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Where Are They Now: Lee Norris, AKA Minkus From 'Boy Meets World'

11/13/2013 4:03pm EST
Lee Norris
People who grew up watching Boy Meets World will instantly recognize Lee Norris as Minkus, the nerdy kid from the first season. But what has Lee been up to since? Let's find out...

Boy Meets World wasn't Lee's first role. When he was 10, he was cast as Chuckie Lee Torkelson for the NBC sitcom The Torkelsons and the re-tooled series Almost Home. He appeared in 32 episodes in total.

Lee's notable role as Stuart Minkus only lasted a single season. He filled the teacher's pet stereotype but disappeared in following seasons as Boy Meets World became more nuanced. Still, his character w...

Where Are They Now: Leslie Bibb, AKA Brooke From 'Popular'

10/20/2013 9:03pm EDT
Leslie Bibb
Leslie Bibb became a household name when she starred in Popular as the too-perfect, straight-A student Brooke McQueen, whose life is turned upside-down when her father gets engaged to the single mother of the decidedly-unpopular Sam (played by Carly Pope, who we profiled last week). But what has Bibb been up to since the show ended in 2001? Let's find out…

First, some background. Bibb had a handful of single episode appearances in shows Pacific Blue, Home Improvement, and Just Shoot Me. After a bit role in Private Parts on the big screen, she scored her first recurring role in The Big ...

Where Are They Now: Lauren Holly, AKA Maxine From Picket Fences

10/19/2013 3:03pm EDT
Lauren Holly
Lauren Holly is known for starring in almost 90 episodes of Picket Fences - and appearing in Dumb & Dumber as object of affection Mary Swanson. Did you know that she almost starred in Ace Ventura as well? Let's catch up with Lauren and see where she is today...

First, some background. After getting her break and appearing in two episodes of Hill Street Blues, Holly joined the cast of All My Children and played Julie Rand Chandler for four years. She then starred in Dragon: The Bruce Lee story as Lee's wife, Linda.

Holly would go on to star in Picket Fences, created by David E. Kel...

Where Are They Now: Jennifer Beals, AKA Alex From 'Flashdance'

10/13/2013 11:00am EDT
Jennifer Beals in Flashdance
Jennifer Beals became a household named when she starred in the surprising hit Flashdance in 1983. But did you know she has starred in over 50 films since? Let's find out a bit more about Beals and her career after Flashdance...

Beals was born in 1963 - that's right, the beautiful former model turned 50 in 2013! She was actually attending Yale when she was cast in the lead for Flashdance and she deferred a term to film the movie.

Jennifer placed her education before her movie career for several years after Flashdance. The actress appeared in The Bride with Sting during her summer ...

Where Are They Now: Ally Sheedy From 'The Breakfast Club' & 'St. Elmo's Fire'

10/12/2013 4:00pm EDT
Ally Sheedy
Before there was the "Wolf Pack," there was the Brat Pack. Back in the 1980s, Ally Sheedy was part of of the notorious group of actors who starred in the iconic films "The Breakfast Club" and "St. Elmo's Fire." The other eight members of the pack were Judd Nelson, Mare Winningham, Anthony Michael Hall, Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez and Andrew McCarthy.

Sheedy also starred in the quintessential 80s films "War Games" and "Short Circuit."

So what has the 51-year-old star been up to over the past 30 years? Check it out...

Sheedy was linked to Bon Jovi guitarist Ric...

Where Are They Now: Carly Pope, AKA Sam McPherson On 'Popular'

10/8/2013 2:51pm EDT
Carly Pope
Many people know Carly Pope as the main character of WB comedy-drama Popular, the first television show created by Glee's Ryan Murphy. But what has Carly been up to since? Let's find out...

First, some background: Carly Pope grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. She fell in love with acting early on and appeared in several plays while in high school. She made her professional debut the same year she graduated, appearing in Disturbing Behavior with Katie Holmes and James Marsden.

Following her film debut, Carly tried out for two WB shows: Roswell and Popular. While she was turned...

Where Are They Now: Inside Meg Ryan's New Private Life

10/6/2013 9:00am EDT
Meg Ryan
Twenty years after Sleepless in Seattle, Meg Ryan has put the role of America’s sweetheart behind her. This week’s issue of PEOPLE examines why the former queen of romantic comedies has abandoned Hollywood in favor of a peaceful and private life in New York. Ryan today is guarded, cautious, and resolutely determined to avoid the fame that she once described as “traumatizing.” She skips awards shows, rarely does red carpets, and hasn’t granted a major interview in five years. Instead, the 51-year-old actress lives primarily in downtown Manhattan, where she is raising her daughter Daisy, 8, a...

Where Are They Now: Rebecca De Mornay, AKA The Hooker From 'Risky Business'

10/4/2013 11:46am EDT
Rebecca de Mornay
Actress Rebecca de Mornay is probably best known as the business-minded call girl who romances Tom Cruise in the 1983 film "Risky Business."

In the film, a prostitute named Lana (de Mornay) moves in with high school student Joel (Cruise) while his parents are out of town. They fall in love, and she helps him get into Princeton by turning his house into a brothel for a "Young Entrepeneur" school assignment. One of the film's most memorable scenes is when Lana seduces Joel on a subway.

After the film ended, De Mornay and Cruise wound up dating for two years and lived together for a while.


Where Are They Now: Christine Lakin, AKA Alicia From 'Step By Step'

9/30/2013 12:33pm EDT
Christine Lakin
Do you remember Christine Lakin, who played tomboy Alicia from 90s sitcom Step by Step? She's definitely not a tomboy any more, and even graduated Cum Laude from UCLA with a Bachelors Degree in Communications in 2003. Find out more about Christine and what she's up to now on the following pages...

Lakin has been acting since she was 8, when she began trying out to appear in commercials. She only had one role under her belt, a Civil War TV movie featuring Christopher Reeve, when she was cast in Step by Step at the age of the 12.

Christine would star in 159 episodes of Step by Step ...

Where Are They Now: Soleil Moon Frye, AKA Punky Brewster

9/27/2013 2:15pm EDT
Soleil Moon Frye
Actress Soleil Moon Frye was the adorable Punky Brewster in the 1980s TV series of the same name and somehow managed to avoid the child star curse that plagues so many young people in Tinsel Town.

On the popular eighties sitcom she played an orphan, who was abandoned by her mother in a supermarket. She ends up befriending a man named Henry Warnimont, who eventually adopts her.

Soleil was born on Aug. 8, 1976, and was named after the song "I Got the Sun in the Morning (and the Moon at Night)" from the musical "Annie Get Your Gun."

What has she been up to since the days of jelly bracelets ...

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