Miranda Lambert Instagram Post Causes Social Media Backlash

12/27/2015 8:30am EST
Miranda Lambert Christmas Furs Cause Controversy Online
Miranda Lambert caused a social media stir after she posed for her official Instagram wearing a new fur coat.

Animal right supporters took the country superstar to task after she posted a photo of herself on the social media site wearing a fur coat.

Lambert posted the photos on Dec. 26, one day after receiving them as Christmas gifts from her grandmother.

Reportedly, the coats were family heirlooms.

"I'm so fancy... You already know" my Nonny gave me two of her fur coats! I definitely know where I got my love for DIAMONDS, FUR and WHISKEY! #familytradition #grandmastreasures #besthand...

Amber Heard To Face Judge Over Dog Smuggling Charges In November

9/7/2015 2:07pm EDT
Amber Heard
An Australian court case against actress Amber Heard has been adjourned until November 2, when the wife of actor Johnny Depp will have to appear in court to face charges for illegally bring the couple's two Yorkshire Terriers into the country.

The actress violated the country's law back in May, when she brought pets Pistol and Boo into the country on a private jet while on a trip to visit Depp on the set of "Pirates of the Caribbean 5," but she never officially filled out the proper paperwork to bring them along. She's now facing charges of illegal importation and providing a false documen...

Pink Gets Naked For Anti-Fur PETA Ad

2/11/2015 12:03pm EST
Pink Gets Buck Naked For Anti-Fur PETA Billboard
Pink really loves animals. Pink will do almost anything to help animals.

And apparently, "getting naked and showing off that nakedness to the whole damn world" qualifies as "almost anything."

For PETA's "Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" Campaign, Pink's taken off all her clothes and posed for a a 90-foot billboard... that'll be put up at the center of Times Square.

So everybody's going to be seeing her- on the Internet or in real life.

In the photo (exclusive to Us Weekly, and seen above), the singer's sitting down and hugging her knees, using her thighs and the angle of her body to hide ...

Kid Rock Under Fire Over Photo With Dead Cougar

1/22/2015 11:58am EST
Kid Rock Dead Cougar Photo Angers Fans (Photo)
Kid Rock is getting some serious backlash over a photo posted on pal Ted Nugent's Facebook page of the singer holding a dead cougar.

“HAIL my MotorCity boy KidRock for saving all those muledeer elk & livestock by whacking this magnificent mountain lion,” Nugent wrote Jan 3. on Facebook, along with photos from their hunting expedition.

“I can hear the braindead squawkers already with their obscene denial that killing lions is wrong,” he added. “It's legal, it's necessary, it's good, it's beneficial, it's a damn riot!”

Animal-rights group PETA expressed their displeasure with the rock star...

PETA Names The Sexiest Vegetarians Of 2014 – Find Out Who Won

6/26/2014 6:01pm EDT
Jared Leto
With winners such as Olivia Wilde, Woody Harrelson, and Carrie Underwood, winning PETA's sexiest vegetarian is no easy task. This year the animal rights group picked a pair of hot celebrities who stay healthy without meat.

This year Oscar winner Jared Leto and Academy Award nominee Ellen Page topped the list of the group's sexiest vegetarians for 2014.

Leto has been outspoken about his vegetarian lifestyle, once refuting a rumor he was eating cheeseburgers to gain weight for Chapter 27 by saying, "I did not gain weight for this role by casually eating burgers and fries. Besides the fact t...

PETA Slams Lady Gaga For Dressing Up Dog

6/22/2014 8:03am EDT
PETA Slams Lady Gaga For Dressing Up Dog
Lady Gaga is once again the target of PETA – this time for dressing up her dog in jewels. Recently the singer has been posting photos of her French Bulldog Asia, who she adopted earlier this year and lovingly refers to as "Batpig."

In the offending photos, Asia is shown wearing an assortment of jewels, including clip-on earrings. The reaction from her fans was split, with some finding the photos adorable and similar to dress-up among young girls, while others seemed angry that the dog was dressed up against its will.

PETA sided with the latter of that group and said in a statement to Ra...

A Naked Laura Vandervoot Calls Attention To SeaWorld 'Abuse' In PETA Ad

4/29/2014 8:00pm EDT
Laura Vandervoort for Peta
Actress Laura Vandervoot ("Bitten," "V" and "Smallville") has posed naked in a provocative new ad for PETA in order to draw attention to the plight of captive orcas at SeaWorld.

The actress is depicted floating in a tiny tank with very little space to move around and a "Welcome to SeaWorld" sign propped above her head.

The print ad proclaims: "Come see Laura as she's confined to a tiny tank and forced to perform tricks for your entertainment! Learn the truth behind the show and Boycott SeaWorld!"

Vandervoort, 29, told PETA: "We wanted to express the confinement and the torture and the ag...

Animal Rights Activists Picket Outside Liam Neeson's NYC Home

4/21/2014 8:37am EDT
Animal Rights Activists Picket Outside Liam Neeson's NYC Home
Liam Neeson's support for New York City's horse-drawn carriages has outraged animal rights supporters, who picketed outside his home over the weekend.

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio has introduced legislation to remove the popular tourist attraction and replace the carriages with vintage cars, while Neeson has argued that the move will make many lose their jobs.

On Saturday, 50 individuals from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) stood outside the actor's home with signs such as "Liam Neeson: Stop Supporting Cruelty!" and "Worked to Death!"

PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews...

Justin Hawkins: 'Vegans Don't Sweat Or Smell'

1/3/2014 9:00am EST
The Darkness
Former The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins has proclaimed he wears the same pants every day and rarely takes a shower, insisting he still smells fresh because he avoids eating meat.

The 38 year-old British rocker is a committed vegan who refuses to eat all animal and dairy products, and he is adamant his diet has affected his sweat glands and he no longer perspires.

He tells Q magazine, "I never change my clothes. In fact, I even sleep in them because vegans don't sweat or smell. I rarely shower and I don't wash my hair. Go up to any vegan and sniff.

"They don't stink."

Ricky Gervais Crowned 2013 PETA's Person Of The Year

12/23/2013 11:27am EST
Ricky Gervais
British comedian Ricky Gervais  has been named Person of the Year by the honchos at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The 52 year-old actor has been praised for using his Twitter account to keep more than five million followers informed about the campaign group's cruelty-free cosmetics, as well as voicing criticism of bloodsports and urging fans to give to animal charities.

Gervais has also worked on an animated video for PETA about the use of fur and exotic animal skins, alongside pop star P!nk, and he even wrote to executives of British department store Fortnum and M...

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