TruTV Releases First Trailer For 'Impractical Jokers' Season 5

2/6/2016 2:06pm EST
Video: TruTV Releases First Trailer For 'Impractical Jokers' Sea
The new season of Impractical Jokers begins next week, and so TruTV has released a brand-new trailer filled with clips from what we can expect when Sal, Murr, Q and Joe come back in Season 5.

The season premiere is called "Hell-Copter," and features the Jokers once again taking on the roles of unhelpful receptionists in an office waiting room, as well as visiting a wax museum to perpetrate some shenanigans with the various celebrity statues there. There will be two losers in the episode, both of whom will have to endure a helicopter ride they'd rather forget.

(Fair warning: the trailer do...

Is George Clooney Or Rihanna More Daring? (Watch)

2/5/2016 8:40am EST
George Clooney, Rihanna Play 'Never Have I Ever' On 'Ellen'
It was an odd matchup for certain, but the answers George Clooney and Rihanna gave during a fun game on the "Ellen" show had the talk show host in stitches!

During a rousing game of "Never Have I Ever," Ellen DeGeneres asked the stars a series of revealing questions.

To answer, they had to hold up one side of their paddles to reveal the message "I have" or "I have never."

"Never have I ever texted a nude selfie," DeGeneres questioned the duo.

Clooney and DeGeneres both said no while Rihanna admitted she had sent out nude pics.

Although Clooney did joke and say he sent out photos on Ins...

Is Your Mind Deceiving You Or Are These Photos Just Perfectly Timed?

2/3/2016 4:29pm EST
timed pics
Here's another batch of our favorite best-timed photos from the internet!

Thanks to the wonders of technology, where virtually everyone has a camera with them 100 percent of the time, having the ability to snap that perfect photo at the perfect moment in time is now available to us all.

Of course, we won't get into questioning composition, ISOs, f-stops or artistic ability.

The photo above is somewhat ironic, as usually it's the cow that's being flame broiled, not doing the flame broiling.

Must be something in the grass.

Click on for more of the funniest photos captured at just the rig...

Kaley Cuoco Gives Sexiest Performance Ever On Lip Sync Battle, But Still Falls To Josh Gad

1/31/2016 5:02pm EST
Kaley Cuoco lip sync battle
Kaley Cuoco gave one of the sexiest performances to date on this week's episode of "Lip Sync Battle", going up against "Pixels" star Josh Gad -- but her rendition of Britney Spears' "I'm A Slave 4 U" was no match for Gad's over-the-top performance of a Divinyls classic.

Cuoco shared a shot from her performance on Instagram on Thursday, writing, "Suck it @joshgad tonight watch the epic battle ensue." Later she would add two more shots of the moment she met her other co-star for the episode: a six foot albino python.

The first photo revealed Kaley's reaction when the snake handler introduce...

Ryan Reynolds Encourages Men To #TouchYourselfTonight (Watch)

1/29/2016 9:08am EST
Ryan Reynolds Does Hilarious Cancer PSA In Character As Deadpool
Deadpool is a very outspoken character, but now Ryan Reynolds is using his starring gig as the "Merc with a Mouth" role for a good cause.

Just weeks ahead of Deadpool's release date, Reynolds has released a public service announcement to raise awareness of testicular cancer, doing so in a way that only Deadpool can: by sitting on a pool table, surrounded by balls, and making a ton of wisecracks.

Deadpool is Reynolds' biggest superhero role, which he first originated in 2008's prequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The part was originally intended to be just a cameo in the Hugh Jackman-led film...

Ricky Gervais' Brutal Joke To Mel Gibson (NSFW)

1/11/2016 7:15pm EST
What Did Ricky Gervais Say To Mel Gibson That Got Him Censored A
Ricky Gervais hosted the 73rd annual Golden Globes Sunday night in Hollywood, and people today are reacting to the vicious burns he landed on various celebrities during his monologue and the rest of the show. But perhaps no celebrity got it worse from Gervais than his old punching bag Mel Gibson.

You may recall that when Gervais introduced Gibson while hosting the Golden Globes in 2010, he made a joke about Gibson's 2006 DUI arrest.

"I like a drink just as much as the next man," Gervais said at the time. "Unless the next man, is Mel Gibson."

Well, it turns out that Gervais was again tas...

Watch Ricky Gervais' 2016 Golden Globes Monologue

1/10/2016 11:44pm EST
Watch Ricky Gervais' Hilarious Monologue To Kick Off The 2016 Go
Ricky Gervais' returned to the stage at the 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood Sunday night to host the ceremony for the fourth time. Gervais hadn't hosted since 2012, but he had no problem picking up right where he left off - by insulting every celebrity in sight.

Gervais got right to it at the start, promising that his jokes would force him to go into hiding.

"Not even Sean Penn will find me," he joked. Penn recently sparked controversy thanks to a Rolling Stone article where he interviewed notorious Mexican drug overlord El Chapo.

With the gauntlet laid down, Gervais went to...

Why Is Jonah Hill Wearing A Bear Costume?

1/10/2016 10:41pm EST
Jonah Hill Presents Golden Globe As The Bear From 'The Revenant'
There's been a lot of chatter recently about that bear in the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie, 'The Revenant'. There were rumors at one point that the bear actually raped Leo in the movie and then there was talk about how DiCaprio had to don a 100-pound costume made out of bearskin for much of the flick. But as Jonah Hill pointed out during the 2016 Golden Globes Sunday night, we have yet to hear directly from the bear about all of this. Thankfully, that's a problem Hill was willing to solve himself, in hilarious fashion.

Hill dressed up as and took on the persona of the bear from 'The Revenan...

Seriously, Here's The Real Way To Win The Powerball Jackpot

1/7/2016 5:40pm EST
Here's A Surefire And All-Jokes-Aside Guide To Winning The Power
With Saturday's (January 9) Powerball jackpot estimated at $700 million; it sets another record as the largest lotto prize in American history. With that said, throngs of people are racing out to buy a quick-pick or ticket with their favorite numbers. However, here are some important tips to winning the Powerball and become the next millionaire.

Like Steve Harvey says in Family Feud, "Everybody win money, but to win money you've got to play the game, so let's get it on." It's that simple, folks.

Before we share these priceless and serious tips, here's a quote to help you win the Powerba...

Dallas Mavericks Players Spoof 'Zoolander' - Watch It!

1/2/2016 9:22am EST
NBA Stars Dirk Nowitzski, Chandler Parsons Spoof 'Zoolander' In
The Zoolander sequel isn't even out yet, but NBA stars Dirk Nowitzki and Chandler Parsons have made a pretty good case for their own spin-off. The two Dallas Mavericks players parodied the Ben Stiller film during Wednesday's game with a video called, appropriately, "ZooChandler."

With Parsons standing in for Stiller, Nowitzki replaces Owen Wilson in the role of Hansel McDonald, and what they've come up with is positively epic. You can watch the entire spoof below:

There are also a few other Maverick cameos, including guard-forward Wesley Matthews as ZooChandler's well-meaning best frien...

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