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Forgotten Friday Flick - The Horror / Comedy 'Drag Me To Hell'

10/9/2015 12:20pm EDT
Forgotten Friday Flick - 'Drag Me To Hell'
In keeping with hard to find Halloween movie treats (it is October after all!) it’s time to explore another terror tale filled with shame, revenge and a killer goat – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! This week we’re heading to Raimi land, but not with the evil of dead folks you may expect. This one deals with gypsy curses that once placed upon the unsuspecting have dire fire down below consequences – it’s time to…."Drag Me To Hell!"

Christine Brown is a young woman with a lot going for her. She’s got a successful job as a bank loan officer, a nice house and a loving boyfriend na...

More Movies To Check Out At The Vancouver International Film Festival

10/9/2015 11:10am EDT
Vancouver International Film Festival 2015 - '2nd Weekend Review
My Dad is still watching movies?!?! Yup! Rounding into the second weekend of good and bad flicks via the Vancouver International Film Festival 2015 (taking place Sept. 24 through Oct. 9 - go to for more details!) my mentor and pop Michael Coleman is still going cinematically strong to give folks the review skinny on this year’s film fare. Here’s more reviews ala the second weekend of the fest!


"Into the Forest" - A family goes to their wilderness retreat and things start to go sideways. Power, food, social media and electronic ways of living begin to di...

'The Final Girls': Horror Humor And Heart Make This Film A Winner

10/8/2015 12:15pm EDT
Review: Five-Star Film 'The Final Girls' Has Horror, Humor And H
Spoofs and comedies dealing with genre fare are a tough balancing act. If you go too far into funny the film can turn clownish – not funny enough and you risk cinematic dead air. With the playful slasher homage flick titled "The Final Girls" there is thankfully just enough horror and humor to make it a winner, but it doesn’t stop there. Truly going beyond the norm it conjures up one more delightfully and unexpected emotion to seal the memorable movie deal – heart.

After recently being orphaned, young girl Max finds herself struggling to cope. It doesn’t help that her mom was an old scr...

More Film Reviews From The Vancouver International Film Festival

10/6/2015 12:15pm EDT
Vancouver International Film Festival 2015 - 'More Film Reviews'
And the Dad infused reviews just keep on coming! Our Northern correspondent Michael Coleman (aka my proud pop!) has his nose to the movie grindstone with even more reviews ala the Vancouver International Film Festival 2015 (taking place Sept. 24 through Oct. 9 - go to for more details!) happening now! From Egoyan’s return to the highly anticipated follow up to the savory indie Blue Ruin – here’s the skinny ala Daddyo!


"Remember" – Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan is back and his latest is nothing short of a masterpiece! A scorching, well paced, linear thr...

'Time Out Of Mind’ Makes An Important Message About The Homeless

10/2/2015 1:30pm EDT
Time Out of Mind
Writer/director Oren Moverman's drama Time Out of Mind makes a definitive artistic statement about how we treat the homeless in the United States. His film contends that we view the homeless as inhuman and willfully ignore their existence. It also argues that our indifference has created a societal system that prevents them from breaking out of their situation. These main points are thoroughly reinforced by the movie's story and by how it is shot and edited.

Moverman shoots much of the film with hidden cameras, where we either observe the lead character (Richard Gere) from a distance. Your...

Movie Reviews: 'A Christmas Horror Story' And More

10/2/2015 12:15pm EDT
Movie Reviews: 'A Christmas Horror Story' / 'Kids Vs. Monsters'
October means more horror – and documentaries? Yup, we’re checking out some interesting terror tales dealing with monsters, kids and even Santa, paired with a doc with a very biting sense of humor. Check out encapsulated reviews of "A Christmas Horror Story," "Kids vs. Monsters" and the documentary "Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of National Lampoon" below!

Title: "A Christmas Horror Story"

Stars: 4

Genre: Horror

Cast: William Shatner, George Buza, Ken Hall

Director: Grant Harvey/Steven Hoban/Brett Sullivan

Rating: Not Rated

Running Time: 99 Minutes

Release Company: R...

Get Ready For A Suspenseful Thrill Ride With 'Sicario'

10/2/2015 9:22am EDT
'Sicario' Is A Dark Exciting Tale About The War On Drugs
So far Sicario is the closest director Denis Villeneuve has come to mastering the slow burn thriller. His films Prisoners and Enemy show promise, although they don’t hit the mark like this one does. Despite the engaging crime story at its center, Prisoners is bloated and glacial. Enemy on the other hand, is super suspenseful, but has confusing symbolism and a total WTF ending. Sicario splits the difference between them as a swift, straightforward crime tale.

Just because Sicario is less complicated though, that doesn’t mean it’s any less thrilling. What sets it apart from Prisoners and Ene...

Vancouver International Film Festival Reviews

9/30/2015 12:12pm EDT
Vancouver International Film Festival 2015 - 'First Weekend Revi
Looks like my dear old Dad has been hitting the movie grindstone as witnessed by a gaggle of his reviews via the Vancouver International Film Festival 2015 (taking place Sept. 24 through Oct. 9 - go to for more details!) he has nicely bestowed upon us. Michael Coleman – father, friend and film goer. Give us the movie review skinny pop!


"Brooklyn" - As an opening film "Brooklyn" sets the tone for the festival and it worries me. A film with half a story and no antagonist, the result is a totally predictable linear film that moves at a snail’s paced – a drama withou...

Movie Documentary Reviews: 'End of the Century' / 'American Hardcore'

9/30/2015 10:58am EDT
Movie Reviews: 'End of the Century' / 'American Hardcore'
We’re keeping the teaming of the amazing Slamdance Film Festival with the equally impressive Arclight Cinemas series known as The Slamdance Cinema Club going with more encapsulated reviews of two recent docs that blow the lid of the music industry. We’re checking out "End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones" and "American Hardcore" below – happy reading!

Title: "End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones"

Stars: 4

Genre: Documentary

Cast: Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone

Director: Jim Fields and Michael Gramaglia

Rating: Not Rated

Running Time: 110 Minutes


Forgotten Friday Flick: The 1983 Horror/Sci-Fi 'Nightmares'

9/25/2015 12:20pm EDT
Even though there’s still time to carve the pumpkin, hang the ghosts and ghouls, and get a costume that kills, all hallows eve is right around the corner and it’s time to prepare – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! Today we’re going back to 1983, a time when horror was fun and anthology flicks were thankfully running rampant. Trying to cash in on tales of terror that were proving to be box office gold, this outing had some very memorable movie moments that gave it the scary spice. Man vs. machine (arcade game to be exact!), the dangers of nicotine addiction, an auto battle of good vs. e...

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