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You Won't Believe How Much Caitlyn Jenner Has Spent To Change Her Look

8/3/2015 10:33am EDT
Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner has reportedly plunked down $500,000 to make herself look more like a woman.

OK! magazine reports that the "I Am Cait" star is obsessed with plastic surgery, and although make-up and designer clothing have contributed to her new look, cosmetic surgeries are the real reason why the 65-year-old former Olympian appears so fresh and feminine.

An insider revealed: "She's had everything from Botox to laser peels, nose jobs and silicone and collagen implants."

The former "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star has spent nearly a half a million dollars to get the right look -- this...

Demi Moore: 'Botched' Plastic Surgery Or Unflattering Pic?

7/31/2015 9:03am EDT
Demi Moore
We're used to hearing about celebrities going under the knife -- getting the obligatory nips and tucks to look glam and fabulous.

However, this latest news about Demi Moore's cosmetic procedures is hard to fathom. Get this: Experts fear Demi's latest rounds of failed plastic surgeries are irreversible.

According to the latest edition of National Enquirer, Ashton Kutcher's ex-wife "stunned onlookers in New York on July 20 with what appeared to be the aftermath of botched plastic surgery." The tabloid quipped that Moore's obsessive "Demi-lition" of her face could reach the point of no retur...

Did Gisele Secretly Get A Breast Lift In Paris?

7/30/2015 10:47am EDT
Gisele Bundchen Reportedly Hid In A Burqua To Secretly Get Plast
Gisele Bundchen reportedly wore a burqua, which covered every inch of her body except for her feet, in order to get secret plastic surgery in Paris earlier this month.

Page Six reports that the Brazilian supermodel snuck into the International Clinique du Parc Monceau to have work done on her breasts and eyes. What gave the model away was her sandals -- Muslim women are not allowed to wear open-toed shoes.

Bundchen entered the clinic with her sister, Rafaela. She reportedly decided to get surgery at age 35 because her breasts were sagging after she gave birth to two children. She and New...

Look, The Hot Mess Is Gone And She Looks Darn Good!

7/25/2015 4:15pm EDT
Rare Celebrity Sighting: Amanda Bynes Unrecognizable, So The 'Mi
She's back! But this time Amanda Bynes looks like a hot, sexy red carpet diva. Thankfully, she's back and appears in good health. And that's definitely a blessing in anyone's book because legions of fans have expressed concern over her well-being.

Gone is the disheveled appearance Bynes became notoriously known for among fans and critics. According to coverage by Us Magazine, Amanda stepped out at the debut of Michael Costello and Style PR’s capsule collection in Los Angeles.

The event on Thursday night was the first time in four years since the What I Like About You star appeared on a ce...

Has Meg Ryan Gone Too Far With Plastic Surgery?

7/24/2015 9:07am EDT
Friends Worry Meg Ryan Has Overdone It With Cosmetic Surgery, Is
It's long been speculated that Meg Ryan has had some work done on her face, but now pals and cosmetic surgeons are worried she's overdone it with the procedures.

A "concerned friend" recently told the National Enquirer: "When Meg's out and about in Martha's Vineyard, where she has a home, the locals hardly recognize her."

An insider added, "It’s rumored Meg had a facelift and fillers. Actually, it's obvious because her forehead and the area between her eyes don't move."

Ryan, 53, certainly looks different than she did years ago, but is it just age? The "When Harry Met Sally" and "Sleeple...

Did Megyn Kelly Or Kim Kardashian Win the 'Major Shade' Award?

6/25/2015 4:23pm EDT
Megyn Kelly attends the TIME 100 Gala, TIME's 100 most influenti
Whoa, pump your brakes Megyn Kelly; you can't expect to tread into celebrity news by making waves -- certainly not with the face of reality TV.

The Kelly File host of Fox News sat down for an interview with the folks at Variety. When the interviewer asked Megyn a question about Kim Kardashian, she offered somewhat of a twisted response.

"I want to know if she’s a force of good or evil. I had someone make the argument that she’s voluptuous and maybe sending the message to young girls that you don’t have to be a stick figure to be desirable. But I see the other argument too — it’s all en...

Salma Hayek Talks Getting Plastic Surgery (Will She?) & More

6/10/2015 2:32pm EDT
Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek is 48 and looks great. So what's the secret to her youthful appearance? Has she undergone the knife or gotten Botox? Nope.

"I don't really take big risks when it comes to beauty. I think a big risk is plastic surgery. I'm very conservative in my beauty routine," she told People magazine.

The actress, who is of Spanish and Lebanese descent, added, "I don't know if I would never get plastic surgery. I’m not planning on it right now."

Hayek at the Cannes Film Festival

Hayek also doesn't recommend anyone get Botox.

"I don't believe in Botox, especially when [people] do it so ...

Will Liam Neeson Go Under The Knife?

6/6/2015 11:32am EDT
Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson agrees with George Clooney's stance on plastic surgery. Last month, the "Tomorrowland" star commented how cosmetic procedures don't work for everyone.

He said: "For me, it isn't an issue or an option. I don't think it would make much sense... I've seen it happen and... particularly on men, I don't think it really works well. I actually think it makes you look older."

Neeson, 62, has also decided never to go under the knife.

"Ageing should be done gracefully. I agree with George that the best way to grow older is not to get any work done to your face," he told the Daily Mail.

Iggy Azalea Not Into Secret-Keeping: 'I Got Bigger Boobs'

3/24/2015 10:00pm EDT
Iggy Azalea Admits To Getting Breast Implants, Underwent Surgery
Iggy Azalea has revealed that she went under the knife late last year and got herself some breast implants.

The Australian rapper told the April issue of Vogue magazine that she decided to have the surgery because she had been thinking about it all her life.

"I did change something: Four months ago, I got bigger boobs!" she explained after being asked if there was anything she'd change about her body.

"I'd thought about it my entire life," she adds; admitting that she made the decision "four months ago."

The 24-year-old said she got sick of having to pad her stage outfits and wanted to ...

Halle Berry Is Pressured To Get Plastic Surgery All The Time

2/14/2015 4:39pm EST
Halle Berry Compares Pressure To Get Plastic Surgery To 'Crack'
Halle Berry recently sat down for an interview with renowned make-up artist and Yahoo! beauty editor Bobbi Brown and talked about the pressure in Hollywood to look young.

Brown commented, "You are a beauty role model for so many women. How do you handle the pressure? A lot of celebrities have done way too much to change the way they look, and I think the ones who have not done anything look so amazing."

Berry said there's a fear women have to get work done on their bodies in order to "stay alive" in the business.

"I won’t lie and tell you that those things don’t cross my mind, because so...

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