'Shameless' Review: Top 5 Wild Moments from 'South Side Rules'

March 23rd, 2015 10:54pm EDT
Remember when you hated Sammi because she was naively enamored with Frank and eating up screen time from other, beloved characters? Well, she finally earned all the vitriol that’s been thrown at her by characters and viewers alike. Last week the ramifications of Carl’s arrest seemed light, as if the entire family were unaffected by this inevitability. But the real consequence of Carl’s jail time is that they pissed off the wrong Gallagher. Sammi comes off as more villainous than any other character on Shameless, except for Frank, whose heinous actions are usually due to selfishness instead ...

5 Crazy Moments From Sunday Night's 'Shameless'

March 16th, 2015 10:37am EDT
'Shameless' Review: 5 Wild Moments From 'Carl's First Sentencing
The aftermath of Carl’s arrest couldn’t match the hectic follow up to Fiona’s arrest. She, as the show’s main character, was the focal point of everybody’s lives and her actions affected them each, one way or another. Carl’s arrest doesn’t have that same heavy weight to it. Most of the characters continue on with their lives as usual, completely unaffected by the prospect of him going to jail. The storyline is treated more like a joke, one of those wacky side plots that distract from larger stories like Ian’s bipolar disorder.

Who knows if it’s the right move for Shameless to treat Carl’s ...

Top 5 Wild Moments From Last Night's 'Shameless'

March 9th, 2015 9:41am EDT
'Shameless' Recap: Top 5 Wild Moments From 'Uncle Carl'
Shameless has a tendency to crank out some incredible episodes as the season winds down. The seasons usually start a bit slow, maybe a little heavy on the comedy and the horrifically long Frank-plots, but start to slowly build. Until—bam!—one episode changes everything for everyone. Last season’s big moment was Liam getting into Fiona’s coke. While it may have seemed like Ian’s kidnapping road trip would be the big change-everything moment, it may have been a simple taster of what’s to come.

The real big event is Carl’s arrest, the implications of which will likely unfold over the last fou...

'Shameless' Review: 5 Best Moments from 'Tell Me You F***ing Need Me'

March 2nd, 2015 8:28am EST
'Shameless' Recap: 5 Best Moments from 'Tell Me You F***ing Need
In last night's Shameless, everybody is showing a little bit of desperation. Lip is running from unhelpful office to office on his college campus to uncover the mystery of why his class schedule isn’t showing up. Debbie is asking her short list of guy-experts on how to get her glib boxing buddy to stop placing her in the mythical friendzone. Even pathetic little Chuckie is desperate not to have his slacks and button up ruined by a bully or bad stomach at his first day of school. As the episode’s title suggestions, they’re each frantic for each other’s help. It’s a common theme for Shameless...

Shameless Recap: 5 Best Moments From 'Crazy Love'

February 16th, 2015 10:26am EST
Shameless Review: 5 Best Moments From 'Crazy Love'
Two of the biggest plots of season 5, regarding two of the biggest Shameless couples, have finally started to gain traction. Jimmy has spent all season off screen since his appearance in the final scene of season 4, but the presence of his partner, Angela, has kept him on our minds. Meanwhile, Mickey has avoided the question of Ian’s mental health most of the season in favor of the good old “ignore it until it goes away” method of dealing with issues. Finally, “Crazy Love” forces both of these characters to face the reality of their situations. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast is in arrested...

What Scene Didn't You See In 'Nurse Jackie' Season 6?

February 10th, 2015 4:09pm EST
What Scene Didn't You See In 'Nurse Jackie' Season 6?
Showtime's dark comedy Nurse Jackie is gearing up for its seventh and final season this spring, but there were a few things that got left on the cutting room floor last season - and now, thanks to the fact that season six is headed to Blu-Ray, we get to dig those scenes up.

The season began with Jackie's newfound sobriety having come to an end in a big way, causing relationships all around her to fall apart. On the other hand, one relationship that started badly and somehow survived was that between Cooper (Peter Facinelli, in what would be his last season) and Carrie (Betty Gilpin).

In t...

'Shameless': 5 Best Moments From 'Rites Of Passage'

February 9th, 2015 10:14am EST
Well that was so much better than last week. The Gallaghers interacted with each other. Plots connected with the overall storylines. Slow building stories finally got to a breaking point. Thank God last week’s weak episode was just an aberration.

Here are the top 5 best moments from “Rites of Passage:”

Frank’s New Family

Wherever this Frank’s Liver Family plot is going, it can’t be good. Either Frank has the best or worst luck, because when he got his new liver from a guy named Dave, who died in a home invasion, Frank also got a cuckoo new family. Now that Sheila is gone and Sammi is wea...

'Shameless' Review: The Best And Worst Moments From 'A Night to Remem...Wait, What?'

February 2nd, 2015 10:11am EST
'Shameless' Review: The Best And Worst Moments From 'A Night to
Was that the worst ever episode of Shameless? Yeah, it might have been the worst ever episode.

And it’s not like it was blatantly bad. Mostly there was a strange atmosphere to the episode that didn’t fit within the rest of the series, as if it was written with only a vague understanding of the show, the characters, and what makes Shameless so successful. It almost felt like somebody’s spec script. But it was written by Davey Holmes, who also wrote “There’s The Rub,” where Liam got into Fiona’s coke. The characters spend the entire episode wrapped up in their individual subplots with very l...

What TV Show Is Katie Holmes Excited To Be Joining?

January 28th, 2015 1:25pm EST
Katie Holmes Excited To Join 'Amazing' Ray Donovan Cast On Her R
Katie Holmes will returns to television in a recurring role on the Showtime series "Ray Donovan."

The 36-year-old actress is set to play the role of a shrewd and chic businesswoman named Paige, the daughter of a billionaire producer, played by Ian McShane.

Paige will reach out to the lead character of Ray (Liev Schreiber) for his services.

Katie Holmes is ‘reportedly so excited’ to join the cast of hit cable series.

This is the first role on a TV series that the actress will have since she became a household name on "Dawson's Creek." Holmes also has several other interesting acting proj...

'Shameless' Review: The Best And Worst Of 'The Two Lisas'

January 26th, 2015 8:38am EST
'Shameless' Review: The Best And Worst Of 'The Two Lisas'
Shameless is always filled with incredible moments. It can take something wacky and turn it into a beautiful moment that defines characters and relationships in an honest way. But sometimes it can go so over the top that it hurts the characters irrevocably. The scene where Lip is finally kind to Mandy is sweet until you remember that she literally tried to murder Karen and destroyed her life forever. Any honest moment with Frank is destroyed by his various inhuman acts, including keeping a woman from a heart transplant. So many characters have had moments they can’t come back from and “The ...