Starz ‘Power’ Recap: The G Is Silent In Ghost

7/25/2015 10:00pm EDT
Hey, Ghost. Come a little closer. Okay, not that close I’m not Angela. Okay, don’t back up that far. I’m not Tasha either. Listen very carefully. You. Are. No. Longer. In. Control. Tommy and Tasha have said it a million times, but I’ll put it in simpler terms. The puppeteer (yes, Ghost…that was you) has become the puppet.

Your strings are being pulled by Tasha—you can’t even screw Angela without her directives bouncing up and down in your head like a basketball on hardwood—because she’s still your ride or die chick. And about the only one that’s got somewhat of a blueprint on how to get a ...

Starz 'Power' Recap: Why Her

7/17/2015 6:53am EDT
Starz Entertainment LLC
If you thought last week was a cliff hanger, ‘Power’ writers have upped the ante with “Why Her.” Fair warning: it’s very much a Holly-centric episode, so expect to grimace and sigh quite often -- and surprisingly feel sympathetic to our klepto's torturous choice of either snitching on her beau, or having the family she always dreamed of with Tommy. Tasha and Ghost also face a fork in the road that not only threatens to end their marriage, but destroy their entire family.

Check the top jaw-to-floor moments from Starz’ “Power” latest episode below.

1. Holly Better Get the Gun

As promised A...

Starz ‘Power’ 205 Recap: What’s Angela’s Next Move?

7/11/2015 10:00pm EDT
Starz ‘Power’ 205 Recap: What’s Angela’s Next Move?
It was only a matter of time Angela would find out who Ghost really is. Leave it to troublemaker Holly to clue her into the phantom drug dealer being right under her skirt (yet another dart on Holly the Horrible’s mugshot) the whole time.

Now that Ghost is officially made, will Angela find any and all evidence to lock him up and throw away the key, or use their relationship to her prosecutorial advantage? With Angela echoing Ghost’s innocent sounding greeting, “So, baby tell me how was work,” it seems like the latter.

Angela un-fleecing Jame's alter-ego makes her just as vulnerable as he ...

Starz ‘Power’ Recap: Ghost Vs. Everybody

6/27/2015 10:00pm EDT
Starz Entertainment LLC
Let’s be honest. Ever since Angela danced her way into Truth last year Ghost’s grip on his empire—legit and otherwise—has loosened. Not only did his club get taken out from under him by his biggest competitor, his mark (RIP Pink Sneakers) got hit by someone else because he’d rather play footsies with Angela than step on the dark side.

Ghost’s efforts to regain control in "Power's" “You’re the Only Person I Can Trust” episode results in a tug-a-war between him and, well, everybody else. To make it plain. There are very few people Ghost can rely on given that his credibility is about as good...

Tony Geary's Final Day On 'General Hospital'

6/25/2015 11:48am EDT
tony geary, genie francis
After more than 35 years playing Luke Spencer on ABC's "General Hospital," Anthony Geary has said goodbye to his iconic soap opera role.

According to TV Guide, Geary's longtime co-star Genie Francis, who plays Luke's wife Laura, called working with him "the best acting partnership I've ever known."

Francis also said she was grateful for Geary’s gesture of sending her flowers after they shot their infamous rape scene in 1979, according to Entertainment Weekly.

During a wrap party that encompassed over 200 members of the cast and crew of the long-running ABC soap, Geary recalled his days ...

Starz 'Power' Recap: Is This The End Of Angie And James?

6/20/2015 10:00pm EDT
Starz Entertainment LLC
Try as they might to be a normal couple—jet setting to South Beach to escape New York’s polar vortex—Angela and Ghost’s work follows them like shadows. Tommy brings Kanan further into the drug operation creating more enemies than allies. And Tasha is a part of yet another love triangle.

“Like We’re Any Other Couple” is definitely a game changer of an episode, so far this season. And it’s only the third episode. Makes you wonder what’s in store for the next seven. “Power” fans are predicting Ghost or Tommy might be whacked. The season finale title--"Ghost is Dead"--doesn't sound hopeful. Ho...

'Power': No Friends On The Street

6/13/2015 10:00pm EDT
 Starz 'Power' Recap: Will Angela Snitch On Tommy?
It’s been determined, by shrinks that after a person experiences a trauma it triggers survival mode. Every guard is up as if the threat still exists. In the case of "Power" those threats still do. Ghost’s enemies list widens, Angela makes startling breakthrough in covert investigation of Lobos and Kanan gets a bootyful homecoming in this week’s episode.

Speaking of returns, “Power” isn’t even three episodes into its sophomore season and it’s greenlit for a third. In the words of Jay Z, numbers don’t lie: the season two premiere had record-breaking ratings with 1.43 same-day viewers and a w...

'The Fosters' Season 3 Premiere

6/9/2015 8:39am EDT
'The Fosters' Season 3 Premiere Recap: Too Much 'Wreckage,' Too
Last night, The Fosters return to clear up some wreckage. We zoomed a little ahead from where season 2 left off, three weeks to be exact. We got some much needed answers like did Jesus die?

The Fosters season 3 premiere also gave us a surprising twist in its opening hour. This twist could definitely change a lot of the core dynamics, in a bad way. It wasn't all about The Fosters' twists, we also got to meet three new characters who might shake up things in an exciting way this season.

As You Were...

The episode opens on Stef's arrival at the accident from last season. Mariana embraces St...

‘Power’ Season Premiere On Starz

6/6/2015 10:00pm EDT
‘Power’ Season Premiere: Consequences Of Loyalty
Full disclosure: I’m a late adopter to “Power.” The drama based on a drug kingpin yearning to turn legit piqued my interest when compared to the Fox phenomenon.

Wait…wait, before you write me off as a bandwagon recapper, tie me up and force me to choose between “Empire” and “Power,” (Looking at you, 50 Cent.) blame it on my Verizon cable package—Starz wasn’t included.

Now it is. Just in time to hear the gunshot heard ‘round the Meatpacking District, or more specifically club Truth. “Power” writers left us in a nail-biting position last season when the pink shoe assassin tried to bust a ca...

5 Things To Know About 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 11 Finale

5/15/2015 9:36am EDT
Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Finale
I suppose the most shocking thing about this season was Derek’s death. And will forever be marked as the season Derek Shepherd kicked the bucket. Which is why there were no shocking explosions, earthquakes or shootings in the season finale episode “You’re My Home.” Instead, we got an hour mostly focused on the case of the week and Grey-Sloan couples making up and breaking up. Here are five things you need to know about “Grey’s Anatomy’s” season 11 finale.

1. Grey-Sloan Docs Pull Off the Impossible (…Yes, Again!)

Picking up from where we left off, April is still standing atop a flatbed tru...

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