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Josh Wingate just flew home to LA from Boston, Mass., but his feet have yet to touch the ground.  The actor says, “I wish I had words that fully encompassed the true feelings I have surrounding the event, but I don't. It's not possible.”  Wingate is talking about the world premiere of Matt Duggan’s “Inverse” at the 39th Annual Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival. It was purely serendipitous that the Remote Films indie romantic thriller premiered in Wingate’s hometown but it added another layer of excitement for the promising young star. “Bringing this movie home was a dream come true,” he tells us. Arguably, it was for the film festival as well. The world premiere sold-out in less than 72 hours leaving organizers scrambling to arrange for a second screening. The second screening also sold-out in record time. 

You might recognize Wingate from successful turns on the small screen (General Hospital) and in major feature films, most notably in Scott Stewart’s “Priest” starring Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet and Maggie Q. However, this was his first lead feature role.  Actually, Wingate plays two characters (Max and Arquin) which calls for him to be on screen 90% of the time. This kind of attention can either be a positive of negative for an actor.  While it may be flattering, it can also put an enormous amount of pressure on a guy stepping into his first lead role. Wingate credits his relationship of “discovery” and “trust” with director and writer Matt Duggan for keeping completely focused on the creative process. Duggan calls their working relationship a “collaboration” that started from the “moment [Wingate] was hired . . . up through the last day of filming.” Duggan has already won numerous awards for his writing and short filmmaking, but “Inverse” marks his directorial debut and perhaps best showcases his distinctive artistic voice.  

Wingate himself represents a new breed of leading man. Tall, lithe and unusually handsome, he is compelling to watch.   Producer Trevor Boelter says, “He has a very unique look. I can't say there are any other actors out there who look like Josh . . . He carries a depth that can come across as haunted, yet determined that all heroes must possess.”  Another of the film’s producers, Stephanie Bell adds, “Josh is so grounded as an actor and there is so much going on behind Josh's eyes that you never want to take yours off him, which is paramount considering the length of time that Josh is onscreen in this film!”

Along with Wingate, “Inverse” stars Chris Pauley, Michelle Lawrence, John Burish and veteran character actor Morlan Higgins. “Inverse” is being submitted to select film festivals and filmmakers hope to announce more screening dates soon. Meantime, to learn more:

Photo Credits: Josh Wingate
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