AMC Greenlights 'Preacher' Pilot

December 4th, 2014 4:10pm EST
AMC Greenlights Pilot for Seth Rogen's Violent, Controversial 'P
"Preacher" fans, rejoice! The controversial comic book from Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon has just been given an official pilot order from AMC.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who've been trying to get "Preacher" off the ground for quite a while now, will executive produce and direct the pilot, while "Breaking Bad's" Sam Catlin will write the script and serve as showrunner.

"Preacher" follows Jesse Custer, a small-town preacher who discovers that God has ditched out of Heaven and resolves to track him down- with a little help from his ex-girlfriend, a boozy Irish vampire and a demonic beast ...

New 'Better Call Saul' Clip Premieres (Watch)

December 1st, 2014 1:08pm EST
Better Call Saul
Viewers watching "The Walking Dead" mid-season finale on Sunday evening were treated to the first teaser trailer for AMC’s new show "Better Call Saul," a spinoff of the wildly successful series "Breaking Bad."

The new series will debut over a two night period, beginning on February 8, 2015.

A prequel to "Breaking Bad," "Better Call Saul" follows the life of lawyer Saul Goodman (Odenkirk) six years before he becomes involved with teacher-turned-meth mastermind Walter White.

The cable network debut the series immediately following the season-five midseason return of "The Walking Dead." The...

'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale: 10 Badass Moments

December 1st, 2014 8:29am EST
'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale Recap: 10 Badass Moments Fro
As far as credible threats go, the Hospital Officers were probably the least effective villains The Walking Dead has ever had. For a big part of the season, they were really only a threat to Beth, who, at the time, was one of the least developed characters on the show, barely earning the credit of being a main character. While the season took great pains to build up Beth, it couldn’t make Dawn and her rapist officers memorable antagonists. Gareth and his band of cannibals were far more frightening, even if they only lasted three episodes total. If there’s one major fault in the first half o...

'The Walking Dead': 10 Badass Moments From 'Crossed'

November 24th, 2014 9:40am EST
The Walking Dead
“Crossed” proves that episodes that feature all of the characters are stronger than the episodes featuring one group at a time. Last week’s jaunt with Carol and Daryl was great, but we also had to endure Beth and Abraham’s episodes in order to get to it. These standalone episodes probably have more to do with filming schedules than creative opportunities, but they’re to the detriment of the show. In “Crossed” there was plenty of time for each of the groups: Rick’s group, those left at the church, Abraham’s dawdlers, and the hospital crew. Most of the characters got a moment to shine, even o...

'The Walking Dead': 10 Badass Moments From 'Consumed'

November 17th, 2014 8:58am EST
'The Walking Dead' Review: 10 Badass Moments From 'Consumed'
The past few episodes didn’t quite capture the excitement of the opening ones. With the group once again split up, it’s tough to care for a full hour about characters that haven’t had enough time or emotional resonance to carry an episode. “Consumed” is proof that episodes where the group is split off can work and be shining examples of what the show should be.

First, the collection of characters is perfect. Daryl and Carol are two of the show’s most popular and interesting characters, both of which still have pasts to explore. Previous episodes featuring Beth and Abraham as the leads were...

'The Walking Dead': The 8 Badass Moments From 'Self Help'

November 10th, 2014 8:29am EST
'The Walking Dead' Recap: 8 Badass Moments From 'Self Help'
The show is never as strong as it is when the group is all together. Without Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Carol, Maggie, Michonne, and the rest of the gang working together, the episodes often feel like they’re a diversion from the real story. It’s even worse when these filler episodes come one after the other, with Beth and Abraham-centric episodes airing in subsequent weeks. After last season’s disaster, the show should be keeping the group together for as long as possible, because those episodes are always the strongest.

Here are 8 badass moments from “Self Help:”

Hair Talk

Ever since Eugene w...

'The Walking Dead': New Survivors, 7 Badass Moments, And Predictions From 'Slabtown'

November 3rd, 2014 9:03am EST
'The Walking Dead' Recap: New Survivors, 7 Badass Moments, And P
After weeks of nobody in the group (sans Daryl) caring a lick about the whereabouts of Beth, we finally discover what she’s been up to these past weeks. While some might say she had a lucky escape from the cannibal safe haven, Beth found herself in a completely different type of terror. The threat was less about getting eaten and more a slowly drawn horror where your life and body become somebody else’s property, without much hope of freedom. It was one of those rare glimpses of different societies and survivors that The Walking Dead hardly ever spends time exploring.

The episode featured ...

'Black-ish' Star Yara Shahidi: 'Zoey Lives In A World Of Two Extremes'

October 28th, 2014 2:09pm EDT
'Black-ish' Star Yara Shahidi: 'Zoey Lives In A World Of Two Ext
ABC's Black-ish is one of the most talked about new comedies of the season. What makes it so buzzworthy? We recently talked to series star Yara Shahidi, who plays Zoey Johnson, about what drew her to the show and what she's most enjoyed about working with TV parents Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross.

"I love that Zoey lives in a world of two extremes," Yara told us. "She is always on her phone, but if you pay attention to her, you realize that she doesn't miss one thing that is happening around her. She is the oldest of the kids, and no matter how irritated she may be by them, she is...

'The Walking Dead' Review: 10 Badass Moments From 'Four Walls And A Roof'

October 27th, 2014 8:20am EDT
'The Walking Dead' Recap: 10 Badass Moments From 'Four Walls And
Damn, this season is moving at a lightning speed. After 4 seasons of slow moving plots, in which spending half a season looking for a single character was expected, The Walking Dead has finally found an exciting pace that matches the tone of the show. Instead of making us wait another 5 episodes for the highly anticipated Gareth and Rick confrontation, new EP Scott Gimple puts it smack dab in the 3rd episode. On to the next thing.

Every episode so far this season has resolved some issue (how long will it take to get out of Terminus? Will they get a clue about Beth’s whereabouts? Will they ...

'The Walking Dead' Recap: The 10 Most Badass Moments from 'Strangers'

October 20th, 2014 9:08am EDT
'The Walking Dead' Recap: The 10 Most Badass Moments from 'Stran
“Strangers” was a much quieter episode than the season 5 premiere, but that didn’t make it any less bonkers. In fact, the quiet moments only made every moment more tension-filled. Every time the characters slow-mo walked through the covered woods, there was an ominous feeling following them with each step. As Season 4 taught us, there’s no safety, not even for a minute. And last week’s episode left a couple of hanging threads that come back to haunt our survivors in a major way.

Here are 10 of the most badass moments from “Strangers:”

Reunion Conversations and Forgiveness

The end of “No ...