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Pamela Anderson Gets Naked For Peta Again

5/19/2015 9:03am EDT
Pamela Anderson Gets Wet And Naked, Reenacts Psycho Shower Scene
Do you want to see Pamela Anderson mostly naked? Yes? Yeah, kinda figured.

How about Pamela Anderson mostly naked- to support animal rights? Yeah, the answer's probably still yes.

Recently, Anderson posed for a new PETA ad where she is, as you'd expect, almost completely buck naked. In the ad, she's barely covering herself up with a towel in a parody of the iconic shower sequence from "Psycho."

Anderson's doing her best Janet Leigh to support the vegan lifestyle- because, according to the ad, "Meat and dairy farms drain half the country's water."

Speaking to Us Weekly, Anderson elabora...

Helena Bonham Carter Poses Naked With A Big Fish For A Good Cause

2/12/2015 12:53pm EST
Helena Bonham Carter Gets Naked And Poses With Tuna For Campaign
Helena Bonham Carter has stripped down to pose nude with a large bigeye tuna for Fishlove's latest campaign against overfishing around the world.

The actress, who split from director Tim Burton in December and ironically starred in his 2003 film "Big Fish," reclines nude with the 60-pound fish between her legs and a temporary heart tattoo with the word "Love" scrawled on her arm.

She said the hardest part about the shoot was overcoming her fear of the fish, not taking it all off.

"I am a big supporter of protecting the marine environment," . I'm actually very phobic about fish so when Gr...

Kellan Lutz Pens Letter In Support Of Crustacean Rights

11/7/2013 8:51am EST
Kellan Lutz
Kellan Lutz is fighting for the rights of crabs and lobsters after watching a PETA video featuring employees at a top Maine factory farm ripping the crustaceans apart, while they're still alive.

The Twilight star has sent a letter to the owner of Linda Bean's Maine Lobster, urging her to "stop the most egregious acts of cruelty to animals" at her Rockland slaughterhouse.

The video features footage of crabs and lobsters being dumped, still alive, into boiling water, while others are tossed in the trash to die slowly and painfully.

A spokesman for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment ...

Bob Barker Spends Nearly $1 Million To Relocate Three Elephants From Canada

10/24/2013 10:18am EDT
Bob Barker
Beloved game show host Bob Barker has spent almost $1 million relocating three African elephants from Canada to the warmth of California.

The dedicated animal-rights advocate spent two years lobbying local officials in Ontario for the three females, Toka, Thika and Iringa, to be released from Toronto Zoo and moved to a climate more similar to their natural habitat.

Authorities finally agreed and the trio were transferred to a sprawling estate in San Andreas over the weekend. Barker was on hand to welcome the elephants into their new home, and admits he welled up at the sight of the anim...

Scottish City Council Plans For Real Life 'Sharknado'?

8/16/2013 9:08am EDT
A Scottish council has set out contingency plans to deal with a real life Sharknado after a fan of the Syfy channel movie demanded assurances about how they would deal with a similar catastrophe.

The ground-breaking cult horror movie, starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, has taken both America and Britain by storm with its implausible plot about a tornado whipping up killer sharks from the ocean and depositing them on the streets of L.A.

It has now emerged members of Glasgow City Council in Scotland have come up with a detailed plan to deal with such an incident after a delusional fan co...

Hollywood Celebrities Tweet Their Reaction To California Wildfires

5/3/2013 2:16pm EDT
Hilary Duff and LeAnn Rimes are among the stars who have reached out to victims of the devastating California wildfires as emergency workers continue to battle the flames.

On Thursday, fire broke out in the area around Camarillo, north west of Los Angeles and thousands of residents were forced to evacuate their homes as the flames spread.

Emergency workers were still battling the blaze on Friday, and country star Rimes, who lives in California, revealed she was growing worried.

In a post on, she writes, "These fires here in Cali (California) are close enough to get a little...

Ben Affleck To Raise Poverty Awareness By Living On $1.50 A Day

4/23/2013 10:26pm EDT
Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck plans on living on just $1.50 per day next week after teaming up with poverty-awareness campaign Live Below the Line.

The non-profit group's goal is to raise awareness and give people "a glimpse into the lives of 1.4 billion people who have no choice but to live below the line every day — and who have to make $1.50 cover a lot more than food."

"1.4 billion people live on less than $1.50/day," Affleck tweeted on Monday. "I'm joining Live #BelowTheLine on behalf of @easterncongo. Will you?"

The Argo star is one of a handful of stars, including Sophia Bush, Josh Groban and Nick ...

James Cameron To Donate Deep Sea Craft To Oceanographic Institution

3/26/2013 2:32pm EDT
James Cameron
Moviemaker James Cameron is donating the craft he used for a deep sea diving project to a research group.

The Titanic director invested around $10 million of his own cash to fund the Deepsea Challenger submersible system, which helped him dive seven miles underwater to the world's deepest point, the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean, southwest of Guam, in March last year.

He has now decided to hand the craft over to experts at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to further their maritime exploration.

The group will receive the Deepsea Challenger in June, and Cameron tells the N...

Pamela Anderson Speaks At Cambridge University

3/6/2013 1:43pm EST
Pamela Anderson
Actress and activist Pamela Anderson took her animal rights fight to Britain on Tuesday by delivering a speech at the country's famous University of Cambridge.

The Baywatch star followed in the footsteps of director Clint Eastwood and former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill by speaking at the Cambridge Union.

Anderson told the audience she wants to use her fame to support the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organization and raise awareness of its campaigns.

She said, "I was working in Baywatch and I was getting a lot of attention and silly questions about my...

Emily Vancamp And Josh Bowman Support Wildlife Initiative

2/27/2013 5:33pm EST
Emily VanCamp
Actress Emily Vancamp has teamed up with her Revenge co-star and real-life boyfriend Josh Bowman to film a public service announcement calling for an end to the black market trade of exotic animals parts.

The stars are supporting the World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) Hands Off My Parts initiative to highlight the number of rhinos, tigers and elephants that are being killed for their skins, bones, tusks and horns.

VanCamp, who grew up in Canada, says, "I have always loved animals. I grew up in a rural area where I learned to love and respect the wildlife around me. Now that I'm older, I'm figh...

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