'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Terry's Picture Book Will Give Us Nightmares for Years

December 15th, 2014 10:18am EST
'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 2 Episode 11 Recap: Terry's Picture
Well, "The Stakeout" confirmed it. The Gigglepig task force was a rousing success, Deputy Chief Wuntch has been made to look a fool in front of the entire police force and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has made it through its very first long-form story arc.

What did everyone think? We were a little... nonplussed with "Brooklyn Nine-Nine's" foray into major story arcs, quite frankly. Outside of a few key episode, Gigglepig was mostly given lip service here and there; just enough so we'd remember it was still going on.

It never felt like it had built to a satisfying conclusion, even if Holt's giggly...

'Bob's Burgers' Recap: The Brett Favre of Thunder Girls

December 15th, 2014 9:32am EST
'Bob's Burgers' Season 5, Episode 7
Some TV shows justify genre homages with characters who are so pop culture-obsessed that acting out scenarios from their favorite works of fiction is just a natural part of their daily lives. That element is at play somewhat in “Bob’s Burgers” (as in this season’s premiere, “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl”), but what really distinguishes this show when it comes to pastiches is how hard every member of the Belcher family commits to any new obsession. Tina and Louise did not jump into the job of drawing out the Thunder Girl mole because they are devotees of the spy thriller, but because that...

Jamie Lee Curtis And Emma Roberts To Star In 'Scream Queens' On Fox

December 10th, 2014 2:50pm EST
'American Horror Story' Creator Nabs Jamie Lee Curtis And Emma R
Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts have a lot of screaming in their future.

Does that sound weird? Well, whether it does or not, it's true- both actresses have signed on as the lead characters in "Scream Queens," the latest TV series from "Glee" and "American Horror Story" mastermind Ryan Murphy.

Also in charge of "Scream Queens" are Brad Falchuk, who was a major part of all of Murphy's previous endeavors, and Ian Brennan, who was a co-creator of "Glee."

According to The Wrap (who broke the story), the series will be a horror comedy, centering on a college campus where students are getti...

'The Mindy Project': A Christmas Holiday Story

December 10th, 2014 11:31am EST
the Mindy Project - Christmas
I love Christmas episodes and thankfully, so does The Mindy Project, which has nailed all of its Christmas episodes. Make no mistake: this is not a holiday episode, as the office boos about, but a Christmas episode which has so many punchlines and side characters (except a notable absent Tamara) that it’s just a blast to watch.

The episode sticks itself to another Danny and Mindy plot, but this time it doesn’t feel repetitive even if it’s the same material we’ve seen before: Mindy wants to be engaged my Christmas. She’s stalking and investigating Danny’s weird habits only to learn he boug...

'New Girl' Recap: Reverse Santa - 'LAXmas'

December 10th, 2014 9:58am EST
New Girl - LAXmas
“New Girl” might be developing an addiction to the bottle (episode). After spending two whole half-hours confined (almost) entirely to the loft this season, Jess, Cece, and the guys headed out, only to find themselves stuck in another location. Los Angeles International Airport was not quite the same seething cauldron of angst, as it was much more spacious than an apartment. Waiting out flight delays can be just as frustrating as being stuck at home, but there is more room in the former to prevent everyone’s anxieties and frustrations from bumping up against one another. However, that d...

'Bob's Burgers' Season 5, Episode 6, 'Father Of The Bob'

December 8th, 2014 10:01am EST
Bob's Burgers
“Bob’s Burgers” features the healthiest family dynamics on any television show currently airing. Linda and Bob’s devoted and playful relationship sets the tone for the kids’ relationships with each other and their parents. They are all so unapologetically weird, and they are never afraid to let their freak flags when in each other’s company. Their quirks are not identical, but they are not ashamed of them because they all have each other’s back. The kids are actively encouraged by their mother and tolerated, with affection, by their father.

One might surmise that the Belchers come from...

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': Jake's Nemesis Saves (And Ruins) Christmas

December 8th, 2014 9:56am EST
'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Jake's Nemesis Saves (And Ruins) Chr
Has anyone else felt like "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" was in a wee bit of a slump? Since around the Halloween episode, maybe. As though, as gut-busting (and believe us, guts have been busted) each episode was, there was something dragging it down?

Well, whether you agree or not (or are sharpening an Andy Samberg-shaped penknife for a swift and brutal defense of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine's" honor), "The Pontiac Bandit Returns" was an absolute hoot. Naysayers and yaysayers alike have a lot to love this week.

Kinda like "Halloween II," "The Pontiac Bandit Returns" makes a pretty general stab at sequelizi...

'New Girl' Review: The Gatherers Have Become The Hunters - 'Girl Fight'

December 3rd, 2014 9:07am EST
'New Girl' Season 4, Episode 10 Review: The Gatherers Have Becom
For all of its specific characterization, “New Girl” occasionally traffics in stereotypical storylines. This is not necessarily problematic – sometimes actual people resemble stereotypes, and grappling with that similarity can provide a new spin on an overly trite formula. Thus “Girl Fight” takes on that classic trope of gender-defined conflict resolution styles. Jess and Cece are notably passive-aggressive, so it makes sense that their disputes would tend to be verbal and protracted. Their personalities should alleviate any potential criticism of sexism towards this episode, but that d...

'Sleepy Hollow': 8 Awesome Moments From 'The Akeda'

December 2nd, 2014 9:01am EST
'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 8 Awesome Moments From The Midseason Fina
Up until the final few moments, “The Akeda” shows more promise than the all of season 2’s preceding episodes combined. The humorous moments didn’t seem overplayed and formulaic. The main characters were effectively used, all playing a part in the battle. Even Hawley got minimal screen time while still being useful. The emotional bond created between these characters was more evident than it has ever been before on Sleepy Hollow. It was as if the writers figured out everything that was lacking from the earlier episodes and rectified it in a single episode.

The episode’s final moment possibl...

'Bob's Burgers' Review: 'Best Burger'

December 1st, 2014 9:59am EST
Bob's Burgers
Most sitcoms remain essentially in stasis, their appeal lying in the comfort of familiar situations and familiar characters. Good sitcoms have the promise of potential change, for the sake of providing tension. But the truly great sitcoms actually go through with changes and still manage to maintain their appeal.

With this in mind, Bob Belcher is an ideal sitcom character. His passion for the craftsmanship of buns and meat patties is never going to go away. Furthermore, his lack of ambition and general contentedness with his lower-middle class life mean that he will probably always rem...