Did Taylor Kinney Confront Leonardo DiCaprio After The Golden Globes?

1/12/2016 6:57pm EST
Taylor Kinney
Taylor Kinney was reportedly not too thrilled to see the fact that Golden Globe winner Leonardo DiCaprio made when Lady Gaga walked by him. According to Radar Online, Kinney was super angry after seeing the footage of Leo and couldn't get past it. The report indicates that the two actors exchanged words at the Fox/Hulu after-party.

"Taylor was not going to let anyone make fun of his future wife, even if they are an A-list actor. It was her moment to shine and she worked very hard for that award. He basically told him in a non-confrontational sort of way that he should apologize to her beca...

New Details On Sean Penn's Interview With El Chapo

1/11/2016 5:36pm EST
Sean Penn
Actor Sean Penn has been taking some flak in Hollywood and on social media for his recent interview in Rolling Stone with Mexican drug cartel leader El Chapo, but now an American official has confirmed that the interview was key to helping authorities find and arrest the wanted man.

People confirmed the news on Monday.

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera was interviewed by Penn for Rolling Stone last October while he was still in hiding after his dramatic escape from a Mexican prison cell. An anonymous Mexican authority told the Associated Press on Sunday that Guzman was tracked down because ...

Yikes! A President Putin Calendar For 2016 For Sale Like You've Never Seen

12/28/2015 3:30am EST
Vladimir Putin Wows Again: 'Hunky' Russian Prez Appears In 2016
No, this is not a parody; it's the real deal. According to a tweet from the LADbible, Russian President Vladimir Putin appears in a 2016 calendar in various poses. You're likely wondering: Will the hunky former KGB operative go shirtless again in the spread?

Let's face it; several calendars are floating around for the 2016 New Year. For 12 months, you have your choice of a favorite athlete, lingerie model, Nascar driver or Star Wars character. But that's too drab, right?

Consider this: If you're feeling lucky, you can trade in those dreary offerings for 12 months of Vladimir Putin. Not...

Nicolas Cage Returns Stolen Dinosaur Skull He Bought

12/22/2015 9:52am EST
Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage has been known for his outrageous purchases. According to sources Reuters and Rolling Stone Magazine, Cage purchased a Tyrannosaurus Bataar Skull at a Beverly Hills Auction House in 2007 for $276,000.

Over the weekend, U.S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement ordered the return of the skull back to Mongolia after the fossil was smuggled illegally into the U.S. Reports originally did not specify the owner of the relic but later surfaced that the 67m-year-old fossil belonged to Cage.

At the time, the actor was unaware that the skull was stolen and smuggled illegally into America...

Justin Bieber Fan Goes Extreme, Changes Her Last Name To His

12/19/2015 9:52pm EST
Justin Bieber
A woman changed her last name to Bieber and pretends that she's married to pop sensation, Justin Bieber.

22-year-old Gabrielle Newton-Bieber is so obsessed with the young superstar that she legally changed her name and likes to believe that she's the famous singer's wife. She hyphenates Bieber with her own last name of Newton, The Frisky reports.

The British woman who changed her name to Bieber sleeps with a cardboard cut-out of Justin. She even has five tattoos dedicated to him. There are two on her ribs, two on her shoulders, and one underneath her breast.

Woman Changes Last Name To ...

Would Barbra Streisand Really Abandon Her 'Homeless' Stepston?

12/10/2015 9:04am EST
Barbra Streisand Family Shocker: Actress Reportedly Turns Back O
A purported new report out by Radar Online puts Barbra Streisand in a dark light. According to the online tabloid's sources, Streisand has reportedly turned her back on her homeless stepson, Jess Brolin, at a time when he desperately needs her love and support. Yea, it sounds like a half-baked tale, but let's explore the rumors.

The gossip site reported the results of its "Exclusive Investigation," but offered little evidence other than recycled pictures to bolster its claims about Brolin's welfare.

A Google search of "Barbra Streisand's stepson" only shows several recycled reports wit...

Caitlyn Jenner Gives Kylie The Most Awkward Present Ever

12/7/2015 8:04pm EST
kylie Jenner underwear
No matter what you get for Christmas this year, just be glad it's not underwear with your parent's face on it. That's the lesson Kylie Jenner learned the hard way from dad Caitlyn Jenner on Sunday's episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians.'

In the clip, Caitlyn excitedly tells Kylie that she has something for her.

"I only have a couple of these, and I'm going to give one to you," Jenner said. "Are you ready? Can you handle this?"

It turns out that the answer to that question for Kylie, as well as every viewer watching at home, is a resounding NO.

Caitlyn handed her daughter a bra wi...

Spotify Tricked Into Uploading Taylor Swift Song

12/7/2015 7:36pm EST
Spotify Mistakenly Uploads Taylor Swift Song, Gives Credit To Co
It's well-known that Taylor Swift and Spotify have a bit of bad blood between them after Swift pulled her entire catalog from the streaming service late last year. Now, it seems someone decided to use the ongoing dispute to have a bit of fun over the weekend. Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' re-appeared on Spotify three days ago, but the song was listed under the name of Welsh band Lostprophets, a group whose lead singer is a convicted pedophile. Oops.

Spotify discovered the prank and pulled the song down Monday morning, although the track is still showing up in Spotify's search results a...

Nick Offerman's Yule Log Video Is 45 Minutes Of Epic Silence

12/4/2015 10:06pm EST
Nick Offerman Yule Log
Yule Log videos have been making the rounds for years but never has one been as manly as this. Lagavulin whisky has released an advertisement of actor Nick Offerman drinking his favorite bottle of the brand and it is perhaps the most compelling 45 minutes of silence ever recorded.

In the video, Offerman stares into the camera, sipping at his favorite adult beverage, while a Yule Log burns in the background. It's somehow both intense and relaxing.

Fans of 'Parks and Recreation' will remember that Nick Offerman's character Ron Swanson was known for, among other things, his love of silence ...

Who [Allegedly] Stole Anna Nicole Smith's Body From Her Island Grave?

12/4/2015 11:16am EST
Anna Nicole Smith
Anna Nicole Smith died nearly nine years ago. Her body is rumored to be buried in a secret grave in the Bahamas. However, in a stunning development, informants say Anna Nicole's remains have gone missing, and the unknown grave robbers are likely connected to a possible murder conspiracy.

According to an exclusive report by the National Enquirer, the grave and body of Anna Nicole Smith, real name, Vickie Lynn Hogan, was "desecrated and her corpse secretly stolen." Two of the tabloid's unnamed spies say Anna Nicole was moved to another unknown place -- all without a trace.

To confirm the ...

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