Somewhere deep down, Zoe knew she had no choice. She says, “If writing is the first and last thing you want to do when you wake up, if the thought stays with you all day, and if the clicking of a keyboard haunts you in your dreams, then you are meant to be a writer!” This was certainly the case of Zoe who has written several best-selling and acclaimed novels. Her most recent is “The Moon Daughter,” a lush mother/daughter epic. 

Many people have suggested that the novel would make a terrific movie.  In a recent interview, Zoe daydreamed about who might play the major roles.  While the writer was not sure who would play the daughter (Yalda), she was quick to name two veteran actresses for the role of mother Rana.  As the role required the actress to speak both Persian and English, Golshifteh Farahani and Shohreh Aghdashlou were at the top of her list.

Writing and “dream casting” aren’t the only activity occupying Zoe these days. She is also an avid reader.  Right now she’s reading Alice Munro’s “Dear Life” and “Alias Grace” by Margaret Atwood.  Her guilty pleasure, however, is sporadic stops at the casino.  The thrill of the journey takes precedence over high-stakes. She admits to playing mostly the “penny machines.”  No matter what, the author leaves the joint richer in the experience.  A self-avowed “people watcher,” she loves to imagine their stories. 

Along with people, “trees” inspire the prolific writer. “To me, they are the most beautiful part of nature and they can’t survive without their roots,” Zoe says. “There is another unique quality shared by people and trees; the older they get the more beautiful they become.”

Zoe certainly lives up to that promise in her zest for life and passion for storytelling. Refusing to rest on her hard-won literary laurels, she is working on yet another book.  It is a sure bet that it will turn out to be another big winner. 

Photo Credits: Zoe Ghahremani
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