'Homeland' Recap: Carrie's On The Trail Of Her Attackers

11/17/2015 9:06am EST
'Homeland' Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: Carrie's On The Trail Of He
Previously - Saul was what experts call “a dick” to Carrie, and refused to help her. He later changed his tune, gave the hacked CIA documents Carrie needed to Düring, and was promptly arrested by the agency. Quinn survived his wounds and fell in with a band of Syrian jihadists.

It’s more than halfway through Season 5, and I’m feeling this one’s a “not bad.” It’s maybe even a “pretty good for most of it.” It’s not causing my head to explode like last season which, let’s face it, was Homeland rising from the ashes of Brody and moving on. Everyone’s kind of subtle this go-round, and I like i...

'Homeland': Saul Is Done With Carrie

11/10/2015 4:01pm EST
'Homeland' Recap: Saul Is Done With Carrie
Previously - Quinn was in a bad way until he was picked up by a mysterious stranger. Allison was revealed to be behind the attempts on Carrie’s life. Carrie sought out Saul for a look at the hacked CIA documents.

Did anyone else have their heart broken when Saul basically told Carrie to eff off and die (in this case it would be literally)? No one does the ugly cry like Claire Danes. Her Gollum-face kills me, and Saul was so mean to her crazy ass! It was like losing a father all over again. Gee, Saul - maybe you shouldn’t have gone against everything you taught your protege by snuggling up ...

'Homeland': Carrie And Saul Are Reunited

11/5/2015 10:21am EST
'Homeland' Recap: Carrie And Saul Are Reunited
Previously - Quinn was badly wounded. Carrie inadvertently called the seeming mastermind behind her attempted assassination - Allison. Her friend from the CIA, and Saul’s new boo. General Youssef’s plan exploded, putting a crimp in Saul and Dar’s plans to overthrow Syria’s current regime.

Firstly, a correction. Miranda Otto is Australian, not British. Secondly, I owe her an apology. I’ll admit it, I thought she was kinda basic. I know she played Eowyn in LOTR and was in Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, but I just found her presence to be a little “meh.” So the reveal that she’s the enemy las...

'Homeland' Recap: Carrie Gets Her Crazy On

10/21/2015 9:15am EDT
'Homeland' Season 5 Episode 3 Recap: Carrie Goes Off Her Meds (A
Previously - After Otto Düring was attacked during the refugee camp visit, Carrie discovered that SHE was the actual target. Quinn discovered that Carrie was HIS next target. Carrie better move to the Arctic.

It only took THREE episodes to call up Crazy Carrie this season. Three. They either wanted it out of the way because they figured we expected it because who doesn't love Crazy Carrie, or the writers' room is experiencing a dearth of ideas.

Carrie is holed up in the German countryside with Jonas and Frannie, trying to figure out who is trying to vaporize her. That list is long. SO ...

'Homeland' Episode 2 Gets Back On Its Fast Paced Track

10/13/2015 9:02am EDT
'Homeland' Episode 2 Recap: A Vast Improvement From The Season P
Previously - Carrie is living in Berlin, working as the head of security for a billionaire philanthropist, acting like a mother to her daughter, AND going to church regularly. She’s got it together. Unless this is some sort of robot duplicate. Actually, she HAD it together for about five minutes until her boss insisted on visiting a Syrian refugee camp. Quinn is still killing everyone. Carrie might have c***-blocked Saul’s bid for the CIA throne (he’s still head of Europe for the agency, though). Tons of CIA documents were hacked by a smart guy working in the back of a cam girl joint. One o...

'Homeland' Season 5 Premiere Recap

10/7/2015 8:35am EDT
Homeland Season 5 Premiere
Previously - Carrie, Saul, Quinn, and Max (MAX!!!) survived the attack on the US embassy in Islamabad. Carrie discovered that gnarly (I don’t mean that in the same sense as “rad”) CIA ogre Dar is in cahoots with last season’s super—villain, bloodthirsty terrorist Haqqani. Saul pretty much handed off his soul to get back in the CIA by ignoring Dar’s usage of Haqqani to bring down all the OTHER terrorists. Carrie was freaked by this and was also dismayed to have JUST MISSED a chance to have a romance with Quinn. As happens.

It turns out last season’s finale was foreshadowing the excitement l...

Will You Watch 'Twin Peaks' Without David Lynch Directing?

4/7/2015 12:45pm EDT
I remember way back in 1992 my father Michael and I attended our first ever "Twin Peaks" festival in glorious North Bend. We stayed at the famous Salish Lodge (aka The Great Northern Hotel!), attended a meet and greet breakfast with various cast (Ray Wise, Sheryl Lee and movie newbie Moira Kelly were in attendance!) and even managed to corner David Lynch himself after an interview at the winery (coincidently taking place at the same time as a Peaks costume contest across town!) to get the illusive director to sign a British quad poster of "Eraserhead." (Still the Mona Lisa of my poster co...

'Shameless' Finale Perfectly Highlights Where Season 5 Went Wrong

4/6/2015 10:14am EDT
'Shameless' Finale Review: 'Love Songs (In Key Of Gallagher)' An
“Love Songs (in the Key of Gallagher)” perfectly highlights all the ways that season 5 went wrong. Showtime is notorious for having their programs go downhill after incredible first seasons, but Shameless seemed to avoid the Showtime curse with agility. Every season was unique but managed to feel like a cohesive part of the same show about a wild, fiercely loyal family that was cursed with more than their fair share of bad luck. But season 5 has been one misstep after another.

The family spent most of the season completely apart, taking part in stories where they mostly interact with outsi...

‘Shameless’ Struggles Between Comedy And Darkness

3/30/2015 10:31am EDT
'Shameless' Season 5 Episode 11 Review 'Drugs Actually'
Shameless doesn't always find the right balance between dark comedy and pure darkness. This season is a prime example of the balance being off kilter. The first three seasons always found the perfect formula for being fun and heartbreaking. For every plot about Debbie kidnapping a baby, there was Fiona fighting her parents for custody of the kids. Season 4 was far too depressing, with the lighthearted plots being overshadowed by Fiona's downfall. This season feels like the writers are trying hard to course correct by bringing the fun back to the show, but without any of the same heart as be...

'Shameless' Review: Top 5 Wild Moments from 'South Side Rules'

3/23/2015 10:54pm EDT
Remember when you hated Sammi because she was naively enamored with Frank and eating up screen time from other, beloved characters? Well, she finally earned all the vitriol that’s been thrown at her by characters and viewers alike. Last week the ramifications of Carl’s arrest seemed light, as if the entire family were unaffected by this inevitability. But the real consequence of Carl’s jail time is that they pissed off the wrong Gallagher. Sammi comes off as more villainous than any other character on Shameless, except for Frank, whose heinous actions are usually due to selfishness instead ...

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