Arrests & Convictions

'RHOBH' Star Arrested In Beverly Hills

April 17th, 2015 8:12am EDT
'Real Housewives' Star Kim Richards Arrested For Drunkenly Kicki
Kim Richards, one of many housewives on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," just landed herself in some very hot water.

Early Thursday morning, the "Real Housewife" was arrested in Beverly Hills following a drunken public outburst that ended with Richards being forcibly removed from a hotel bathroom, getting arrested, and kicking a police officer while being detained at the Beverly Hills Police station, according to Us Weekly.

Richards is a recovering alcoholic, but fell off the wagon after taking a pain pill and started making a scene in the Beverly Hills Hotel. According to a spokes...

Singer's Family Has Some Anger Management Issues

April 12th, 2015 11:28am EDT
John Mellencamp's Two Sons Sentenced Over 2013 Assault In Indian
John Mellencamp's two sons stood before an Indiana judge on Friday and were sentenced for their part in a 2013 fight after a party that left a 19-year-old in the hospital.

The singer's sons pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery charges for their part in the Bloomington, Indiana, fight, and Mellencamp's youngest son Speck, 19, was sentenced to spend one year in jail (he'll only serve five days). Mellencamp's other son, Hud, 20, was handed a suspended sentence and 50 hours of community service. Both men received a year of probation as well.

The two avoided longer sentences when felony batte...

'Hot In Herre' Busted For Drug, Firearm Possession In Tennessee

April 12th, 2015 11:02am EDT
Rapper/reality TV star Nelly was arrested in Tennessee on Saturday morning after his tour bus was pulled over by a state trooper for not having a required sticker.

During the traffic stop, the officer smelled marijuana smoke, according to TMZ, and found a number of illegal drugs, including marijuana and crystal meth, along with drug paraphernalia and a cache of firearms.

Nelly was booked on felony drug charges for the meth, along with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

TMZ reports that the handguns found included a .45 caliber pistol, a .50 caliber pistol, and a Smith and We...

Justin Bieber Is A Wanted Man

April 11th, 2015 10:32am EDT
Argentina Issues Arrest Warrant For Justin Bieber
Officials in Argentina have issued an international arrest warrant on Justin Bieber for failing to return to Buenos Aires for questions stemming from an alleged attack on a photographer in 2013.

In November, a judge gave the singer 60 days to appear in court in the country or face having an international arrest warrant placed on him for allegedly assaulting Diego Pesosa the previous year.

According to Pesosa, Bieber ordered his bodyguards to attack him as he tried to take photographs of the star leaving a nightclub. Pesosa was hospitalized for his injuries and later filed a police report....

Former Porn Star Asia Carrera Arrested

March 10th, 2015 8:15am EDT
Former Porn Star Asia Carrera Arrested For The Most Shameful Dru
Jessica Steinhauser- aka former porn star Asia Carrera- was arrested last week for an especially serious case of drunk driving.

Carrera was found passed out in a Utah school district office, and when police woke her up they smelled some serious alcohol on Carrera's breath. The cops tried a few sobriety tests. Carrera failed 'em all. Then when the breathalyzer came out, she blew more than twice the legal limit!

But that's not all- apparently, Carrera confessed that she had actually driven her young daughter to school that morning, and was just as drunk the whole time.

Carrera was charged...

Vanilla Ice Opens Up About Burglary Arrest

February 28th, 2015 3:24pm EST
Vanilla Ice
Rapper-turned-home-improvement guru Vanilla Ice opened up to "Good Morning America" about his burglary arrest last week, calling the ordeal "just a mess."

The singer, real name Robert Van Winkle, was arrested on Feb. 18 after allegedly taking items from a foreclosed home to another home he was renovating for DIY Network's "The Vanilla Ice Project." He was subsequently arrested for burglary.

While leaving the Palm Beach County jail last week, he told reporters the incident was "a misunderstanding" and "blown out of proportion."

On GMA, he said once again: "It's just blown out of proport...

Why Was Vanilla Ice Arrested For Burglary And Grand Theft?

February 19th, 2015 9:43am EST
Vanilla Ice: Breaking Into Someone's Home To Steal Their Furnitu
Vanilla Ice's DIY Network reality show, "The Vanilla Ice Project," has nothing to do with Vanilla Ice breaking into people's homes and stealing their belongings.

But that's what's happened anyway. Apparently, the former "Ice Ice Baby" rap sensation was arrested on Wednesday, and charged with burglary and grand theft.

Here's what went down. Ice was shooting "The Vanilla Ice Project" (a reality show about renovating and flipping houses) nearby, and Ice is believed to have stolen multiple items from a foreclosed, vacant home next door.

Among the items stolen: a pool heater, a few bicycles a...

Yikes! Afroman Coldcocks Female Fan In The Face (Watch)

February 18th, 2015 10:05am EST
Afroman Arrested After Violently Punching Female Fan In The Face
Afroman, best known for his drug anthem "Because I Got High," was arrested by police on Tuesday after blatantly punching a female fan in the face while she was on stage with him.

The rapper, real name Joseph Foreman, was performing in Biloxi, Mississippi, when the woman started dancing next to him with a beer in her hand. Afroman then suddenly turned around and decked her. The woman fell down, and Afroman kept playing his guitar as though nothing had happened. According to witnesses, the fan was crying and bleeding but was able to get up, reports The video shows the fan's male com...

What 70s Star Is Filing For Bankruptcy?

February 13th, 2015 11:26am EST
70s Star David Cassidy Files For Bankruptcy
David Cassidy has fallen on hard times once again. The former “Partridge Family” star has filed for bankruptcy protection.

In documents filed Wednesday in Florida, the 64-year-old musician stated he has “assets and debt of up to $10 million.”

"I am going through bankruptcy proceedings at the moment. This is necessary for practical reasons to reorganize my life as I go through divorce and to restructure my finances," he said in a statement to the Daily News.

Cassidy has fallen on hard times before. At the height of his career, he had lost most of his money due to the mismanagement of hi...

Will Gary Glitter Get Life In Prison?

February 6th, 2015 11:25am EST
Pop Star Gary Glitter Convicted Of Child Sex Abuse, May Get Life
Gary Glitter, the former glam rocker best known for hits like "Do You Wanna Touch Me?" has just been convicted of historic sex abuse charges.

That is, six crimes the star committed during the 1970s and 1980s: one count of attempted rape, four counts of indecent assault and one count of unlawful sex with a girl under 13. It's that last charge that potentially carries a life sentence.

But Glitter (real name Paul Gadd) doesn't seem to mind- at least not outwardly- as he was being led out of the courtroom, Glitter blew kisses to those watching the trial.

According to the trial, Glitter used ...