'New Girl' Recaps: 'Dress'/'Return To Sender'

5/4/2016 9:07am EDT
'New Girl' Season 5, Episodes 19 And 20 Recap: 'Dress'/'Return T
Schmidt and Cece have to take care of a few last-minute items in anticipation of their nuptials, as do their friends, who are pretty much matching their stress levels. In a lot of ways, this season of “New Girl” has been about the lead-up to this wedding. This is a show that has utilized premieres and finales for weddings before, so it does not feel all that out of the ordinary. So there is no need for the loft crew to make any major changes to their identities, but now that it is two of their own forming a union, they see the need to emphasize the best of who they are.

That quest for perf...

Keith Urban’s 'Ripcord' Leads Albums To Check Out

5/4/2016 8:42am EDT
Keith Urban’s 'Ripcord' Leads Albums To Check Out
Forget any talk about May 2016 being a quiet release month - it's not! The end of April picked up steam with surprise albums by Beyoncé (Lemonade) and Drake (Views), not to mention a spike in sales for the late, great Prince, whose numerous albums have impacted the Billboard 200 since his sudden death. This first week in May has some big names dropping new albums, including two country artists, the resurrected solo career of pop singer/songwriter/producer, and the physical availability of a queen’s epic sixth album. Here are nine albums to check out this week!

1) Keith Urban, Ripcord (Cap...

A Real-Life Thor Exists On Instagram

5/4/2016 8:38am EDT
Real-Life Thor: Bearded, Long-Haired Norwegian 'Viking' Becomes
Lasse L. Matberg is a lieutenant in the Royal Norwegian Navy who has gained a huge following on Instagram for his beard, long blond hair and for basically looking like a seriously sexy viking.

Matberg, who is 6'6", posts beautiful photos of himself at the beach, working out, in his Navy uniform, and with adorable small animals. What's not to like?

"Your beard... It's flawless," wrote one user.

Another added, "Ok, I'm in looove for the first time."

A third commented, "You're gorgeous."

Matberg has over 114,000 followers and counting. He has been compared to the superhero Thor, a Norse m...

'B&B' Spoilers: Julius Reads Sasha The Riot Act

5/4/2016 2:00am EDT
Next on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Sasha gets her heart trampled again by Julius, but she fights through it.

As a spoilers preview shows, Sasha is read the riot act by her father -- he tells her to pack her things and go back to Illiniois. He's put out with her for telling Nicole that he's her biological father. On Tuesday's episode, Julius told Sasha that all he asked in return for taking care of her financial needs all these years was for her to keep their father-daughter connection a secret.

On Wednesday's episode, Julius demands Sasha leave L.A. pronto, but she's not going anywhere...

Curt Schilling's Wife Cuts Up ESPN

5/4/2016 12:12am EDT
Curt and Shonda Schilling
Shonda Schilling is extremely upset with ESPN. After the company dumped her husband, former baseball player Curt Schilling, ESPN also cut him out of the “30 for 30” documentary on the 2004 Red Sox ALCS comeback. Schilling played a major role in the game.

In an email correspondence with the Boston Herald’s Inside Track, Shonda trashed , people are not mad at what you did they are embarrassed for you.”

Curt also chimed into the emails. He said jokingly: “I apologize for taking credit for being part of something I apparently wasn’t!”

The company edited Curt out of the “Four Days in Octobe...

Bryce Harper Signs Huge Under Armour Contract

5/3/2016 11:48pm EDT
Bryce Harper
Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals reportedly signed the biggest endorsement deal in history for an MLB player.

No other company I would want to be with! Can't wait to show the world what is coming..lets have some fun! #Family #TeamUA

A photo posted by Bryce Harper (@bharper3407) on May 3, 2016 at 8:10am PDT

Harper was already an Under Armour athlete but he extended the deal for 10 more years.

The exact amount Harper will receive has not been disclosed.

The brand will begin selling Harper's first signature cleat, the Under Armour Harper One, over the summer.


Stephanie Hollman Not Happy With 'RHOD' Co-Star

5/3/2016 6:43pm EDT
Real Housewives of Dallas
Stephanie Hollman has taken a bit of a backseat to the drama, as she’s wanted to give everyone a chance. However, LeeAnne Locken’s behaviour on this first season of The Real Housewives of Dallas is making Stephanie question some things. As it turns out, Hollman is shocked at how things turned out on Sunday’s episode. According to a new report, Stephanie Hollman is now revealing that she doesn’t really want to be friends with Locken because she tries to control people.

“I think LeeAnne got nervous about things she had said when she first met Brandi and didn't want Brandi calling her out. Le...

LeeAnne Locken Is Not Jealous - She Says

5/3/2016 5:59pm EDT
LeeAnne Locken
LeeAnne Locken is tired of hearing all of the accusations from the other women on The Real Housewives of Dallas. She’s admitted that she doesn’t make money from her charity work and she doesn’t have a million dollars in her bank account. And yet, she doesn’t think she’s jealous of any of her housewives, who may have all money in the bank. According to a new report, LeeAnne Locken is now setting the record straight.

“I would like to point out that I donate my Talents, Time and $Treasures$ to charities that I work with and attend. I have heard accusations about my “never donating money,” and...

Brandi Redmond Takes On LeeAnne Locken

5/3/2016 5:42pm EDT
Brandi Redmond
Brandi Redmond is learning not to mess with LeeAnne Locken on The Real Housewives of Dallas and it sounds like she may not be able to handle her feisty co-star. As it turns out, Brandi could handle mocking LeeAnne behind her back, but she hasn’t been ready to face it head-on. Redmond wanted to avoid any confrontation with Locken with Marie’s party, but things quickly heated up. According to a new report, Brandi Redmond doesn’t regret calling Locken a hurtful name.

“I knew going into the party that LeeAnne had been gossiping about me, over exaggerating my hat by having her best friend Cynth...

The Best Kimmy Schmidt Quotes From 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

5/3/2016 5:09pm EDT
20 Hilariously Awkward Kimmy Schmidt Quotes From 'Unbreakable Ki
'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' returned to Netflix for Season 2 last month. The Tina Fey-led comedy was a smash success when it debuted in 2015 and, as all good TV shows do, managed to introduce countless quotes and catchphrases into our collective lexicon.

If you've been trapped in a bunker recently, the show stars 'The Office' alum Ellie Kemper as a 29-year-old "Indiana mole woman". Kimmy Schmidt was kidnapped as a teenager by a delusional doomsday reverend and kept underground for 15 years while the world passed her by. Upon being rescued, Kimmy heads to New York City to try and make up fo...

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