Fergie Is Back!

5/25/2016 11:17am EDT
Fergie is back! The mom-of-one is making her comeback after baby, releasing the song "MILF Money," which she recently filmed a music video for. According to Us Weekly, Fergie teamed up with Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, and Ciara to shoot the video.

"A source tells the site that Kardashian, 35, Teigen, 30, and Ciara, 30, will star alongside the 'Fergalicious' singer, 41, in the visual, which 'seems to have colorful elements, including dancers dressed in colorful wigs and gear, as well as a vibrant ‘MILF Shakes’ set in front of a giant green screen,'" reports Us Weekly.

Fergie has been w...

Model Abigail Ratchford Is On Fire In These Instagram Photos

5/25/2016 11:08am EDT
Smoking Hot Model Abigail Ratchford's 30 Sexiest Instagram Photo
Abigail Ratchford is the perfect case study on how to create your own modeling career. The Pennsylvania native wasn't discovered by a modeling firm or big-time agent, no, this smoking hot 24-year-old now has more than 4 million followers on Instagram thanks to the power of the Internet.

Ratchford rose to fame in 2013 thanks to the provocative pictures she posted of her 36DD-24-36 frame on social media. A 2014 video of her bouncing her voluptuous breasts also went viral. The attention landed Ratchford profiles and photo spreads in various men's magazines and even Sports Illustrated.


Meet Smoothie, The Emerald Eyed Cat

5/25/2016 10:56am EDT
Smoothie The Cat With Emerald Eyes Is The Most Captivating Thing
Meet Smoothie, a two-year-old golden shaded British Longhair cat. She's an Instagram star for obvious reasons -- her emerald green eyes and fluffy fur.

According to her owner, Smoothie is not a lap cat, but she enjoys being pet and has "the sweetest character." She is calm, extremely curious and prefers the company of humans to other cats.

And Smoothie sheds a lot. "Wearing black is not an option," according to her owner.

Instagram users are captivated by the feline and her "beautiful trippy eyes."

One person commented, "That is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen."

Another added...

Guide To Traveling Like A Local

5/25/2016 10:23am EDT
Check out some not-so-secret ways to travel like a local when you're on vacation this summer...

1) Skip the bus tours. You'll miss out on handling any transactions on your own.

2) Become friends with a local. He or she will take you to lessr-known spots.

3) Stay in a house or try Airbnb instead of a hotel. It may be cheaper and you'll feel more like a local.

4) Take public transportation. It will give you the feel of everyday life.

5) Research your trip online to find blogs that include tips about local life.

6) Eat local foods so you don't miss out on regional specialties.

7) Chat w...

Love Her Or Hate Her, You Can't Deny Courtney Stodden Knows How To Take A Sexy Instagram

5/25/2016 10:21am EDT
Courtney Stodden's 30 Sexiest Instagram Photos
Courtney Stodden infamously burst onto the world stage in 2011 as a 16-year-old model when she married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison. The unusual relationship received widespread media coverage and brought Courtney international notoriety.

Since then, Courtney has made the most out of her situation, appearing with Doug on the VH1 reality television series 'Couples Therapy' in 2012 and becoming a housemate on the British version of 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2013. Stodden made headlines again in 2015 when Vivid Entertainment released a solo sex tape created by her. Stodden said she would...

Alisan Porter And Christina Aguilera Win 'The Voice' Season 10

5/25/2016 10:10am EDT
Christina Aguilera Gets Her First 'The Voice' Victory
Christina Aguilera can stop hoping - her dream became a reality on Tuesday night, as Alisan Porter made Aguilera the first female coach ever to win The Voice.

Porter was named the Season 10 winner of the NBC reality show, with Team Blake's Adam Wakefield the runner-up, Team Pharrell's Hannah Huston coming third and Team Adam's Laith al-Saadi in fourth place.

Her victory ends a long-running stigma of female coaches not being able to take home the title. But it really wasn't that surprising: of the three women coaches, Aguilera was the one who came closest to winning before - she had the ru...

Watch This Lazy Cat Hilariously Drag Itself Down A Set Of Stairs

5/25/2016 9:56am EDT
Lazy Cat Is Not A Morning Feline: Kitty Drags Itself Down A Set
Over 1.4 million Facebook users have viewed a video of a cat lazily dragging itself down a set of wooden stairs.

The cat lies on its back as it slowly inches its way down the steps head and front paws first. The feline is obviously too lazy to walk and prefers the sliding method.

People are delighted with the video. One person commented, "It's impossible to not fall in love with this."

Another added, "Sometimes in the morning I also used this method out of bed to continue to sleep on the floor."

The video has been shared over 36,000 times.

Check out another cat video:

Blake Shelton’s Latest Album Receiving Mixed Reviews From Critics

5/25/2016 9:27am EDT
Blake Shelton’s 'If I’m Honest' Receiving Mixed Reviews From Cri
Blake Shelton has a lot going for him lately. He’s allegedly engaged to Gwen Stefani, he makes for fantastic television on The Voice, and he’s scored numerous successful country albums. All seems to be right in the world for Blake Shelton… except for the album reviews for If I’m Honest, if “we’re being totally honest.” Essentially, it seems, reading into critical views that Shelton’s latest album is mixed. It depends on who you ask.

One thing that has hurt Shelton’s case critically with If I’m Honest is the lack of major publication reviews, at least via Metacritic. Metacritic, a site th...

Deadly Black Mambas Demonstrate Elaborate Mating Dance (Video)

5/25/2016 9:18am EDT
Rare Footage Shows Deadly Black Mamba Snakes Twisting In Knots D
While on safari in Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa, a tourist captured some rare video featuring two of the world's most dangerous snakes, black mambas, battling for dominance in a mating ritual. The two male snakes twist each other up in pretzel-like moves as they vie for a female's attention.

Observing this type of mating ritual in the wild is quite rare, Kenneth Krysko, the collection manager of the herpetology division at the Florida Museum of Natural History, told National Geographic.

The snakes aren't trying to kill each other. They engage in plaiting combat, which mostly ...

Instagram Model Victoria Nguyen's Hottest Photos

5/25/2016 9:11am EDT
30 Hot And Sexy Photos Of Instagram Model Victoria Nguyen
Like many other models in her generation, Victoria Nguyen has made a name for herself thanks in large part to the Internet. When she's not modeling, Victoria runs her own YouTube channel as a "vlogger", where she provides fitness tips and a behind-the-scenes look at her daily life.

Victoria also regularly uses Snapchat and Instagram to build her following online. Her sexy photos have helped her attain more than 400,000 Instagram followers to date. This online profile has helped Victoria become well known as an event model, participating in expos like Hot Import Nights and the ECC Vaping C...

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