Cynthia Bailey Is Done With Peter Thomas

5/31/2016 2:20pm EDT
Cynthia Bailey
Cynthia Bailey has stayed silent about her marriage for the last couple of months. When The Real Housewives of Atlanta ended, she admitted that she and Peter had struggled in their marriage. Peter was spending much of his time in Charlotte and he had plans of spending even more time there so he could continue to open bars and lounges. According to a new report, Cynthia Bailey is now revealing that she’s separated from Peter and that the two are one step closer to a full-blown divorce.

"Peter and I are separated. He lives in Charlotte, and I live in Atlanta," Cynthia told The Daily Dish, re...

Will JoJo Fletcher Give Chad The Boot On 'The Bachelorette?'

5/31/2016 1:57pm EDT
JoJo Fletcher
JoJo Fletcher was shocked when Chad Johnson decided to call her naggy during his faux proposal on last night’s episode of The Bachelorette. He found that many of the guys were being fake in regards to their feelings, as he felt they were all acting as if they were in love with her already. But Chad did have a point - they had only known her for a few days. According to a new report, JoJo Fletcher is now revealing that it was hurtful for her to hear Chad say those words and calling her naggy, especially since she’s trying to find the perfect fit for her.

“I loved seeing the guys' end zone d...

Are Gwen And Blake Getting Married?

5/31/2016 1:57pm EDT
Did Gwen Stefani Turn Down Blake Shelton's Marriage Proposal?
Rumors have been swirling that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton want to get married, but is there any truth to them? Several reports surfaced late last week claiming that Blake had proposed to Gwen and that she turned him down. However, Gossip Cop has debunked those rumors.

"And while [HollywoodLife] took the time to editorialize, 'That’s so sad! Poor Gwen,' it didn’t bother to spend one second fact-checking the entirely false report, which was originally published in last week’s National Enquirer and then regurgitated by its sister outlet RadarOnline. Instead, the webloid decided to further...

Khloe Kardashian Moves Onto Odell Beckham Jr?

5/31/2016 1:53pm EDT
Odell Beckham Jr
Khloe Kardashian and New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. were spotted together at 1 OAK Las Vegas on Monday night.

Khloé and Odell Beckham Jr. at 1 OAK Las Vegas last night

— Kardashian Pedia (@Kardashianpedia) May 28, 2016

According to, (the publication has been wrong before many times) Khloe and Odell have been secretly dating for months now. Apparently, she's his main lady.

Kardashian and Beckham were together at Drake’s Memorial Day Party at his house in Los Angeles. Drake's Canadian so it's kind of unlikely he held a Mem...

Father & Young Son Sing Sinatra (So Cute!)

5/31/2016 1:51pm EDT
Video Of Six-Year-Old Singing Sinatra With His Dad Is The Sweete
Matt Clayton, 36, sings in a swing band, and his son Archie, 6, appears to have been bitten by the Frank Sinatra bug.

The British pair often sings together while driving in the car, so dad decided to record one of their duets using a dash cam to show a bandmate that his son might be better than him.

The video shows Matt and Archie belting out Frank Sinatra's "Me and My Shadow."

The little boy told Kent Online: "I really like Frank Sinatra. There are no other singers I like as much. I like his voice a lot and I love singing along, but I think my dad is probably a better singer than me. My...

New Album Releases To Check Out This Week

5/31/2016 1:30pm EDT
Paul Simon’s 'Stranger To Stranger' Leads Albums To Check Out
It’s a new month – it’s June 2016! What does that mean? A whole new months’ worth of music of course! June’s new albums look to be captivating, starting this week with the return of a musical legend (Paul Simon), a country newcomer (Maren Morris), and a hilarious comedy trio (The Lonely Island) among others. Here are 10 new albums to check out this week. “Can I get a hallelujah?” to quote Maren Morris!

1) Paul Simon, Stranger To Stranger (Concord)

After a five-year hiatus, 74-year old eclectic singer/songwriter Paul Simon releases Stranger To Stranger. Sure, Simon may be past his pri...

Kaley Cuoco Defends Harambe

5/31/2016 1:28pm EDT
Kaley Cuoco
It's no secret that Kaley Cuoco is an animal rights activist. The actress has often posted about animals being killed for reasons that she doesn't agree with and this week was no different. The Big Bang Theory star took to Instagram to share her feelings on Harambe, the gorilla that was shot and killed in Cincinnati after a 4-year-old boy fell into his enclosure.

"RIP #harambe I'm sure I will get tons of backlash (per usual) I mean let's be honest, I wear the wrong sweatpants and the entire world has something to say about it, but once again, another senseless horrendous animal being kille...

Why Did Katy Perry's Twitter Account Mention Taylor Swift On Memorial Day?

5/31/2016 1:27pm EDT
Katy Perry
Katy Perry has more Twitter followers than anyone else in the world. And all 89 million of them received some unauthorized commentary after the pop star's account was hacked on Memorial Day.

Fans noticed something was wrong when Perry appeared to send a long string of racist and homophobic messages Monday afternoon, according to People.

Things got even stranger when the account tweeted at Taylor Swift, a longtime rumored rival of Perry's.

"Miss u baby @taylorswift13," the tweet said.

The hacker concluded his or her fun by sending a link to a song on SoundCloud called 'Witness.' Accordin...

Caila Quinn, Ben Zorn No Longer Heading To 'Bachelor In Paradise' - Who Is?

5/31/2016 1:25pm EDT
Caila Quinn, Ben Zorn No Longer Heading To 'Bachelor In Paradise
The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 premiere is set for August 2, but producer Mike Fleiss spoke too soon when it came to announcing some of the cast for ABC's summer reality show.

Last week, Fleiss tweeted out some teasers for the upcoming season, stating that Lace Morris, Caila Quinn (Ben Higgins' season) and Ben Zorn (Kaitlyn's season) are part of the Season 3 cast. Minutes later, he deleted the tweets and fans started buzzing about the possibility that at least one of the three had been dropped from the cast or declined the invitation.

Jorge's deal is done! He's stocking up on tequila...

Adele Scolds Fan

5/31/2016 1:17pm EDT
Adele Asks Fan To Stop Recording Her At Recent Concert
And this is why we love Adele! The 28-year-old star called out a fan during one of her concerts, telling the woman that she should stop filming the show and actually enjoy it. According to The Guardian, Adele was very straightforward when she asked the fan to out down the video camera.

"Could you stop filming me with that video camera? Because I’m really here in real life, you can enjoy it in real life rather than through your camera," Adele said to the woman.

If you're a fan of Adele, you probably know that tickets to see her in concert were super expensive. This was Adele's point entire...

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