Meet The Top 24 'Idol' Contestants

2/5/2016 2:22pm EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Meet The Top 24--Did Your Favorite M
After two intense weeks in Hollywood, the American Idol 2016 contestants found out their Idol fate last night. Judges Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez saw each individual to give them bad or good news.

For the majority of the American Idol hopefuls, it was the end of the road. For a chosen few, it was the beginning of an even bigger journey. After a two-hour broadcast, American Idol's final 51 became a final 24.

The episode started off with Stephany Negrete getting the news about her Idol future. Stephany became the first contestant to make it into the top 24 on American...

Two Former Nickelodeon Stars To Reunite In 'Grandfathered'

2/5/2016 10:21am EST
'Grandfathered' Star Josh Peck Welcomes Former Co-Star Drake Bel
Josh Peck welcomed his former on-screen Nickelodeon brother for a guest-starring stint on his Fox series "Grandfathered."

According to Entertainment Tonight," Drake Bell has filmed his appearance on the popular Fox comedy show.

On Tuesday's all-new episode, Bell guest stars as Kirk, a flashy tech investor whom Gerald (Peck) and Vanessa (Christina Milian) are desperate to meet so they can pitch their new app idea.

But he turns out to be not the type of person they think they want to work with.

Bell and Peck have been trying to work together for years in some capacity since their popular ...

Best 'Idol' Solo Performances From Hollywood Week

2/4/2016 11:54am EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Best Solo Performances From Hollywoo
American Idol started its final Hollywood week. The series filled the night with anxious hopefuls trying to make one final impression on the judges. Overall, the night felt a bit rushed. American Idol packed a lot into this short 42-minute episode. We barely saw some of the early favorites, but we saw some contestants who haven't gotten much airtime this season of Idol.

Some of them reminded us just how great their voices sound. Others proved that they were rightfully ignored in the American Idol edits. By the end of the night, 75 contestants became 51. These 51 have one last chance to pro...

'New Girl' Recap: 'Bob & Carol & Nick & Schmidt'

2/3/2016 11:38am EST
'New Girl' Season 5, Episode 5 Recap: 'Bob & Carol & Nick & Schm
With Nick’s cousin and wife in town, and Cece wedding dress shopping with Winston, the loft crew finds themselves evaluating their relationships as they move forward with major life developments. Nick contemplates fatherhood, of a sort, while Cece takes care of one of the maids of honor’s most important duties while the maid of honor is unavailable. This is not exactly how they imagined these situations happening, but they are not alone as they take them on. Everyone is in such a good place in their lives that no matter how weird things get, it is no big deal. Their missteps are inconsequen...

Austin Butler Was In Tears Over Vanessa Hudgens 'Grease Live' Performance

2/2/2016 8:40am EST
Vanessa Hudgens Gave Boyfriend Austin Butler 'Chills' During 'Gr
Vanessa Hudgens felt the love of everyone in the "Grease Live" audience on Jan. 31 after revealing her father had passed away only hours before her performance as Betty Rizzo. But there was one special person who's opinion meant the most, boyfriend Austin Butler.

Hudgens performance reportedly gave Butler "the chills," according to his official Twitter.

The actress was dealt a painful blow on Jan. 30 when she revealed her father, Greg, lost his battle with cancer.

She tweeted thanks to fans for their support and said she would be doing the show "in his honor."

Greg Hudgens was honored w...

Hollywood Week Group Rounds - Let The Drama Begin

1/29/2016 2:40pm EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Hollywood Week Group Rounds - Let Th
Last night, American Idol 2016 held our favorite part of Hollywood week: group rounds. Besides the great performances, the most exciting part of Idol's group rounds is the backstage drama. Last night's episode was full of it.

We started to see some of the American Idol contestants' true colors. We saw some outstanding group performances--the real threats started to show. We also saw who would be willing to cut another contestant for the glory. A few of these contestants were punished by the karma police. Others lived on to fight another day on American Idol.

Way too much went down on Id...

Hollywood Week Begins For 'American Idol'

1/28/2016 8:37am EST
'American Idol' 2016 Recap: Hollywood Hell Week Begins
Last week on American Idol 2016, the series closed its tour bus doors forever. The dream for many Idol hopefuls died when the lights went out. However, the journey began for many others. This week, American Idol began its final Hollywood week.

Hollywood week usually presents one of the most exciting parts of the process. We get to see who has the stamina and talent to make it to the live shows. American Idol 2016 began Hollywood week as usual with the ten person line up performances.

This is one of the most lackluster parts of Hollywood week. The American Idol producers tried to add a lit...

'New Girl' Recap: 'No Girl'... Now What?

1/27/2016 9:24am EST
'New Girl' Season 5, Episode 4 Recap: 'No Girl'... Now What?
Despite the singular noun in its title, “New Girl” is very much an ensemble show. But while Nick, Schmidt, Winston, and Cece have all managed to establish themselves individually and in the group dynamic, the titular Jessica Day has always set the tone. This may not just be a Zooey Deschanel star vehicle anymore, but it retains that DNA. Thus, her extended absence is a risky proposition, both textually and metatextually. Life on the loft must find a different way to be harmonious while the construction of a “New Girl” episode must find a new rhythm to be successful.

“No Girl” wastes no tim...

'24' Reboot Has A New Lead Actor

1/26/2016 9:07am EST
'Straight Outta Compton' Star Corey Hawkins To Play Lead In '24'
Actor Corey Hawkins, most known for playing Dr. Dre in the film "Straight Outta Compton," has landed the lead in FOX's "24" spin-off.

Kiefer Sutherland played the original counter-terrorism expert Jack Bauer from 2001 to 2010. He also appeared in 2014's event series "24: Live Another Day." He made it clear that he was not interested in reprising the role.

The reboot will focus on military hero Eric Carter, who is instrumental in preventing one of the largest-scale terror attacks on U.S. soil. FOX described his character as "strong and smart" with a rough upbringing.

The series, with the ...

'The X-Files' Scores Huge Ratings -- See Details

1/25/2016 2:34pm EST
The X-Files
Bringing back The X-Files proved to be huge for FOX on Sunday night, as more than 13 million viewers tuned in to watch former FBI agents Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) in the premiere of the new six-episode event series.

But is that number really an accurate representation of the show's success? And what does it mean for the network's recently announced plan of resurrecting other past series for new installments?

13 million is an impressive number, absolutely. That's on par with things like NBC's The Voice (which normally does about 12 million on its best d...

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